Softness and femininity spell a sweet Southern wedding. We also love the fine touches and details, like the Southern antique plate holding the bride’s rings, the bouquet resting on a stack of books, and the vintage teacup atop the tiered wedding cake. Southern style at its best!

Colour Palettes for a Sweet Southern Wedding

Everything feels better and refreshing with a sweet Southern wedding colour palette! We see a romantic combination of peach and pink shades that are perfectly designed to cool down the heat, especially for a sophisticated outdoor wedding. Incorporating hints of warm neutrals can add a little balance to the sweetness of the season while still suiting the breezy style.

A summer-inspired colour palette of coral pink and refreshing shades of the peach can set the stage to create a gorgeous Southern wedding. For a touch of creativity and uniqueness, you can also incorporate summery blue and make your peach wedding palette even more beautiful. From the wedding table to the stunning centrepieces, all aspects spell sweet!

Wedding Invitations for a Sweet Southern Wedding

If you are having an outdoor wedding, you will want to celebrate the season from the very first contact with your guests. And what better way to do so than with your wedding invitations? To set the tone for your nuptials, get your guests super excited for your seasonal affair. Incorporate neutral tones in your invites to match the theme of your wedding. Take inspiration from the wedding invitations shown here, adorned with Southern peaches.

Or, you can ask for a pastel blue and white invitation card with peach and green flowers. Go for a cursive style font on your white base card and try to make it look pretty but simple. For the envelope, stick to plain blue paper with gilded borders. Blue is a cool colour, give your guests a refreshing hint of what's to come.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Sweet Southern Wedding

A soft ivory cake with a textured buttercream rustic style cake design dressed with peach sugar blossoms and bagasse is what this couple opted for to complement their Sweet Southern wedding theme. Soft tones combined with ivory and cream are one of the most popular trends for southern weddings and work for both casual and formal celebrations. We are in awe of the teacup topping which looks super chic.

If you want, you can also create an intricately ruffled wedding cake in peach with fresh flowers as the ultimate toppers. Get some edible flowers for this purpose and make sure that they are tiny so they don't overshadow the beauty of your cake.

Bouquets and Boutonnieres for a Sweet Southern Wedding

You can incorporate peach into your wedding in the most endearing way, that is, flowers. This bride has embraced the season with colours that celebrate nature and warm weather. A bouquet of neutral peach roses paired with white blooms and pops of green with pastel pink is this bride's gorgeous arrangement, perfect for a summer wedding. Wrap it in gorgeous white organza and pearls for fine finishing.

For the boutonniere, combine rustic with the season's bright splashes of yellow and subtle hues of blush pink, like the groom in this wedding inspiration board. Sophisticated and well-matched with the wedding theme.

Wedding Dresses and Accessories for a Sweet Southern Wedding

A classic white wedding dress will never go out of style and this bride took advantage of that by wearing a stunning full-length gown for her Sweet Southern wedding. This bridal dress is made of chiffon with a lace bodice and a gorgeous bow belt around the waist. We love how heavily flared it is, perfectly matching the cool and breezy season.

The bride is glowing in ivory pearl studs and swoon-worthy white platform heels. To complete the elegant Southern look, there is a fresh white flower tucked neatly inside her hair bun. This wedding look is straight out of a fairy-tale!

Groom Style for a Sweet Southern Wedding

Matching the groom's outfit with the bridal wedding gown and the overall theme and style of the wedding makes all the difference in the world. A tan suit is a common choice for an outdoor wedding, especially during the summer and spring seasons. Why? Because they always look good! Take a prime example in this wedding colour palette, which has warm and neutral tones. The groom went for a tan suit and paired it with a peach-ish pink tie and a similar boutonniere.

He coupled that with a white shirt, to match the bride's gown, and went for dark brown leather shoes. There's just so much to love about a black-tie - formal - look in an outdoor wedding because it brings such a sophisticated vibe.

Table Decor for a Sweet Southern Wedding

Peach, when combined with ivory, textural florals, and greenery truly gives a Southern vibe. A crochet tablescape is neatly laid above the square-shaped sweetheart's table adorned with a gorgeous floral centrepiece and a bottle of champagne. A small teacup is filled to the brim with peach blooms. Ivory ceramic plates with gilded borders and designed edges look elegant coupled with stylish transparent drinking glasses.

