The Carlee Gown Wedding

The Carlee Gown from Chaviano Couture says it all. It’s enchanting and soft. The fabric is mesmerising, with a silk charmeuse slip under beautiful tulle. We think the style will suit most any bride, and its flexibility with all colours makes it a terrific choice!

A bride who chooses to wear this stunning gown in a Cardiff wedding venue (if this is your destination, say yes to this dress!), will have the ideal setting to match The Carlee Gown. So, you’ve got your dress, now look at luxurious venues like hotel suites and beautiful balcony bars with outstanding views.

What to Look for in a Venue for The Carlee Gown Wedding

When we think of the Carlee wedding gown, we think about layers upon layers of cascading, beautifully light fabric that is both effortlessly romantic and draws the focus in any crowd. With such a dress to contend with, you need a wedding venue that’s going to pull its weight and not be overshadowed.

For this reason, you’re going to want to be indoors, away from the mud, wind and rain, and keep it grand with a stately home or an exquisite hotel ballroom. This dress screams elegance and romance, so it’s not the kind of understated outfit suitable for elopement style weddings or low-key outdoor ones.

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Colour Palettes for The Carlee Gown Wedding

With The Carlee Gown, although there is a lot of fabric, there is an awful lot of lightness to it and a softness that means a pastel or lightly infused colour palette would really help to elevate your wedding to the next level.

This being said, if you wanted to pull out a key couple of brighter colours to bring some vibrancy to your Carlee Gown Wedding, look at the interior of your wedding venue and pull out a few key shades from their decor that you can mimic in your accessories, details or floral arrangements and really bring everything together.

Details for The Carlee Gown Wedding

When it comes to details for your Carlee Gown Wedding, the key is to think light and whimsical. Taking your cue from the layers and layers of cascading tulle that make the gown so beautiful, create or use details that have a lightness to them, like drapery features along the aisle, on the back of the guests’ chairs, and across the reception decor.

You can accent your general ceremony and reception decor with colour accents from your chosen palette and utilise your floral arrangements to soften the wedding venue and match the aesthetic that the beautiful Carlee Gown has inspired.

Food for The Carlee Gown Wedding

One of everyone’s favourite parts of a wedding reception – it’s the food. With such a grand, elegant inspiration for your wedding, your wedding meal needs to measure up to its surroundings. For this reason, a Carlee Gown inspired wedding lends itself nicely to a more formal sit down affair.

As we’ve been mentioning, there’s a floaty, lightness that is associated with this dress so it might be worth considering this in your menu, maybe by utilising meringues in your dessert course or light pasta ribbons in your starters or mains. Keep things light and airy to match your overall theme.

Table Setting Style for The Carlee Gown Wedding

Similar to the food section of this article, the table setting style for your Carlee Gown Wedding would really benefit from a formal setting. Think multiple round tables with a longer top table for you, your new spouse, and the wedding party.

For your wedding table decor and centrepieces, keep it light and romantic with tapered candles to provide a softer form of lighting that creates a close, cosy vibe. Match this with some more whimsical flowers rather than full, intense bouquets, and some plainer coloured linens to match the aesthetics of the rest of your modern, romantic Carlee Gown Wedding.

Budget for The Carlee Gown Wedding

Realistically, this theme is not a cheap theme to achieve and pull off successfully. The dress alone is pretty pricey and when you factor in a full sit down meal and a stately home or ballroom as a wedding venue, you can quickly see how the costs are beginning to stack up.

If you do want to try and bring costs down, consider having your Carlee Gown Wedding in the colder or rainier months. As your wedding is primarily indoors, you don’t necessarily need to have a summer wedding, so you can often negotiate lower wedding venue hire rates in these off-season months.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for The Carlee Gown Wedding

Crucially for a wedding that’s inspired by a specific wedding gown, you’re going to want to buy that gorgeous Carlee Gown and use that as an elegant, show stopping starting point. With such a statement wedding dress, you’re not going to want to go over the top with your accessories.

