Top 9 Talent Agencies in Ottawa, ON, Canada

Top 9 Talent Agencies in Ottawa, ON, Canada

Being a gifted actor, musician, director, writer, or model has perks. However, getting a job or scoring a gig as a newbie in the cinema industry is difficult without help from an experienced professional.

A talent agent is a skilled manager who helps actors to get auditions and arrange meetings with producers and filmmakers in TV, advertising, film, music, and social media.

In Ottawa, Canada, several innovative talent agencies are working to connect talented performers with production companies. We have compiled a list of some of the top talent agencies in the city to help you find the best match for you.

Amti Management

With offices in Ottawa and Toronto, Angie's AMTI talent agency holds open calls twice a month for skillful artists to show off their personalities and energies. The agency excels at providing fresh new faces and seasoned and experienced individuals to the fashion and film industries.

The talent agency has provided opportunities to professional artists for over 32 years by helping them develop and manage their careers. Many of the models represented by the agency have been featured in multiple shows, such as Victoria's Secret fashion show and New York Fashion Week.

Models International Management

Since 1970, Models International has been producing some of the most talented and versatile models. Working under the brilliant leadership of Sophie Beaudoin, the agency has been flourishing and helping fresh faces make their way in the industry.

As a full-service agency, MIM has focused on every aspect of a young face, from styling to production and brand development. MIM takes pride in calling itself the mother agency of some of the most desired celebrities and icons worldwide.

The MIM agency also offers academy programs, including summer camps and programs for kids and teens. They help gifted individuals explore their true potential and find the jobs that fit them best.

Smyth Casting

Smyth Casting is a team of well-versed and experienced casting agents, casting for film, TV, commercials, print campaigns, and corporate videos, providing excellent opportunities to customers and meeting clients' needs.

The agency, owned by Ilona Smyth and her team, offers workshops and one-on-one virtual coaching sessions for performers and artists at all experience levels to polish their talent. They also provide background casting services while helping young people with their careers.

The Meus Productions

The Meus Talent Agency was founded in Ottawa, Vancouver, and Toronto in 2005 to help connect young individuals with casting teams.

The Meus works with film, TV, and commercial actors, representing skillful new faces in the cinema industry. The brand provides strong contacts and high-quality service to all its talent and clients. The agency was established by a team of producers who operate diversely and uniquely, using their expertise and knowledge of the industry.

The Mensour Agency

The Mensour agency is a talent-hunting team led by Catherine Mensour, that distinguishes itself through the creativity and brilliance of its artists. Karen Cliche, Sarah Kryszak, Steve Love, and Adam Bramble are just a few of the talents discovered by the Mensour Agency.

The agency connects casting agents and reputed clients with actors, voice artists, hosts, writers, and translators from all over Ottawa, Canada.

Mode Elle

Mode Elle, co-founded by Leah Hamilton and Nicole Voskamp, is a reputed talent academy and agency focused on training, developing, and connecting models and artists with reputable clients, top placement agencies, and organizations.

Mode Elle's talent team helps individuals create solid and engaging portfolios, provides guidance in legal and financial matters, manages relationships with casting agencies and directors, and submits and books client work.

Many models and actors from the Mode Elle agency have been featured in well-known movies, TV shows, commercials, fashion shows, and newspapers. The agency has taken pride in connecting gifted artists with credible clients for over three decades.

Kamera Talent

Kamera Talent is one of Canada's most prestigious and well-recognized acting and talent agencies, established in 1995 by Ann Sutherland. Ann previously had an acting agency called Sutherland Models, which she revised to incorporate multiple fields of art.

With an exceptional team working for Kamera Talents, the agency focuses on creating and sorting opportunities for actors, models, and voice-over artists nationally and internationally. Some of the talented youth artists represented by the agency include Arista A from "Star Trek," Isabella L from "Snoopy in Space," Ava K from "Falling," and Carter N from "Nurses."

The agency takes pride in its selective screening process that helps filter out blockbuster talent and helps the artists perform their best.

Jigsaw Casting

Jigsaw Casting is a team of talented casting agents working under the leadership of Shasta Lutz, casting young, gifted actors, models, and other artists to excel in their careers.

The Jigsaw team gives all artists equal opportunity, regardless of color, gender, or nationality. The team has encouraged young faces to get into cinematics and hired them for appropriate roles.

Checking out Jigsaw Casting's portfolio is worthwhile if you want to add your name to their people database or you're looking for some talent for your next film or photo shoot.

ML Talent Agency

ML Talent Agency is one of Canada's best talent agencies. Working for over two decades, the agency specializes in providing background extras for TV, commercials, movies, and print media.

ML Talent Agency's long history and expertise help its clients get appropriate roles, accurate payment, and excellent opportunities.

It was founded and owned by Melissa Lee, who has worked in the film industry for over 30 years. Her film expertise and movie production knowledge help her to connect talented artists to casting directors. Their Toronto office is a virtual office where you can drop off your portfolio and an application form via email.

Find a location in Ottawa, ON for your next film or photo shoot, meeting, or event.