Street Chic - Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

Street Chic - Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

Going Street-chic for Your Wedding

A visit to any department store proves that we all have vastly different tastes when it comes to our outfit choices. Some are drawn to soft and delicate features like lace embellishments while others prefer outfits with leather and metallic details. In the same breath, there are brides who prefer gowns constructed using multiple layers of fabric or simply those that create a dramatic impact.

If the latter describes you, then you would probably fall in love with street-chic bridal styles. The outfits that fall in this category come off as laid-back, elegant, and effortlessly stylish ensembles. The majority of the time, street-style wedding dresses exude a bohemian or beachy vibe.

They are also bridal ensembles designed to stand out against the backdrop of outdoor wedding venues. British publications refer to them as "high street" dresses, and regardless of what you call them; street-chic bridal ensembles are in vogue.

What Describes Street-Style Bridal Looks?

Several wedding looks fall under the umbrella of bridal street style. In general, the look is relatively simple with traditional touches as well as vintage-inspired details. In most cases, these bridal ensembles don't feature long trains and they are tailored using breezy/ flowy fabrics.

Street-style wedding dresses can be budget-friendly in some cases compared to other bridal looks. It's their uncomplicated nature that keeps their cost down but that doesn't mean that the ensembles can't be bold or intricately styled.

Street-Style Bridal Elements

Street-style bridal ensembles might feature multiple fabrics but they are far from what you'd describe as voluminous or heavy. They typically lack embellishments like frills and beading. You'll often spot the following elements on street-chic bridal ensembles:

Lace, organza, or chiffon tailoring

Most street-chic wedding dresses are tailored using lace, organza, or chiffon fabrics. Those that are crafted using other materials still feature some form of lace or chiffon embellishments.

You can buy them anywhere

Unlike traditional wedding dresses that are mostly stocked by bridal boutiques; you can buy street-style bridal dresses virtually anywhere. Regular department stores have them in stock and you don't have to go through the fuss of booking bridal appointments. You can also order your wedding dress online, for added convenience.

They differ in lengths

Street-style bridal ensembles don't really break away from tradition but you'll find them in diverse lengths. They are typically shorter with ankle-length styled the most popular option. Several still maintain the floor-length look but again, they'll rarely include dramatically long trains.

Two-piece Designs

A majority of two-piece bridal designs also double as street-style wedding ensembles. That allows brides to mix-and-match different pieces from two or more designers. Separate skirt and top looks are the most popular but some brides prefer to settle for wedding pantsuits.

Slip-style Silhouettes

Several street-chic bridal looks come in the form of slip styles with skinny straps. They also feature slinky satin fabrics and in general, loose-fitting silhouettes. Others cut close to the body with shapes that mirror everyday wear.


In terms of the embellishments you'll often see on street-style bridal ensembles, they are minimalistic and more or less tied to the outfit's design. The editorial showcases bridal looks with lace trimmings, bejewelled bodices, back bows, lace sleeves, and fabric buttons.

Who Should Wear Street-style Wedding Gowns?

In general, any bride can choose a street-style wedding dress. However, they are mostly favoured by brides having courthouse weddings or those who choose to elope. They are equally favoured by those hosting their nuptials at home as well as brides who are carefree and free-spirited.

It doesn't hurt to explore these bridal looks if you are working with a tight wedding budget. Non-traditionalists who don't believe in over-the-top weddings also love such bridal looks. Likewise, if you ascribe to the minimalist movement then you should also explore these outfits.

Still, there are exceptions, much like what the editorial portrays. Whether you are hosting a lavish affair with a huge guest list or an intimate mico-wedding; you are at liberty to settle for a street-style wedding gown.

Which Street-style Bridal Look Best Suits You?

Just like everyday wear and bridal ensembles in general; you'll come across selections of street-style wedding dresses. The specific nature of your nuptials should have a hand in determining which street-style look works for you.

