Top 10 Talent Agencies in Montreal, QC, Canada

Top 10 Talent Agencies in Montreal, QC, Canada

A talent agent is someone that represents skilled professionals. They act as a middle man between gifted performers and those hoping to contract them. Talent agents might either effectively look for hiring agents, or create a database of performers and artists to get in touch with them first.

A talent agency sends its client to meetings with the casting administration and auditions and negotiates the terms and contracts. It is likely that a talent agency lay behind the successful of many of today's icons. Who might be next?

Some of the best talent agencies in Canada, devoted to helping artists and fresh talent kick start their careers, appear in this article. Ready to start your search for talent agencies in Montreal? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next move.

La Suite

Established in 1957, La Suite (formerly "Constance Brown") is renowned as one of the oldest, and best, talent agencies in all of Montreal. They are unique in that they are one of the few agencies that offer bilingual services. The agency represents various professional artists from all age groups, nationalities, and cultural backgrounds.

La Suite talent agency has provided services to talented actors, models, voice-over artists, influencers, writers, singers, musicians, and directors. You can fill out a form on their website and attend an open house for the agency to recognize your fresh face and help you kickstart your career.

Folio Montreal

Folio Montreal, owned and directed by Antonella Mainella, is a Montreal-based talent agency that works with talented individuals, providing them a chance to kickstart their cinematic careers. Founded in 1985, this fashion talent agency has earned an international reputation for its excellent services and boutique philosophy.

Folio Montreal artists are a team of makeup, hair, fashion, nail, prop, and art direction stylists who work hard to keep your portfolio shining. You can become a Folio model by emailing your pictures and filling out an online form on their website.

Bellini International

Bellini International helps talented professionals fulfill their dreams, and the casting directors hire fresh, gifted individuals. Established in 1993, this talent agency was focused on providing models for print media, modeling shows, and fittings, which over time changed to featuring talented models and actors in movies, commercials, and TV shows.

This talent agency has been providing casting directors with young actors, models, and voices from Canada and the UK. Bellini International is behind Lesley Pahl, Maxine Dennis, George Mantis, the Lombardi Kids, and multiple other famous faces. It has grown tremendously in the past few years, targeting both the English and French markets.

Maven Models

Maven Models, or MM, takes pride in catering to the needs of skilled individuals, providing excellent services for over a decade. The agency has been acting as a bridge of connection between talented professionals and casting admins. The models discovered by the agency leave lasting impressions.

The agency focuses on versatile and boundary-pushing artists, helping them kickstart their careers. Some of the fresh, beautiful models the agency represents include Deborah Dali, David Viot, Harjit Kaur, and many others. You can be discovered by filling out an online application form and attaching pictures.

M2 Management

M2 Management is a full-service talent agency based in Montreal and Toronto that works in the advertising, film, and television production industries. The M2 talent agency has represented authentic talent on the screen for several years.

From Mohammad Al Husseini getting featured in a web series to Viviana Imara getting busy with many great shows in her career, many similar artists have been blooming under the supervision of the M2 Management team. You can get their services by booking an appointment or submitting your casting portrait along with your resume to their office.

Agence Claude Girard

Agence Claude Girard, Montreal, provides national and international representation. It helps skillful new artists with career management and financial and legal policy development. The agency has worked with artists from cinema, television, social media, advertising, and literature for over two decades.

Cinematographers, directors, screenwriters, and other talented pundits represented by the Claude Girard agency have won some of the most prestigious honors and have been selected for several lush ceremonies and events, including the Oscars, Cannes, and the BAFTAs.

TBT Management

TBT, or Total Branded Talent agency, is headed by Josh Kimmel. With experience working as an actor and producer for over 20 years, Josh is fortunate enough to have made a lot of connections in the cinematic industry.

Founded in 2014, TBT management, under the supervision of Josh Kimmel, focused on representing actors and models in the film, fashion, video games, and voice markets from all over Canada and the USA. Derek John, from "Wolf and the Lion," and Jessica Abruzzese, as a series regular on "Nuit Blanche," are two of the names from the list of actors successfully landing a career kick under the supervision of Agency TBT.

MVA Talent Agency

MVA talent agency provides terrific opportunities for artists to get noticed by multiple industrial tycoons. An excellent team of photographers, agents, and stylists ensures bright careers for several artists, including actors, comedians, directors, and authors based in Canada.

The agency started its journey in 1989, under the leadership and direction of Maxime Vanasse. It is one of the first talent agencies with representation in Quebec. Currently, the agency is working under a team of stylists, agents, and coordinators, helping young, polished artists ever since.

Globensky Artist Agency

Working under the expertise of Marc Andre Globensky is a team of rouge-2 designers that specializes in choreography, film and stage direction, costumes, scenography, and music production.

Globensky Artist Agency represents young professionals who are members of UDA and ACTRA. Some popularly followed names represented by the Globensky Artist Agency include Alison Carrier, Anthony Lemke, Sara Deziel, and Yan Rompre. The agency invests in passionate and creative artists who want to help start their careers with a big bang.

Orange Models

With its headquarters in Toronto, and a regional office in Montreal, Orange Model Management is a full-service talent agency founded in 2006. This agency represents artists and manages amateurs to build their careers from the ground up.

Orange Model is an international agency that works with talented professionals from all over the world. The agency's services are diverse, including fashion, film and television, music, commercials, and fitness. Importantly, they help people from all age groups, nationalities, and genders.

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