Citrus and Blue Wedding Tablescape

When we think of wedding related colour palettes, we don’t automatically think of the combination of oranges, yellows and blues. This palette sounds like it’s asking to clash, but done in the right way, it can be outstanding.

Now, the phrase “citrus and blue” can bring to mind visions of the Amalfi Coast in Italy – imagine those summers away in the sun with beautiful produce and crystal clear seaside waters. This is certainly one avenue that you can go down with this theme, but it’s not the one we’re going to be diving into in this article. We’re going a little bit more muted and elegant.

Whenever we work with colour-based wedding themes it leaves it wide open for interpretation. When your only restriction is colour, you can go as formal or as casual as you like, choose from a variety of wedding venue styles and even go with colour-inspired wedding dresses if you choose. With so much choice, it’s quite difficult to go too far wrong, but we’re here to make sure you stay on track with everything from your tablescape to the gown you choose!

Citrus doesn’t mean bright

Increasingly, wedding trends are moving towards muted and more dusty colours like mauve, dusky pinks, sage greens and greyish hues. When you pair these kinds of colours alongside the traditional white and ivories that are synonymous with weddings, there’s a nice contrast that adds a point of difference. This is something you don’t necessarily get with brighter wedding colour schemes.

The default setting when you think of citrus is a theme with vibrant oranges and lemon tones that scream summer. But by taking these muted tones and layering them with slightly different shades, your entire wedding scheme is going to look fuller, more cohesive and more interesting to the eye.

Equally, this really makes sense if you’re going for a colourful, non-traditional style wedding gown, like a navy dress. That’s a lot of colour to be putting into your scheme and quite a statement to make, so you want the rest of the theme around you to be muted down so that it doesn’t seem over the top.

Flowers with layers

A perfect partner for using citrus as a starting point for your wedding is, of course, wedding flowers and floral arrangements. When you’re using specific colours for your wedding inspiration, flowers are a great way of injecting that into any kind of venue and bringing a level of softness to your big day.

When you’re going with two colour palettes that are so different from each other, as with citrus and blues, it’s vital that when you’re sorting the floral arrangements you lead predominantly with one of them and use the other to accent it.

For example, there are plenty of flowers of different shapes and sizes that come in citrus tones which bring a brightness to any wedding venue. You can use the darker blue tones in different ways in the detailing of your wedding scheme or use them sparingly towards the base of the floral arrangement, the closer you get to the greenery of the foliage. This will give it more of a spectrum feel that’ll give a real depth to your bouquets and tablescape centrepieces.

Details and styling of your tablescape

When it comes to creating an overall look and atmosphere for your citrus and blue wedding, both the little details and the overarching styling are equally as important. As we’ve said with the flowers, when you’re working with two contrasting colours, it’s normally best to pick one of them to be the “hero” colour and the other to work in a more supporting role, highlighting details and offering a point of difference. Here, you can see that the dark blue works mainly in that capacity.

Also, when you’re working with two contrasting shades, you want to make sure they’re not competing with any other major colours or features that are going to make your wedding scheme look messy. That’s why it’s a good idea to get quite a minimalist wedding venue with low key table setting styles and reception decor. This way, you can add details like navy table cloths or linens or actual citrus fruit as decor that really tie together your dream tablescape in a holistic way.

When you’ve looking at a wedding of any size or style it’s important to step back every once in a while and look at the bigger picture. Sometimes we can get swept up in the little details – things we saw on Pinterest or little cute trinkets we found at a flea market – that we don’t take a second to see if it all works as one. Make sure you do this regularly and try to get some fresh eyes from someone in your wedding party to help you out with this.

Final tips for your big day

Let’s wrap this up with some final bits and pieces to remember when you’re planning this citrus and blue wedding tablescape and more.

Remember that citrus and blue aren’t just colours, they’re also representative of warmth and cooler elements respectively. When you think about them like that it might be easier to strike a balance between the two colours and create an atmosphere as well as a wedding aesthetic. Picture citrus and blue as your tablescape and build on it.

Get some lemon and/or orange flavors into your food. Whether that’s duck l’orange for a more traditional main course or a lemon wedding cheesecake for the quirkier couple, bring some zest and tang to your big day by going all in on that theme.

Be mindful of the amount of colour you’re using. This goes for any wedding and any colour palette, but it’s absolutely vital when your wedding theme is wholly based around a set of colours. It’s easy to get carried away with our vision and our theme, but it’s really important to let a theme breathe by utilising the empty spaces around your chosen wedding venue. You do this and it’ll look considered and designed, making it a beautiful and memorable day, from your wedding dress to your wedding reception!

Summer to Fall Tablescape Inspiration

The transition from summer to fall is a special time of year, when the days are still warm but the nights begin to cool. Summer’s memories are still sweet but the anticipation for autumnal festivities has begun to set in. This transitional mood is encapsulated in the three different tablescapes you see below. They’re the perfect looks for your summer to fall engagement, rehearsal dinner, and/or wedding reception!

TABLESCAPE #1: The perfect thing for late summer! Warm pastel hues heat up the neutral backdrop and the hints of blue are a fresh touch and of course, the perfect compliment to shades of orange. The tableware is dainty and the gold-rimmed details along with the candelabras give the whole Tablescape a sense of regality!

Classic pastel and neutral wedding colors
Midnight blue lace dress
Glass candelabra
Warm pastel rose centerpiece
Linen menu
Midnight blue lace dress
Pastel and yellow tablescape

TABLESCAPE #2: The citrus coloured centrepieces and fruits scattered across the table look absolutely chic set against a textural tablecloth that’s reminiscent of marble – and marble is SO on trend right now! The grey and gold of the textile really makes the centrepiece pop and the place settings and glassware are kept simple with clean lines and minimal details.

Citrus and poppy centerpiece
Citrus and poppy centerpieces
Unique plates
Hand blown glass vase on ghost chair
Citrus and poppy centerpiece
Orange poppy centerpiece
Citrus wedding inspiration
Navy blue lace wedding dress
Hand blown bud vase
Orange poppy centerpiece

TABLESCAPE #3: Fall is arriving! The introduction of gorgeous midnight blue transitions the summery centrepiece and bouquet design into a new season without losing the youthful joy and abundance of warmer months. The etched glassware and lace detail on the gown give it all a frosted look that’s irresistible!

Summer bridal bouquet
Summery indoor reception
Summer floral centerpiece
Summery flowers

Credits: Photography: Noi Tran Wedding Photography // Florist: Ginger Rose // Planning: Sara Gillianne Weddings // Vintage Place Settings: Vintage English Teacup // Paper: The Impressionists // Makeup: Megan Quintana // Model: Amy Patterson // Chairs: Sweet Seats // Linens: BBJ Linen // Calligraphy: Riannon Boven // Gauze Runner: Linen Lark // Slate Placecards: inLoftCalligraphy // Venue: Ambient Plus Studio in Atlanta, Georgia.