  • Midi-length lace dresses

If you are hosting a wedding at a beach venue or garden location, consider a midi-length lace dress. Go for an off-shoulder look paired with a full-bodied skirt for a playful aesthetic. Complete the look with a pair of heels for a formal occasion or flats for a casual event.

  • Slinky slip satin dresses

Slinky slip dresses are perfect for courthouse weddings or elopements. They are perhaps the most casual of street-style bridal ensembles but you can still dress them up for formal affairs. In this case, pair the look with statement earrings or embellished heels.

  • Bridal separates

Bridal separates are the best choices for summer weddings or non-traditional weddings. The two-piece sets also work for courthouse weddings or elopements. For a casual event, choose a top and midi-length skirt. For a dressed-up look, wear a top with dramatic sleeves paired with a floor-length skirt.

  • Jumpsuits and playsuits

Bridal jumpsuits and playsuits have equally risen in popularity as alternatives to traditional wedding dresses. Most come in monochromatic tones and they exude a minimalistic vibe. They also work for courthouse weddings as well as non-traditional nuptials.

  • Shift-style mini Dresses

Shift-style mini dresses are perfect for beach elopements or simply for brides who love vintage aesthetics. For summer nuptials, choose a lace bridal ensemble. If your big day falls when it's chilly or you've chosen the evening hours for your wedding; go for a mini-dress tailored using a heavier fabric with full-length sleeves and a high collar.

Street-style Outerwear Choices

For the colder months, pair your street style with a long trench coat tailored using tulle and organza. Jeans or a leather jacket is a befitting choice for the bride who wants to make a bold fashion statement.

Blazers are ideal for courthouse nuptials while lace capes work for evening nuptials. Borrowing from the editorial, pairing a half-coat with a glamorous gown creates a fashion-forward bridal ensemble.

6 street-chic wedding dresses


The uber-talented and envelope-pushing Breanna and Anna of Denver bridal boutique Anna bé (take the boutique tour here) have done it again with their third stylebook shoot. Inspired by the independence and modernity of Denver, Colorado this editorial features a range of stunning wedding dresses, all of them of course styled to perfect for today’s bride.

Corolina Herrera wedding dress | Steve Stanton Photography | see more on:
Corolina Herrera wedding dress | Steve Stanton Photography | see more on:
Corolina Herrera wedding dress | Steve Stanton Photography | see more on:
Corolina Herrera wedding dress | Steve Stanton Photography | see more on:
Tara LaTour wedding dress | Steve Stanton Photography | see more on:
Monique Lhuillier Luxe wedding dress | Steve Stanton Photography | see more on:
Modern Trousseau Bryton wedding dress | Steve Stanton Photography | see more on:
Carolina Herrera Alice wedding dress | Steve Stanton Photography | see more on:
Hayley Paige Dori wedding dress | Steve Stanton Photography | see more on:
Hayley Paige Dori wedding dress | Steve Stanton Photography | see more on:
Hayley Paige Dori wedding dress | Steve Stanton Photography | see more on:

From Anna bé – “Colorado is renowned for its mountains and natural beauty, but there’s real beauty in the gritty alleys, in the converted warehouses, and the blend of people that are often overlooked.

With Denver as our muse, we envisioned a bride who was running through the city, soaking in her favourite locales before her wedding day. Like the juxtaposition of the raw and the historic, we love the juxtaposition of casual streetwear with the elegant bridal gowns.”


1. Carolina Herrera ‘Claudette’ $6,990

2. Tara LaTour ‘Esther’ $6,800

3. Monique Lhuillier ‘Luxe’ $8,500

4. Modern Trousseau ‘Bryton’ $3,270

5. Carolina Herrera ‘Alice’ $5,490

6. Hayley Paige ‘Dori’ $4,790

Credits: Photography: Steve Stanton // Wedding Dresses: anna bé* // Hair: Matthew Morris Salon // Makeup: Leilani Drum Makeup Artistry // Styling: Joy Koziol // Stylebook: Artifact Uprising // Location: Denver