With so many layers of floaty, dreamlike tulle that catch the light with every movement, this Carlee Gown would work well with a light and elegant veil. When it comes to jewellery, stick with lighter, single drop pendants and earrings with classic white heels to complete this beautiful, modern, romantic bridal look.

Bridesmaid Dresses for The Carlee Gown Wedding

To match your Carlee Gown Wedding, with such an elegant wedding venue, gorgeous wedding dress and overall traditional, romantic vibe, your bridesmaids' looks are going to have to measure up with longer lengths and floaty material to tie into the lightness of the theme.

In terms of colour, either select one of the key shades that you’ve picked out from the wedding venue’s decor, or opt for a pastel shade that matches your bouquets, boutonnieres and floral arrangements. Avoid massively bright colours that might draw focus or jar against the lighter shades throughout your wedding theme.

Wedding Invitations for The Carlee Gown Wedding

As with the details for your Carlee Gown Wedding, your wedding invitations should take their main design cues from the lightness and floaty nature of The Carlee Gown. So, as your wedding invitations are the first glimpse that your guests are going to have of your theme, you need to give a subtle nod to this scheme.

Consider using cursive script, shades of cream and white with perhaps a lighter material feature, like a silk or tulle bow wrapped around the invite card pack which will include the invite itself, RSVP and meal card. These little nods will help to give your guests an inkling of the level of formality they should expect.

Ceremony Decor for The Carlee Gown Wedding

When it comes to ceremony decor for your Carlee Gown Wedding, there are a few key words to consider – elegant, romantic, modern and light. With these keywords in mind, you don’t want to go over the top and make your ceremony decor too cluttered – after all, the happy couple should be the focus here.

Instead, drape tulle-inspired fabric in a matching colour to your overall scheme along the aisle and at the altar. Consider a lighter coloured runner or floor covering so that it looks like you’re floating on cloud nine up and down the aisle. If you have any colour accents in your scheme, make sure to tie these in using your drapery.

The Carlee Gown – A Poetic Wedding Dress

A wedding dress is truly a once in a lifetime gown. If your descendants are going to have a photo of you decades from now, it’s more likely than not going to be one of you on your wedding day. That’s why finding a wedding dress that says all you want it to say, that allows not just your outer beauty to shine but also your inner beauty, is so important. You need a wedding gown that is poetic.

This shoot by Elizabeth Messina features just such a dress. If there’s a wedding dress out there that reads as romantic, it’s this one –  The Carlee Gown from Chaviano Couture.

The Carlee Gown by Chaviano Couture / Photography: Elizabeth Messina
The Carlee Gown by Chaviano Couture / Photography: Elizabeth Messina
The Carlee Gown by Chaviano Couture / Photography: Elizabeth Messina / Floral Design: Amy Osaba
The Carlee Gown by Chaviano Couture / Photography: Elizabeth Messina
The Carlee Gown by Chaviano Couture / Photography: Elizabeth Messina / Floral Design: Amy Osaba
The Carlee Gown by Chaviano Couture / Photography: Elizabeth Messina
The Carlee Gown by Chaviano Couture / Photography: Elizabeth Messina
The Carlee Gown by Chaviano Couture / Photography: Elizabeth Messina

The Carlee Gown features yards and yards of cascading illusion tulle over a silk charmeuse slip. Horsehair braids float along the edge of each lovely layer allowing this gorgeous gown to move with your every twirl.

Exquisite, isn’t it? This is a once in a lifetime dress!

Credits: Photography: Elizabeth Messina // Wedding Dress: The Carlee Gown by Chaviano Couture // Styling: Ginny Branch // Floral Design: Amy Osaba // Hair & Makeup: Erin Skipley // Headpieces: Twigs & Honey // Calligraphy: Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls // Venue: Sea Island Resort, Georgia // Swan Photo Album by Velvet Raptor.