This Springtime Wedding photo shoot has Glasgow written all over it, from the lush green fields and forest to the images taken from overhead as the bride is in the water. The images are absolutely gorgeous from beginning to end and entirely reminiscent of the Scottish lowlands where Glasgow is located.

Springtime is all about new beginnings. And with Glasgow in second place for the greenest city in the UK, it’s the ideal locale to get married in. From your ceremony at the beginning of the day to your wedding reception in Glasgow at day’s end, your nuptials will be nothing short of glorious.

What to Look for in a Venue for a Springtime Wedding

When you’re looking for your dream Springtime Wedding venue there are a few avenues that you can consider. Firstly, are you having an indoor or outdoor wedding? The Springtime Wedding theme does lend itself really nicely to an outdoor, garden party style affair, however, the weather isn’t always guaranteed in the Springtime months.

What you should look for regardless of whether your Springtime Wedding venue is indoors or outside is that extra level of space. This particular wedding theme has an element of freedom and joie de vivre about it and you can’t have that if you’re in a smaller room that’s filled with tables.  

Colour Palettes for a Springtime Wedding

As you might expect with a Springtime Wedding, the key colour palette is going to revolve around soft pastels in conjunction with some varying shades of more vibrant green to show that beautiful, natural coming alive process that is synonymous with Springtime and a key driving force behind this theme.

A lot of these colours are going to stem from your floral arrangements but you can also tie them into your overall Springtime Wedding scheme through the linens, ceremony and reception decor, the bridal and groom party outfits, and even the food. The sky's the limit here, it’s your big day after all.

Details for a Springtime Wedding

Springtime isn’t just about flowers, it’s about the feeling of renewal and rebirth. With this in mind, you want your details to feel vibrant and full of life. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need bright and splashy colours, but it means that the details you do use should be full and vibrant – like the petals of the blossoming flowers, or the shiny boldness of nicely weighted vintage cutlery.

You’re going to want to dot romantic details around the reception using varying textures to create points of interest. Using old fashioned elements like wax seals and textured envelopes brings an old world, romanticism that compliments the softness of the flowers around you.

Food for a Springtime Wedding

The beautiful thing about having a Springtime Wedding is that not only are all the flowers coming alive, loads of the fresh produce is starting to grow and flourish as well. This means that there are tons of great, fresh options that you can use as a starting point for your Springtime Wedding reception meal.

You can go with a cool farm to table kind of vibe that still has a structure to proceedings but isn’t super formal. After all, with your kind of free and fun Springtime Wedding theme, you’re not going to want to have a full, traditional, sit-down three-course meal. Instead, go family style with some fresh produce and enjoy the seasonality.

Table Setting Style for a Springtime Wedding

When it comes to your Springtime Wedding table setting style, it’s important to keep it fairly low key and laid back. Lead with your floral centrepieces and take your colour and textural cues from them. If you’ve got pink or cream flowers then maybe go for muted blue or green textured linens to give some level of contrast. Keep the shades muted or in pastel hues to keep that Springtime vibe going.

You can go with the vintage feel when it comes to cutlery, crockery and stemware to bring some romanticism and keep that almost fairy-like atmosphere going throughout your table setting style.

Budget for a Springtime Wedding

As with any kind of wedding, there are always ways to cut costs and there are ways to absolutely blow the budget. This particular Springtime Wedding theme is no different. With it being a fairly lowkey and chilled atmosphere, it’s likely that this wedding will have a smaller guest list which, on the whole, means that it’ll be a more affordable event.

Of course, with such a focus on Springtime and the floral elements of the season, this means that there is going to be a fairly high floristry bill for you to contend with. Like we’ve said, there are ways to save money and ways to splurge, you’ve just got to prioritise what’s important to you and your wedding and direct your budget there.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Springtime Wedding

When it comes to finding your dream wedding dress for your gorgeous Springtime Wedding, you’ve got quite a few options that you can consider. Fundamentally, you’re going to want to choose a dress that has a floaty silhouette that allows you to move around and have fun. It’s your party, and you want to enjoy it!

In terms of wedding dress colours, you don’t need to go down the traditional white or ivory colour palette. Considering that your wedding is a celebration of colour and things coming alive, you can mimic the natural elements of the season by choosing a pastel or muted coloured dress to make sure you stand out and look the part.