For the guest's table, a classy and polished set of white plates with a golden floral border is organised neatly beside silver utensils and footed pilsner glass. A couple of hardcover books lay on one side of the table with garden-fresh flowers resting above them. A perfect blend of charm and elegance, indeed.

Bridesmaid Dresses for a Sweet Southern Wedding

You have decided on the wedding date, venue, and even your wedding dress, so now what? Another tricky part of your wedding would be finding dresses that will suit each of your bridesmaids. You must give their outfit a personal touch while keeping your wedding look consistent and making your bridesmaids feel amazing in the limelight.

The bridesmaids no longer wear matching outfits because the mismatched trend is very much alive. According to the colour palette of your wedding, you and your bridesmaid can decide the style, fabric, and length of their dresses. These two lovely bridesmaids rocked short ivory dresses with contrasting necklines and cute little floral bouquets.

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for a Sweet Southern Wedding

The stunning Sweet Southern wedding shoot is the perfect way to welcome the season with open arms. The golden light, breezy styling, and fresh trees captured in the dreamy summer afternoon affair are breathtaking. Beside the lake, underneath the trees, with the hanging olive branches and shades of peach and white, this wedding photo shoot turned out to be magical!

The bridal portraits, decor pictures, wedding bands, and a happy candid with the bridesmaids are all just fabulous. So very natural. But our favourite clicks are the couple's photographs! They look so in love with those heart-melting poses and beautiful smiles. Such a laid-back and heartwarming vibe represents the Southern wedding nicely.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Sweet Southern Wedding

The Southern States are for lovers and nothing represents the South like the state of Georgia. Known as the land of peaches, hills, and Southern hospitality, Georgia has a lot more to offer than what meets the eye. From the gorgeous farms, lakes, and mountainside views to the islands along the coastlines, this magical Southern state is the ultimate destination for every couple in love.

This couple chose to have an intimate outdoor ceremony with, sweet as a peach, natural details. They created the most perfect and comfortable outdoor setting to maintain the balance between sophisticated and cozy. Purely dreamy!

Sweet southern wedding inspiration

There’s a soft spot in my heart for Southern style weddings. They seem to sing to me and it probably has something to do with the fact that I was born in Alabama and went to high school and college in Texas. Now that I’m in Hawaii I’m frequently caught saying ‘aloha y’all!’ You can take the girl out of the south, but you can’t take the south out of the girl – right?!

Today’s inspiration shoot from Sweet Peach Photography has all the qualities that I adore about Southern weddings: an elegant, classic style, a few rustic touches, a soft colour palette, a whole bunch of feminine details, and the entire event tells the tale of a grand romance.

Plus, the lovely ladies over at White Dresses Boutique who provided the stunning bridal gown are the very ones I had the pleasure of interviewing a few weeks back for a feature on their exquisite bridal salon (here) – and they were so sweet! This shoot has a special place in my heart and I’m sure it will earn one in yours too.

Southern Wedding Shoot / Sweet Peach Photography
Gorgeous wedding dress / Sweet Peach Photography
pink boutonnière / Sweet Peach Photography
bridal hair style flower / Sweet Peach Photography
wedding rings / Sweet Peach Photography
peach pink bridal bouquet / Sweet Peach Photography
bridesmaids / Sweet Peach Photography
shabby chic wedding cake / Sweet Peach Photography
Peach wedding invitation / Sweet Peach Photography
teacup flower centerpiece / Sweet Peach Photography
lace and pearls / Sweet Peach Photography
Peach rose wedding bouquet / Sweet Peach Photography
peach pink floral centerpiece / Sweet Peach Photography
Southern Wedding Shoot / Sweet Peach Photography
Southern Wedding Shoot / Sweet Peach Photography

Credits: Photography: Sweet Peach Photography // Venue & Catering: Gorham’s Bluff // Bride’s Attire: White Dresses Boutique // Groom’s Attire: Thrasher’s Clothing // Floral Design: 333 Designs // Rentals: Decorous Dishes // Hair: The Masters // Makeup: Nancy Finnegan MUA // Cake: Old Vienna Bakery // Rings: Donny’s Diamond Gallery // Invitations: Amanda Elliott Designs.

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