Top 10 Family Photographers in Beverly Hills, CA

Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles County, Beverly Hills is a city synonymous with luxury, glamour, and natural beauty. Known worldwide for its palm-tree-lined streets, opulent mansions, including the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel, and the upscale shopping paradise - Rodeo Drive, it's the epitome of Hollywood grandeur.

But beyond the glitz and glamour, Beverly Hills also offers picturesque parks, tree-canopied neighborhoods, and sun-dappled gardens - a perfect backdrop for capturing treasured family moments.

Discover the list of the best family photographers in Beverly Hills who can skillfully encapsulate your special moments in this enchanting urban oasis. Because every picture tells a story, and what better place to begin your narrative than in Beverly Hills?

Nicki Sebastian Photography

With a diverse portfolio that boasts collaborations with eminent female-owned companies and various notable brands, such as Dôen, Jenni Kayne, and Marie Kondo, among others, Nicki Sebastian has developed a unique style that beautifully captures the essence of her subjects.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Sebastian is also a mother of two, and her personal experiences often inform her approach to family photography. Adept at capturing the beauty and chaos of motherhood, Sebastian's work is a testament to her skill in turning everyday moments into lasting memories.

Marianne Pellin Photography

Marianne Pellin is a seasoned photographer with a distinct passion for capturing life's special moments. Born in California, she grew up surrounded by the serenity of the coast which has profoundly influenced her work.

Marianne's love for the ocean, marine life, and the pursuit of the perfect sunset are evident in her breathtaking coastal images. With a particular focus on family photography, she effortlessly encapsulates the unique dynamics and emotions of each family she works with, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime.

Mily Cooper Photography

In 2013, Mily Cooper, an industrial engineer from Peru, made a remarkable career transition when she ventured into the world of photography. Drawing on her two decades of experience in software development, Mily successfully transformed her longstanding passion into a thriving profession.

Mily's work is deeply influenced by her personal experiences as a mother and adventurer, which infuses her photography with a unique blend of candid moments and raw emotions. This exceptional combination adds a profound depth to her work, setting her apart as a standout figure in the field.

Rachel Stelter Photography

Inspired by her upbringing in the vibrant Chicago area, Rachel Stelter has leveraged her diverse experiences in fashion, styling, and branding to develop a unique, print-focused photography style.

As a sentimental 'hoarder of personal mementos,' Rachel believes in the tactile joy of printed photographs and cherishes their ability to evoke memories. Her philosophy towards family photography revolves around fostering comfort and authenticity, enabling her to capture the true essence of familial bonds.

A Pocket of Time Photography

With a unique emphasis on outdoor newborn portrait sessions, Melissa, the creative force behind 'A Pocket of Time Photography,' captures the delicate beauty of new life, creating timeless works of art nestled in nature. Her journey into photography began with classes in high school and was reignited when her friends started having children.

A dedicated volunteer with Found Families, Melissa provides free family portraits to newly adopted and foster families, showcasing her commitment to the community and capturing heartfelt moments. Her portraits, often set in nature, are celebrated for their relaxed, organic aesthetic.

Yanira Scalise Photography

Formerly a surgical technologist in plastic surgery, Yanira Scalise found her true calling in photography and started her own business in 2014. Her extensive background in the medical field, combined with her artistic skillset, provides a unique lens through which she views her subjects, resulting in emotive and memorable portraits.

As a mother of two, Yanira brings a personal touch to family photography, capturing precious moments with an artistic flair. Her transition from the medical field to the creative industry is a testament to her versatility and ambition.

Neide B. Photography

With a professional journey that began in college and took a decisive turn four years ago, Neide Barbosa brings a unique lifestyle approach to her craft. Her commitment to capturing authentic moments of life and emotion has earned Neide praise from clients for her professionalism and talent.

As a mother, Neide empathizes with the complexities families face during sessions and ensures a smooth experience with her patient guidance. Her film-inspired editing style and use of a film camera add a distinctive touch to her work.

Orit Harpaz Photographer

Orit Harpaz, a native of Los Angeles with Israeli roots, has been mastering the art of photography for over two decades. Her name, meaning 'little light' and 'golden mountain' in Hebrew, mirrors her approach to capturing images - she skillfully manipulates light to create luminous, warm visuals.

Harpaz specializes in documentary family photography, focusing on genuine interactions without excessive styling or direction. Raised in a family that valued visual keepsakes, she aims to provide similar cherished memories for her clients.

Miss Theo Takes Photos

With a background in modeling and hosting, Miss Theo seamlessly bridges the gap between the subject and the artist, capturing not just images but emotions and stories. Her work transcends traditional boundaries, reflecting her creative instincts honed from diverse experiences.

Photography, for Miss Theo, is more than a profession—it's her joy and fulfillment. Her commitment to creativity and professionalism has made her a sought-after photographer across various industries. She infuses each frame with warmth, intimacy, and a sense of togetherness.


PHOTO DE FAMILLE is a Los Angeles-based photography studio that specializes in capturing the authentic and intimate moments of everyday family life. The studio's principal photographer, Sarah, brings a unique blend of personal and professional experience to her work; as a mother herself, she has a keen understanding of how to engage children and capture their personalities.

Sarah's style is rooted in documentary and lifestyle photography, focusing on the heart of the family. She believes that memories shape our identities and strives to preserve these precious moments in time through her images.