If you’re producing a coming-of-age high-school comedy, or simply photographing an educational product, one type of filming location you can't do without is going to be a classroom. There’s something about a classroom that adds the motifs for education and learning. And when used properly, the classroom helps add authenticity and realism to the footage. So without further ado, here’s our curated list of the best classrooms you can rent for film and photo projects in NYC.

7) School Classrooms


An old-school classroom, this property listing has a total of 4 classrooms: two colorful nursery classrooms and two upper school classrooms. A classic american school vibe echoes through the space and the nursery rooms have been recently updated, making them look incredibly fresh and camera ready. A great space with enough floor room to move the camera around and setup basic tracks, the painted walls, carpeted floors and school furniture really help add to the on-camera aesthetic.

Available on Giggster, starting at $450/hr.

6) 6 Storey, Vacant Private School


Unlike most classrooms you can rent for film in NYC, this listing is an entire vacant private school. Huge, well lit and multi-floored, there’s plenty of different classrooms with big windows that let in plenty of light. Chalkboards, individual desks and dual tone walls really add to the feel of the school. With plenty of space to accommodate a large crew, there’s more than enough area to capture all sorts of frames.

Available on Giggster, starting at $80/hr.

5) Historic Brooklyn Creative Space


A creative space which can be reworked as a workshop classroom, this creative space is ideal for gallery programs and art demonstrations. The rich wooden floor and Bohemian aesthetic are well suited for the camera and makes the footage look prettier. The white walls are decorated with stunning artworks, which adds to the charm.

Available on Giggster, starting at $75/hr.

4) Modern Preschool in Tribeca


An 8,500 sq ft preschool with nine classrooms, this listing is a converted bank space with thirty-foot ceilings, multiple gym play spaces and a resource centre. Not your typical preschool with chart for walls and steel chairs, this modern space blends a bit of home like atmosphere with art and artifacts from around the world which truly reflect the spirit of modern learning.

Available on Giggster, starting at $250/hr.

3) Private Elementary School in Brooklyn


A private school building that can accommodate over 300 people, you’re guaranteed to get any classroom shot you might have scripted in this location. A classic American school with multiple classrooms, a gym, a cafeteria and more, what's great about the location is the elevator access across five floors. With a total floor space of 30,000 sq ft this listing is great if you’ve a large crew and multiple setups within the school environment.

Available on Giggster, starting at $100/hr.

2) High School with New Library


Another campus listing, this retro college with its brick walled finish looks spectacular on camera. The landscape looks camera ready and the indoors look great on film as well. The classrooms are spacious, and white walled with windows running on one side allowing ample light into the space. The property also has an auditorium, lockers, gym, indoor basketball court and a new library which can also be used for filming.

Available on Giggster, starting at $450/hr.

1) College Classrooms and Campus


College classrooms have their own vibe. A refined one with not too many charts on the wall. The lecturer get their own mic stand and presentation area. And the classrooms are meant to accommodate more than 30 people. This listing is exactly as so! Perfect for any shoot that might have a college setup, this property listing has the ideal classrooms and campus you’re looking for. The white walls and windows really help balance the light making your frames look perfectly exposed. All in all, one of the best classrooms you can rent for your photo or video needs in New York.

Available on Giggster, starting at $350/hr.

That’s our pick for the best classroom spaces you can rent for film and photo in New York. Between them they cover a wide array of looks and aesthetics you can go for depending on the specific nature of the shoot. If you’re looking for a style not present in the list, please go through our exhausting list of all classrooms available to rent for film and photo in New York.