Top 10 Family Photographers in Pasadena, CA

Known for its annual Tournament of Roses Parade and its historic architecture, influenced by Spanish Colonial and Craftsman styles, Pasadena is a city that effortlessly fuses tradition and innovation.

With its colorful street art, lush gardens, and the stunning San Gabriel Mountains as a backdrop, this Southern California city provides a diverse array of breathtaking settings for capturing cherished family memories.

As you prepare to explore this picturesque city, keep reading to discover the best family photographers in Pasadena, CA. Each one has a unique perspective and style, ready to capture your family's story in timeless images.

Patty Othón Photography

Starting from humble beginnings in her small kitchen, Patty Othon has evolved into one of the world's most sought-after photographers, with her own studio to boot. Her portfolio spans from expectant mothers to newborns and families, attracting a high-profile clientele that includes top celebrities and public figures.

With a dedication to continual creative exploration, Patty remains a respected figure in the photography industry. Her approach is celebrated for her distinctive aesthetic in creating unique, classic, and timeless portraits.

Valentina Glidden Photography

Born in Colombia and raised in Florida, Valentina Glidden found her calling in Southern California, where she developed a romantic, soft, and elegant style. Her medium of choice is film, a testament to her love for authenticity.

Bringing a decade of experience to her craft, Valentina ensures her clients' comfort by effortlessly guiding them throughout each session. Her work paints a vivid picture of the bonds and unique personalities within every family she photographs.

Cameron Leung Photography

Led by a dynamic duo, Cam and Tracy Leung, Cameron Leung Photography is a testament to the power of love and laughter, capturing life's precious moments with a unique blend of style and dedication. From South Africa to Japan, this adventurous couple has traveled the world, honing their skills and bringing a global perspective to their work.

Cameron and Tracy excel in creating an outdoor experience that allows families to bond. Their work is a reflection of their vibrant personalities and love for what they do, making them a favorite among clients who seek to capture the essence of their relationships in a candid, heartfelt manner.

Jess Pelphrey Photo

Since the tender age of 16, Jess Pelphrey harmoniously blends her passion for deep conversation, travel, and human nature into her craft. With a career spanning nearly 14 years, Jess has explored various photography genres, including fashion, food, interior, and travel, before finding her calling in wedding and portrait photography.

Born and raised in LA, Jess draws inspiration from the city's vast diversity and natural landscapes. Her style is characterized by raw, candid emotion, capturing the highlights and shadows of human stories.

Megumi Bacher Photography

Tracing her passion back to her grandfather, a revered photographer himself, Megumi Bacher inherited his love for capturing moments and carries his advice of always having a camera strap around her neck, close to her heart.

With a jovial demeanor and a positive outlook, Megumi honed her skills at college and continues to perfect her craft while raising her bilingual children, creating a tangible connection between generations. Her photographic style is deeply personal, aiming to immortalize special moments and memories for her clients.

Tiffany Luong

Tiffany Luong is a seasoned commercial lifestyle and editorial photographer with a unique approach rooted in family documentary photography. Her journey into the world of imagery began in childhood amidst a household abundant with art supplies rather than modern electronics.

Today, Tiffany excels in capturing moments rather than things, reflective of subjects’ perspectives and narratives they'll cherish in years to come. With a focus on cultural preservation and family history, Tiffany's photography offers more than just pictures; it provides memories, experiences, and stories.

Suzana Kim Photography

Having honed her skills through countless singing and dancing parties with her own family, Suzana Kim prioritizes genuine interaction over posed smiles. Her work is infused with authenticity and warmth, capturing 'in-between moments' that depict the true essence of love and connection.

A mother of three, Suzana's empathetic approach extends beyond her craft, offering comprehensive support to her clients throughout the photography process. Her multicultural background, with influences from Korean and Brazilian cultures, adds a unique perspective to her work, making her photographs a celebration of diversity and unity.

Little Blue World Photography

Little Blue World Photography is the creative collaboration between Valeri and Meg, two experienced photographers with a distinctive touch. Valeri, a film photography enthusiast and avid reader, brings a nostalgic feel to her captures. Meg, with a decade of running a successful baby and family studio, oversees the business and editing process.

Characterized by a deep understanding of portraiture and a keen eye for capturing the essence of family bonds, their collaborative approach ensures a well-rounded customer experience, whether it's a family portrait, a wedding, or a newborn session.

Chasing Hiromi Photography

Janice Reinold, a gifted 'people' photographer, skillfully captures the essence of her subjects through her camera lens. Born to German-Japanese parents and raised in various parts of Europe and Japan, she has developed a unique perspective that is reflected in her work.

With a successful transition from engagement and wedding photography to family and newborn sessions, Reinold ensures that each photograph serves as a cherished memory for families. Her approach is natural and relaxed, focusing on spontaneous, real-life moments rather than staged poses.

Brenda Morsch

Originally from a quaint town in southern Brazil, Brenda Morsch brings a unique blend of rustic charm and sophisticated elegance to her work. She excels in capturing the raw, unfiltered joy of children and the tender moments of maternity. Her approach is rooted in authenticity, aiming to reveal the true essence of her subjects in front of the camera.

Brenda's journey has been guided by her faith, which resonates in her dedication and passion for her craft. Her work stands as a testament to her talent, offering a refreshing perspective in the realm of family photography.