Top Talent Agencies In London, UK

Top Talent Agencies In London, UK

The entertainment and broadcasting industry is a large platform for many established and aspiring talents to fledge their wings. However, getting the opportunity to showcase abilities to the populace is not as easy as it seems.

Talent agencies find available job openings for actors, authors, broadcast journalists, musicians, scriptwriters, and other related personnel. They have different departments, each concentrating on designated specialties.

Talent agencies in London, UK, carefully safeguard the careers of their trainees. Below are various prominent talent groups in the legendary metropolis. Ready to start your search for talent agencies in London? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your project.

Simon and How

Simon and How, founded by Simon Penn and Samantha, is one of the top talent agencies in London, UK. Since 2007, the agency has been helping talented people actualize their visions.

They have participated in many large-scale projects. These projects include movies titled Bridgeton, The Baby, The Hunger Game, and many other projects like novels and songs. Directors, production companies, ad agencies, and more often work with this company.

BMA Artists

Located in London, BMA works effectively to make actors and artists attain the highest feat available in their world. Their works cut across various media outlets such as stage, radio, commercials, film, TV, and theatre.

BMA artists carefully pay attention to every little detail their client gives without leaving out their professionalism. This agency works by the philosophy — the right actor for the right client. The BMA staff work with maximum passion, contributing greatly to helping the trainees do exceedingly well in their fields.

Reflections Talent Agency

Reflections talent agency specializes in stunts, motion capture, and voice talents. This agency started in June 2012 and now has clients in the UK, Europe, and Ireland. They have groomed attentive, quality, and comfortable talents in the industry.

The juicy aspect is that the Reflections agency offers in-house productions in which their actors can participate. This talent agency is well grounded as they provide some of the best actors working in theatre, film, TV, and commercials. These programs include Dark Ages, Into the Badlands, Emmerdale, and Angel Has Fallen.

Buzz Talent

The founder/CEO of this agency is Helen Georgio. Buzz Talent Agency represents commercial models, dancers, singers, and other talents who aim to be on TV productions and shows. Guess what? There is also a department for big-time editorials. Another amazing fact about buzz talent is that in 2021 it won the best national agency awards at NSMA.

Once accepted into the agency, the personnel work tirelessly to assist you in acquiring good deals. Buzz Talent supports the personal growth of its trainees in the fast-changing industry and they look forward to your online application.

Take 3 Agency

This agency is one with a difference. It has made a respectful name among Casting Directors, Stunt Coordinators, and various AD’S. Take 3 is among the best in working with big shots such as Netflix, Marvel Studios, BBC, and Disney.

Take 3 deals is a Specialist Talent and SPACT agency with talents carefully selected after a thorough drilling process. This company is making waves in the UK with its attractive client base to show for it.

The BWH Agency

The BWH Agency welcomes actors of all ages and aspects of the field. It was formed in 2004 by Andrew Braidford, Lisa Willoughby, Joe Hutton, and Bill Petrie. These individuals with a rich collection of skills created it to become a reckoned agency all over the UK.

BWH molds greenhorns and enables them to gain a balance in their professional choices. The agency also portrays its fascinating actors on our screens, meeting and exceeding expectations. The BWH Agency represents actors from the UK and abroad.

Unsigned Group

Unsigned Group is an amazing agency that is co-owned by a superstar. Thus, they know how to relate to people and understand their wants. They know how important it is to meet and surpass the expectations of their clients and have trained their trainees to deliver.

Unsigned Group places much emphasis on maintaining reliable connections with people. Some brands they have worked with are Spotify, Puma, Adidas, Murdock London, and New Look. The agency proudly stands as a cradle for models, celebrities, and several other talents. Amazing things happen at Unsigned Group because human connection breeds greatness.

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