Top 10 Family Photographers in Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica has emerged as a haven for family photographers, who find endless inspiration in its picturesque locales and golden light. Nestled in the heart of Southern California, this vibrant city effortlessly marries the laid-back beach culture with a bustling urban lifestyle.

Known for its iconic Santa Monica Pier, with its nostalgic carousel and bustling amusement park, the city also boasts a stunning three-mile-long beachfront, attracting surfers and sun worshippers alike. The city's natural beauty, diverse architecture, and dynamic street life offer endless opportunities for memorable photoshoots.

Continue reading to discover the best family photographers in Santa Monica who can transform these timeless settings into cherished memories.

Heather DeCamp Photography

With over 16 years of extensive experience, Heather DeCamp has truly mastered the art of capturing life's invaluable moments. Having photographed more than 300 weddings and numerous family sessions, she consistently creates a stress-free and enjoyable atmosphere.

Originally refining her classic city style in Chicago before relocating to Los Angeles, Heather brings a distinctive touch to her work. Her remarkable ability to establish rapid connections with individuals and effortlessly communicate with toddlers makes her loved by clients, many of whom become lifelong friends.

Helen Rossy Photography

As a seasoned lifestyle photographer, Helen Rossy has built an impressive reputation for capturing the essence of family life through her lens. Her journey as a photographer began with the birth of her first son when she realized the invaluable power of preserving cherished moments. Over time, her passion evolved into a profession, with her own experiences as a mother playing a pivotal role in shaping her unique style.

Rossy's work is characterized by its focus on individuality and authenticity, reflecting the unique stories of each family she photographs.


Nana Jolia, with an esteemed artistic lineage and meticulous attention to detail, has emerged as a prominent figure in the photography industry. Her style effortlessly blends traditional and contemporary elements, resulting in timeless images that exude warmth and authenticity.

Nana's approach to family photography revolves around capturing candid moments that beautifully reflect the essence of familial bonds. Her work embodies her belief that every frame should narrate a story, establishing her as a highly sought-after name in the field.

Love Janet Photography

Love Janet is a distinguished photography service based in Los Angeles, specializing in intimate weddings, events, and lifestyle portraits. Under the guidance of Janet, a dedicated photographer with a talent for capturing genuine moments, the brand embodies a playful yet polished aesthetic.

Throughout the years, Love Janet has established a prominent presence in Southern California's photography industry, delivering captivating photos that weave compelling narratives. Notably, the company excels in family photography, skillfully capturing candid and heartwarming interactions between loved ones.

Rachel Borkow Photography

Starting her career in reality television production and visual effects, Rachel Borkow transitioned into professional photography in 2014. Since then, she has photographed hundreds of significant life events, from weddings to family photoshoots.

Rachel is known for her ability to make even the most camera-shy individuals feel comfortable, and her sessions are often described as more akin to fun playdates than staged photo shoots. With a keen eye for both natural beauty and unique urban elements, Rachel's work truly captures the spirit and personality of her clients.

Ever Photo

Ever Photo is a creative venture co-founded by Rezeta Veliu and Amy Bracco Biden, two seasoned professionals with a rich background in modeling and photography. Veliu draws from her globe-trotting experiences and a unique perspective gained from being both behind and in front of the camera. Biden leverages her years of modeling experience to cultivate an inviting atmosphere that brings out the best in their subjects.

Their collective approach to family photography is rooted in capturing unexpected moments, making their subjects feel comfortable, and creating beautiful imagery.

Melanie Alice Photography

With more than 15 years of experience, Melanie Alice possesses a distinctive style that stems from her early fascination with Anthropology and Photojournalism. Her love for photography, kindled during her childhood, has evolved into a profound professional passion.

Melanie's distinct approach to family photography is influenced by her own family's tradition of capturing moments, spanning from her Great Grandma Pearl’s times to her own children today. Her work is characterized by an ability to capture the unadulterated beauty of life’s moments, from brides-to-be to newborn babies.

Alyssa Hunter Photography

With a background in Photojournalism from the Rochester Institute of Photography and over six years in the industry, Alyssa Hunter has honed her skills to expertly capture joyous moments. Her goal is to provide clients with a comfortable and enjoyable experience, often acting as their ultimate hype girl.

Alyssa's unique approach to photography is underscored by her commitment to non-profit work, with organizations like Baby2Baby and Write Girl LA benefiting from her heartfelt captures. This dedication to service, combined with her artistic prowess, makes Alyssa Hunter Photography a notable choice for capturing cherished memories.

Mandy Cherundolo Photography

Originally from Germany, Mandy Cherundolo swapped her office job to pursue her lifelong passion for photography and has since relocated to California. Her work is characterized by an engaging narrative style, capturing moments that reveal the authentic personalities of her subjects.

Particularly passionate about family and lifestyle portraits, Mandy's photoshoots are fun-filled experiences designed to celebrate and immortalize her clients' stories. She offers comprehensive packages that include handcrafted portrait boxes and matted prints, demonstrating her commitment to delivering high-quality, tangible memories.

Rennella Photography

Well-versed in the art of storytelling through photography, Emelie, the talent behind Rennella Photography, focuses on portraying the love parents feel for their children, the anticipation of meeting an unborn baby, and the unique bond shared between spouses.

With an aversion to overly posed shots, Emelie's approach prioritizes authenticity and connection, aiming to encapsulate the raw emotions between family members in her work. Beyond her professional life, Emelie is a strong advocate for gender equality and a loving mother, which further enriches her understanding of human connections and familial bonds.