Bridesmaid Dresses for a Springtime Wedding

If you’re going with a coloured wedding dress, that means that you can opt for a white or cream shade for your bridesmaids' dresses. As it’s a fairly informal affair, consider going for tea length bridesmaid dresses that are fun, flirty, and appropriate for the warmer Springtime season and that are easy to move about in.

With a short dress, your bridesmaids can dress up these base outfits with some cool floral-inspired jewellery and some different coloured shoes. This will add an aspect of fun to your bridal party look that perfectly matches the Springtime informal, ethereal wedding vibe that you’re trying to create.

Menswear for a Springtime Wedding

When you’re looking at the outfits for the men in the wedding party, you can follow the same kind of colour inspiration as the rest of the bridal looks. If your wedding dress is in a muted mauve or sage, then you can mimic this with the groom’s suit. It’s all about getting those natural colours and textures across to really bring the Springtime Wedding theme to life.

For the groomsmen, perhaps go for brown or navy suits in a natural material blend with either pastel or muted shaded pocket squares and ties. Alternatively, go fully thematic with a Liberty or William Morris inspired vintage floral print that’ll add a punch of pattern and flair.

Wedding Invitations for a Springtime Wedding

Although the wedding invitation is one of the first things that you need to organise when you’re planning your Springtime Wedding, it’s something that often gets overlooked when it comes to design and theme. For this particular wedding theme, draw inspiration from the season by adding either pressed flowers or floral illustrations to your wedding invitations.

You can keep that element of flow going throughout these Springtime Wedding invites by using watercolour style calligraphy for the written aspects. It’s all about giving your guests a clue about your theme as well as the formality and atmosphere that you’re trying to create.

Sublime Springtime Wedding

Today’s gorgeous inspiration shoot from South African photographer Rensche Mari has a quiet beauty to it that is absolutely bewitching. Loosely inspired by Downton Abbey, this styled shoot is an exquisite ode to all things spring!

Floral patterned wedding invitation suite | Rensche Mari Photography | see more on
Elegant and simple flower crown | Rensche Mari Photography | see more on
Spring wedding reception | Rensche Mari Photography | see more on
Bud vase floral centerpieces | Rensche Mari Photography | see more on
Wax stamp seal | Rensche Mari Photography | see more on
Groom with bouquet | Rensche Mari Photography | see more on
Spring wedding place setting | Rensche Mari Photography | see more on
Springtime #wedding inspiration shoot | Rensche Mari Photography | see more on
Spring #wedding invitation suite | Rensche Mari Photography | see more on
Spring wedding reception | Rensche Mari Photography | see more on
Spring bridal bouquet | Rensche Mari Photography | see more on
Envelope calligraphy | Rensche Mari Photography | see more on
Paper table number | Rensche Mari Photography | see more on
Low cut lavender wedding dress | Rensche Mari Photography | see more on
Spring bridal bouquet | Rensche Mari Photography | see more on
Grey suite and white rose boutonniere | Rensche Mari Photography | see more on
Pink flower topped wedding cake | Rensche Mari Photography | see more on
Spring #wedding with a lavender wedding dress | Rensche Mari Photography | see more on

Rensche Mari and her team of fabulous creatives know that Downton Abbey isn’t just about the upper class people, it’s as much about the servants. They decided to create a toned-down to style shoot that was more representative of a beautiful and sweet ‘downstairs’ wedding.

From Rensche Mari – “I was so glad that Jana (of Silver Swallow) was there while we were shooting because she suggested we get into the water with that dress – and swoon! It was awesome!”

Lake trash the dress | Rensche Mari Photography | see more on
Lavender dress | Rensche Mari Photography | see more on
Stunning water shoot with a lavender dress | Rensche Mari Photography | see more on

Credits: Photography: Rensche Mari // Dress: Silver Swallow // Table Styling, Decor, & Floral Design: Splendid Affairs // Paper Goods: Chrystalace // Hair & Makeup: Melissa’s Makeup // Models: Yente & Arnu from Now Model Management // Venue: Toadbury Hall in South Africa, near Johannesburg.

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