Stylish Winter Wedding

The venue here adds the perfect magical touch to this wedding inspiration. The beige background is the ideal backdrop for the bride. She has a lovely peach headpiece and a grey sash to complement her gown. It’s a vintage look that says winter weddings are fabulous!

What to Look for in a Venue for a Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are magical, which means they need an equally fabulous wedding venue. When considering the available venues, always keep your theme in mind. Open-air venues for the reception may not be favourable because of the cold. However, if you want the ceremony outdoors, that may be possible.

Most people opt for barn weddings with easy access to the outdoors for those who want to enjoy the chill and the snow. Another suitable venue would be a ski lodge or a resort by a lake. A mountain top hotel with gardens that can be converted for the wedding can also work towards your winter wedding theme.

Colour Palettes for a Winter Wedding

Winter weddings usually have icy blue as the primary colour. If you’re having a hard time picturing this, think of Elsa in Disney’s Frozen, and you will understand the icy blue from the snow as it falls around her in magical waves. When paired with other hues like burgundy, white, crystals, coral, peach, or red, this enchanting colour will look stunning.

If you’re looking for other colours apart from blue, you could also consider beige or tan with berry and dusty rose. Browns with nude and cream and bursts of colour from flowers and blooms will also look highly creative yet natural. Other gorgeous colour pairings are ivory, cream, and sage green since these hues naturally bring out the beauty of cold, wintry mornings.

Details for a Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are magical, with seasonal details that only wintry florals can add. Winter weddings are stylish and chic and can be stunning, especially with regard to bridal fashions, decor, and food. Brides and grooms can plan some excellent themes around a winter wedding – everything from glittery, bold decor to icy settings in cold blue and wintry white.

While winter weddings are charming, there are a few practical things to consider like heating for wedding guests, accommodations, travel, and the chance of a blizzard! It is best to plan everything in advance, watch the weather, and ensure all your guests have the entire itinerary in advance.

Table Setting Style for a Winter Wedding

The table setting style for a winter-themed wedding should be absolutely bewitching. Suppose you plan a traditional table setting with white cutlery and crockery. In that case, you could add some modern elements like clear acrylic chairs, fresh greenery to the centrepieces instead of florals, and colourful candles in pastel shades of blue, lilac, blush, and peach to get some colour to the table.

If you’re looking for a rustic look, having a wooden uncovered table with gold-lined dishes, white serviettes, and gold cutlery with white floating candles in small glass jars or votives would look heavenly. Table decor ideas should reflect your wedding colours and overall style. When planning the tables, always consider the overhead hanging light features so you can add some bling like crystal flutes, glass candelabras, and more.

Budget for a Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are gorgeous, and everyone looks forward to them. However, winter wedding budgets are slightly more expensive than spring or summer. The main reason for this is the heating expense. Winter wedding venues need adequate covering from all sides, plus heating and ventilation.

Most venues charge extra for these additions, and if the reception and party last well into the night, you may also incur a further expense. Another significant expenditure would be flowers since some flowers will have to be imported (depending on choice). Apart from these main expenses, most other expenses are the same – catering, decor, lighting, entertainment and music, photographer, videographers, and more.

Wedding Dresses and Accessories for a Winter Wedding

Brides planning a winter wedding can opt for traditional white wedding gowns. However, if you want to add chic style to your wedding, you should consider bespoke wedding dresses from Elfenkleid as the bride did here. The dresses are made to measure with natural material, high-quality fabrics, and handmade lace imported from England or France.

The wedding dress should be comfortable, with the inner lining made of a thick material like fine wool to keep you warm throughout the day. If you want to opt for something light and airy, you could still do so with warm leggings in a nude colour beneath. For accessories, opt for a floral crown with peach, pink, white, and blush flowers, minimal make-up, and diamonds or pearls in your ears, hands, and around your neck. You could also add a sash of steel gray or burgundy around your waist to add a little colour.

