The 10 Best Los Angeles Suburban Homes for Renting for Film and Photo

The 10 Best Los Angeles Suburban Homes for Renting for Film and Photo

Away from the noises of the city, quaint-looking, and perfect for your on-screen operations, suburban homes are ideal for any film or photo project. Which means, we here at Giggster have an extensive collection of photo and film rentals within Los Angeles that fit the bill perfectly. There’s is always plenty of aesthetic and character to be captured in the suburbs across the many patios and wide streets. And the best part, there's always a mix of styles and colors that reflect the owner's taste and aesthetics. So if you’re looking to film at a suburban home in LA, then here’s our handpicked list of home sets you should consider for your upcoming project.

1) Suburban Venice Bungalow with Tropical Plants

Suburban Venice Bungalow with Tropical Plants Los Angeles Rental

A quaint, peaceful contemporary Bungalow located 5 minutes from Abbot Kinney, this property is hosted by TV producers who have furnished the space camera first. Clean and minimal with plenty of natural light, there are a lot of features available on-site including a backyard patio, grill and picnic table and more. The floors are covered in different colors of hardwood & the home is fully furnished with all the essentials.

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2) Suburban Family Home in Burbank

Suburban Family Home in Burbank Los Angeles Rental

A traditional suburban home with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and a guest house, this circa 1941 home has a retro aura radiating through the space. Inside the home has been updated to feature fireplaces, a step down den with exposed wood beam ceilings, a large pool and a 2 car detached garage. The home overlooks the gorgeous Verdrugo mountains and has a beautifully manicured front yard and a tree-lined street with privacy hedging in the back.

3) Suburban Home with Retro Vibes near Valley Glen

Suburban Home with Retro Vibes near Valley GlenLos Angeles Rental

The quintessential American suburban home, this is the home of the average family. Classically built in the valley, there’s plenty of imagery that harkens of suburban nostalgia. With an asphalt driveway leading into the house, the white walls inside helps bounce the decent amount of sunlight that makes it way into the home. There’s also a detached garage, an outdoor basketball area and a large front yard you can use for your projects.

4) Suburban Home with Pool near Mullholland Drive

Suburabn Home with a Pool near Mullholland Drive Los Angeles Rental

A mid-century Bohemian home with a view of the hills, this space has the perfect vibe for a boogie night. The pool area is landscaped with a desert aesthetic, adding to the party feel of the space. Inside the wood floors and white walls are elegantly decorated with bold furniture and bright artworks, that add to the overall chic-appeal of the home. A space that looks incredible on film - if you’re looking for a suburban party home, then this listing check all the boxes.

5) Suburban Home with Stony Patio near Valley Glen

Suburban Home with a Stone Patio near Valley Glen Los Angeles Rental

A stunning family home in a suburban neighborhood, this home listing is a camera asset. This mid-century modern home is decorated with stunning interior choices in all the rooms which look great for both film and photo shoots. There’s also a beautiful backyard which is perfect for staging events and parties. The backyard also features an outdoor kitchen, a tropical bar, a firepit, jacuzzi and a small waterfall, all of which add a lot of appeal to your frames.

6) Large Suburban Family Home in Santa Clarita

Large Suburban Family Home in Santa Clarita Los Angeles Rental

A stunning family home with unrestricted views of the mountains and houses below, this large suburban family home has a beautiful backyard to go along with the impressive interiors. Fully equipped to handle a family and their requirements, there’s plenty of features which accentuate the property on camera including a BBQ grill and bar counter with a fire-pit in the backyard. There’s also an ornate Jasmine archway that leads to the vegetable garden and a 3 car tandem garage onsite.

7) Classic Suburban Home with views of DTLA near Lincoln Park

Classic Suburban Home with views of DTLA near Lincoln Park Los Angeles Rental

Perched atop the hills, this classic 80's suburban home offers magnificent vistas of Downtown LA and the San Gabriel mountains. The surreal LA cityline is best enjoyed from the backyard which offers unhindered views of the iconic cityscape. The interiors are well lit and ideal for any camera work. An upscale home with multiple levels, there’s all kinds of look-and-feels in the interior allowing you to get multiple looks within the same space.

8) Orange County House in Irvine

Orange County House in Irvine Los Angeles Rental

A typical suburban Californian home, the Orange County house is plain and simple. More suited to young couples and bachelors, the space doesn’t give strong family or senior couple vibes. The dual-tone exteriors blend in perfectly with the environment and the open floor plan let’s in a fair amount of light. The floors are either tiled or carpeted, adding to the modern, young aura radiating from the home.

9) Classic Ranch in Lake Balboa

Classic Ranch House in Lake Balboa Los Angeles Rental

A beautiful ranch-style home in Lake Balboa, this suburban property is located in a quiet neighborhood. Designed with lots of thoughts on the visual appeal, the brick facia in the front merges smoothly with the green stucco. There’s a back patio which acts as a scenic sitting area featuring fruit trees of many kinds. The narrow hallways and exposed wood finish also add a very rustic appeal to the site which is noticeable on film and photos.

10) Bright Spacious Suburban Home in Tarzana

Bright Spacious Suburban Home in Tarzana Los Angeles Rental

A modern-traditional suburban home renovated and furnished by noted designer and aesthete - Sarah Sherman Samuel - this home is finished with top-of-line products and installations handpicked to fit into the space. There’s a lot of natural lighting in the house, which when combined with the minimal use of colors indoors, makes for a spectacular set. The yard has a small charming pool which can be used for filming while also offering breathtaking views of the Mulholland Reserve and the Santa Monica Mountains on the horizon.

From high-end homes to the classic Californian house, the suburbs offer a lot of diversity and looks. Combine that with stunning views and homely features, and you’ve got yourself a great spot to shoot for film or photo. We hope you enjoyed our selection of suburban homes on this list. However, there maybe a chance that you're looking for something particular not on this list. If that's the case, please click this link to explore our collection of suburban film and photo rental homes in Los Angeles. Cheers!

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