Atlanta is a growing destination among the youth and adults alike, and with it comes culture and fashion. In a city that’s becoming an exceedingly popular film and TV destination, fashion photoshoots aren’t too far away. And these require incredible attention to detail, work area for the talent and crew, and plenty of natural/on-set light. We at Giggster are fully mindful of this. With these factors in mind, we’ve gone through our extensive collection of fashion photoshoot location rentals in Atlanta and selected the 10 best locations most conducive for a fashion photoshoot. We hope you find what you’re looking for.

1) Lake House on Cul-De-Sac in Tucker

Lake house on cul-de-sac - fabulous views Atlanta Rental

A secluded lake home sitting in a delightful cul-de-sac on nearly an acre of land, this house has various photo backdrops including a brick fireplace and a finished entertainment basement. Outdoors, the backyards lead into the lake, creating a magical setting for your fashion photoshoot.

2) Charming Family Home off I-285

Charming! Perfect for inter-generational gathering Atlanta Rental

A location with its own camera record, this is where the pilot of NBC’s Good Girls was shot. Decorated and propped for the camera, the home is extremely colorful and offers diverse looks for your fashion photoshoot. The sloping grees outdoors have their own camera appeal allowing you to take some quirky, well-thought images.

3) Creative Mixed-Use Space off I-85

Creative Mixed-Use Space Available For Rent! Atlanta Rental

Where there is fashion, there is creativity; and this creative mixed-use space in Atlanta is the perfect for a value-for-money artsy fashion photoshoot location rental. The white-gray-black checkered tile floors have a retro look which when lit right can look like anything from the past to the future. The natural light comes in with windows on one side, so you’d do well carrying your own set of lights to the space for a proper photoshoot experience.

4) Nordic Style Contemporary Family Home in Chamblee

Beautiful Contemporary family home Atlanta Rental

A Nordic-Scandinavian two-story home with mid-century interiors, there’s tremendous photo potential waiting for you at the location. The double-height family room features a breathtaking minimalist globe chandelier and a rustic barn door, both of which have their own place in a fashion photoshoot. With an amazing large green back yard with a wooden deck, there are also several outdoor photo opportunities up for grabs here.

5) Daylight Luxury Loft near Atlanta University Center

Daylight Luxury Loft near Atlanta University Center Atlanta Rental

Models and photographers both feel the most at home at photo studios, and this naturally lit luxury loft photo studio in Midtown Atlanta is one to consider for a professional fashion photoshoot. The listing also provides free lights and a backdrop, and gives access to plenty of equipment and other amenities necessary for a hassle-free photo shoot. All in all, a great value for the buck offering.

6) Vintage Bungalow near Midtown Atlanta

Vintage Bungalow Atlanta Rental

If fashion is as important as the location, then this designer furnished bungalow offers the vintage camera aesthetic you’ve in mind. The interiors of the home have a bold, yet muted look with dashes of color being added by the furniture and fixture choices. There’s also a painted brick fireplace and an outdoor porch and patio you can utilize on your photoshoot at this venue.

7) Historic Country Church near Starlight Drive-In Theatre and Flea Market

Historic Country Church near Starlight Drive-In Theatre and Flea Market Atlanta Rental

A historic stone church with original pews and stained glass windows, there’s an authentic, country church vibe to this listing. There are also historic cemeteries on-site which provide a creepier, spookier feel. Not only unique but a bang-for-your-buck offering, there’s a lot of photo opportunities across the church and grounds you simply cannot miss while on a fashion photoshoot.

8) Lush Green Outdoor Space

Lush Green Outdoor Space Atlanta Rental

If outdoors is where you’ll be taking your photos, then this lush green outdoor space offers a tranquil photo presence, unlike others. Serene, and frequented by deer, wild rabbits, possums, owls, and a plethora of birds, this 8,000 sq. ft. lot is as creative as you’d like to get with it. There are also plenty of trees that add a beautiful photo appeal to the location.

9) Atlanta Beltline

Atlanta Beltline Atlanta Rental

If your photos need to scream “ATLANTA” then the Atlanta Beltline is the location to choose. A reclaimed space comprised of 22 miles of unused railroad tracks, the Beltline is a great venue to feature quintessential Atlanta sights across the trails, walkways, and open green spaces the location has to offer. There’s also a skate park capable of providing unique photo opportunities here.

10) Gatsby Loft with Rooftop Access in Downtown Atlanta

 Gatsby Loft in Downtown Atlanta Atlanta Rental

A raw, gritty, industrial vibe exudes from this loft home that offers 360-degree rooftop views of downtown Atlanta. Featuring large windows and a massive sliding glass door, there’s swathes of natural light gushing into the home that also features a fully-stocked bar, a suspended Papasan chair, and a Juliette balcony. The rooftop has an unmistakable photo appeal that is derived from the orange tile floor making it incredibly photogenic.

That’s for this list folks. From charming lakeside homes to more humble, down-to-earth homes, there’s plenty your camera and you will love about these locations. Be sure to take a look at more pictures and details if necessary. And in case you’d like to see more of our listings please follow this link to open our catalog of fashion photoshoot locations in Atlanta.

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