Reception Décor for a Winter Wedding

Mother Nature can be slightly troublesome during the winter months. Don’t let her bring you down! Instead, you can create an indoor-outdoor reception experience by installing clear tents that guests can use as they mingle. You can incorporate strings of fairy lights on the ceilings, hang glass or acrylic orbs filled with green florals, white or ivory candles in select corners of the venue, and incorporate garlands of light around gauzy white curtains.

The reception area can easily be transformed into a wintry wonderland by adding festive touches like pine cone place cards, blue or blush candles, champagne towers, blankets for guests, and plenty of baby’s breath throughout the reception venue.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Winter Wedding

Winter wedding cakes are pretty special. Not just because of the season but because of all the flavours associated with winter. Just like pumpkin spice is fitting for fall, gingerbread, vanilla butterscotch, or rum and raisin is for winter. You can choose festive cakes for a winter wedding and have them decorated in ultimate style and elegance.

When it comes to cake decorations, the sky's the limit. You can have a stunning stark white cake with ombre red and pink icing roses across multiple cake tiers. Not only is this breathtaking, but the cake would also be fit for a King and Queen. If you’re thinking of a traditional cake, you should opt for a white cake with white icing flowers and hand-drawn lace.

Wedding Invitations for a Winter Wedding

Winter weddings can have several styles of invitations. You can play with colour and texture by adding plaid in paper invitations and icy blue, tan, cream, or blush in digital invites. When you think of wedding invitations, you must ensure all guests understand the theme.

A rich, dark font and text colour with snowflakes in the background, the silhouette of snow-capped mountains, pine leaves, snow-covered trees, and falling snow can all convey the wedding theme quite well. However, if you need to be overly obvious, it is good to state the wedding theme in the invite to avoid confusion and worry later.

Favours and Gifts for a Winter Wedding

Since the wedding is in winter, you could consider winter-themed wedding favours as a thank you to all guests. Some ideas for favours would be custom mugs with your wedding date and initials, DIY s’mores, adorable blankets with ‘To have and to hold, in case you get cold’ written on them, lip balm, and more.

If you want to make the gifts useful, you could give them some freshly ground bags of coffee, festive scented candles with your names and wedding date, wine stoppers, pine cone fire starters, and mulled spiced wine. If you want to give something edible, there are chocolate spoons, honey dips, maple syrup bottles, candy in the form of snowmen or snowflakes, and more.

Stylish winter wedding inspiration

I am so thrilled to be bringing you this stylish winter wedding inspiration shot for the fabulous Austrian wedding magazine Hochzeitsguide by Carmen and Ingo Photography! The wonderful venue adds a definite sense of vintage grandeur, the flowers capture the delicacy of early spring, and just wait until you see all the gorgeous wedding dresses from Elfenkleid.

Believe me when I say that this is one of those features that gets better with every scroll!

Floral crown / Carmen and Ingo Photography
Stylish Winter Wedding Inspiration / Carmen and Ingo Photography
Elfenkleid gray dress sash / Carmen and Ingo Photography
Elfenkleid Wedding Dress / Carmen and Ingo Photography
Stylish winter wedding inspiration / Carmen and Ingo Photography
Elfenkleid wedding dress with pink sash / Carmen and Ingo Photography
Elfenkleid wedding dress with pink sash / Carmen and Ingo Photography
Stylish winter wedding inspiration / Carmen and Ingo Photography
Floral crown / Carmen and Ingo Photography
lace wedding dress / Carmen and Ingo Photography
stylish winter wedding inspiration / Carmen and Ingo Photography
spring bouquet / Carmen and Ingo Photography
bridal floral crown / Carmen and Ingo Photography
Floral Crown / Carmen and Ingo Photography
Stylish winter wedding inspiration / Carmen and Ingo Photography
bridal portraits in the snow / Carmen and Ingo Photography
Confetti Snow! / Carmen and Ingo Photography

Credits: Photography: Carmen and Ingo Photography // Wedding Dresses: Elfenkleid // Venue: Gschwandner in Vienna, Austria // Laser Cutting: Die Exklusiven Einladungskarten //  Floral Design: Blumen Gestalten // Styling & Design Details: Deko Raum // Furniture and Props: About Home // Hair & Makeup: Yasmin Pirouzi // Model: Sophia.