Organizing a photoshoot is much more work than it actually seems. Besides the talent and crew, a whole bunch of people need to be involved in a successful photo or video project. The bigger the size of the project, the more the resources that are required. Be it something as small as organizing catering, or a full-blown task like planning a themed event – photo and video projects need their own support ecosystem. This is where event planning services come in. Specialists in their own rights, event planning services aid in transportation logistics, set decor and on-set F&B.

Without further ado, here’s our list of the best nine event planning services you should consider hiring for your next photo or video project in Los Angeles:

1. INK Events and Design

An event & entertainment management firm, INK Events and Design has a longstanding history of creating experiential design and production. One-of-a-kind, and tailored to your needs, you’re going to definitely get something quirky and unique on camera if INK is creating your event. Be it a Bar Mitzvah or a premier you need to organize for your project, INK has experience curating a wide range of events. A firm that prides itself on a meticulous understanding of budgets, INK events ensure they create a beautiful and exciting event each time.

2. PRA

A highly reputed event planning and execution company, PRA has been in the industry for nearly 40 years and have complete know-how about the ins and outs of event production. Showcasing a broad repertoire of services including themed events & decor, transportation logistics, activities & tours, and destination programs, PRA would add a lot of production value to your film and photo. No matter how extravagant or out-of-the-box, PRA promises to deliver and take care of all the logistics, allowing you to spend all your energy into the photo or video production project that you have going on.

3. All The Above

A comprehensive events planning and services firm, All The Above is perfect for pop culture, parties and tech integrated concerts and gigs. Specialists in lighting, smoke use, video projections, dance floor setups and many more tech heavy projects, they even offer event performers who have over 10 years of experience and a range of other services. They also let you rent you their sound & lighting systems, which allows you to not worry about getting extra equipment onset. If you’ve any such visual part of your script, then you really don’t have to look beyond these guys.

4. David Tutera

A celebrity in his own right, David Tutera has been honored by the Life & Style Magazine as “Best Celebrity Wedding Planner”. A portfolio of glitz and glamor, TV shows and accolades, David Tutera is known for creating spectacular events. The team handles all aspects of conceptual and visual design and are known for creating picture perfect events. If you’re looking to at extravagant camera conscious events in your project, then David Tutera is the perfect fit for the job.

5. Plan It LA

An events services company, Plan it LA is run by Hasmig Jasmine Boyajian who has plenty of experience working with several quality clients. A professional at planning weddings, Plan it LA is perfect for setting up your wedding-themed shoot. They take care of all aspects of wedding planning, and can greatly assist a shoot by adding authenticity and attention to detail in terms of footage.

6. Haber Event Group

Specialists in fundraising events, corporate affairs, weddings and bar mitzvahs, the Haber Event Group has more than 10 years of experience. Aesthetic, clean and beautiful, the decor and setups created by Haber Event happen to look perfect on camera, and not over the top. If you’re looking for help to plan the event for the project you’re working on, then you can even reach them for a consultation as well.

7. Jessica Fels

Featuring over 20 years of experience in the events industry, Jessica Fels is renowned for her unparalleled event production and creative visualization. Offering a range of services spanning production and design to final execution, Jessica Fels provides a very friendly event planning services experience. If you want to maintain your focus on the camerawork and not have to worry about the events happening around you, then Jessica Fels is an excellent option.

8. LA Party Babies

A party planning event that specializes in events for children, LA Party Babies setup play equipment and areas, perfect for organizing a children’s party. Vibrant in color and with plenty of different activities, you can add a lot of aesthetic appeal and authenticity to your video or photo projects for any kid-centric events. The modular setup is easy to setup in most location, making it a very efficient on camera prop.

9. C&C Party Rentals

A one-stop shop for events and occasions, C & C Party Rentals offers a range of services within the event planning space. Their repertoire of services includes, sweet & confectionery services, decorative rentals, catering services, custom backdrop, DJ & music equipment and more. Known for their putting a custom touch and feel into their events, you really will be well taken care of on set in terms of non-crew and talent aspects.

From theme decor all the way to catering, event service companies go a long way in helping you achieve your creative vision. Whether you’re looking for something extravagant or just logistics coordination an event planner can help bring your idea to life. So, if your project calls for an event, don’t hesitate to call any of the firms listed above.

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