Spring Wedding

Spring weddings are special as they fit right in with the significance of the season of new beginnings. Buds on the trees are opening and floral accents like baby’s breath as shown in the photos, ooze freshness and light.

Getting married in Glasgow in the spring means planning ahead to get the best venue that can accommodate changes in the weather. And of course, if you can take advantage of gorgeous spring blooms for photo options, be sure to do so!

Dresses for a Spring Wedding

One of the first considerations for a spring wedding dress should be the weather. If the wedding is held in early spring (March or April), you can safely wear a long-sleeved gown (and you may be glad you did). Spring is often a time when Mother Nature is still holding on to winter temps and inclement weather as well. Temps may vary from a chilly 50 degrees to a balmy 70 degrees on any given spring day.

Some of the styles appropriate for spring include a ball gown, but mini dresses that feature feathers and florals are appropriate as well! One should add spring-inspired accessories for a hint of colour. With all the flowers blooming, floral accents are also appropriate. Many spring wedding dresses also included intricate beading as well as sequins.

One other trend in spring wedding dresses is a plunging V-neckline. Of course, minimalist gowns are always in style; as long as the gown features elegance, the sky is the limit for choices of spring wedding dresses.

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Food for a Spring Wedding

Spring is traditionally a time for planting, but there are also many fresh veggies and fruits that are available in the spring!

One traditional food associated with spring is delicious deviled eggs. Pair these with chicken salads, served in baskets with floral accents and pastel colours for a spring effect. For vegetarian guests, you can always provide a spring pea salad.

For a sit-down meal, consider seared scallops in tarragon oil or a roasted spring chicken with vegetables. Salmon is also a popular spring food choice. Of course, steak is always a great meal choice as well. An alternate would be a stuffed grilled chicken with a side salad.

Colour Palette for a Spring Wedding

Spring colours typically involve light, pastel hues. Most of the primary colours can be diluted to pastel, and they make beautiful and eye-catching colour palettes. A rosy pink, baby blue, muted yellows, even lavender are all perfect spring colours.

Of course, to really make your colours pop, mix them with accents. Pastels can always be matched with a deeper accent colour for effect. Some brides are utilising various shades of pink from a blush to a deep rose colour for everything from decor to the bouquet to boutonnieres.

Some brides even opt to steer away from pastels altogether. Using fuchsia and turquoise, along with gold accents are all eye-catching and beautiful yet elegant. Consider lighter shades of grays and blues mixed with intermittent accents of bold colour.

Details for a Spring Wedding

Everything seems to come alive in spring! It is the perfect time for new beginnings and for a gorgeous wedding day. The weather is warmer but not scorching hot. Flowers and trees are blooming, and the sun seems a little brighter during the spring.

Spring weddings may incorporate flowers that bloom annually during this time: tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils. Garden roses are also an option at this time.

Invitations for your spring ceremony can be embossed with a floral theme, too. Perhaps a single spring flower – which will clue your guests to the flowers of the ceremony – can adorn the invite as an illustration.

Many spring brides will choose a gown that is adorned with flowers, whether they are lacy accents or an actual floral print dress. Some spring brides also opt for a jumpsuit for themselves and the bridal party.

What to Look for in a Venue for a Spring Wedding

A spring bridal venue can be held outdoors. The weather is nice, often warm enough but not too hot. However, an outdoor spring wedding may present one consideration – the possibility of spring showers. While brides can still have the outdoor venue, be sure to have a backup plan just in case there is inclement weather. This can be a tent or, if you choose a venue at a park or a barn, make sure there is a building on site that can serve as a backup in case of a downpour.

A spring venue can be a number of places. However, you’ll want to inquire about what’s included in the price of the rental of the venue, specifically tables and chairs, any linens, and the accessibility of the venue for your guests.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Spring Wedding

A spring bride has a wide array of dresses and accessories that are appropriate for a spring wedding. Perhaps the most important consideration is a flexible outfit that can be suited to the weather.

Spring bridal gowns are often long and flowy, and trains are appropriate for the spring bride. Many brides opt for lace sleeves, often in a floral design, perfect for the unpredictable weather of spring. Of course, it isn’t out of place to choose a tea-length three-quarter sleeve dress for a spring wedding if the bride wishes.

Spring brides will want to utilise floral accessories. Some brides skip the veil and use flowers to decorate their hair.

Groom Style for a Spring Wedding

Grooms will be able to choose from a wide array of wedding wear, from casual to traditional.

Spring is a time when light, pastel colours are called for, but for grooms, it is often a great time to choose a beige or khaki-coloured outfit for the wedding. Many grooms will wear a white, long-sleeved dress shirt with a tan vest and dress pants.

Some grooms may pair a button-downed dress shirt with khakis or jeans for the big day, depending upon how casual the day is intended to be. However, a traditional tux is very much in style for a spring wedding.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Spring Wedding

Spring showers bring lots and lots of beautiful flowers, and spring brides should take advantage of the seasonal blooms. In fact, certain flowers that only appear in spring are the perfect pick for a spring wedding bouquet: tulips, some garden roses, and orchids.

Hydrangeas bloom in the spring and are available in a wealth of colours. These large flowers can be mixed with smaller flowers, such as sweet pea, and greenery to make classic bouquets. Plus, when using these fresh flowers, you’ll enjoy a hint of sweet fragrance, especially from the sweet pea.

As for boutonnieres, the tulip is a classic choice. These beautiful flowers bloom but once a year, and they come in a wide array of colours to match your chosen colour palette.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Spring Wedding

Springtime is the perfect time for an outdoor wedding! There’s often a hint of chill in the air, but temps aren’t so warm that an outdoor wedding is uncomfortable.

During the spring, flowers are in bloom, providing a perfect natural backdrop for the ceremony and photos. An outdoor ceremony by a lake requires little more than an arbour for the ceremony; drape it with linens and greenery for a dreamy effect.

You may decide to choose a backyard or a botanical garden for your nuptials, and this offers a lot of natural decor. A greenhouse, particularly one located at a conservatory, is a great covered venue just in case a pop up shower happens.

Ceremony Decor for a Spring Wedding

Ceremony decor for a spring wedding need not be complicated; in fact, the simpler, the better!

The nuptials require a backdrop, and there are many ways you can secure this – an arbour, a gazebo, or just an arch can suffice for the purpose of your backdrops. Decor need not be elaborate. Drape some sheer cloth over the arbor or arch, and wrapping the base of the structure in greenery adds a natural touch.

A few brides choose a flower backdrop; some of these are actually metallic or made from silk. Brides may choose an opaque backdrop or one that matches the colour of their bridal flowers.

Spring + Nature Bridal Portraits

Spring is here and what better way to celebrate your upcoming wedding than with a lovely spring-inspired bridal session? Today’s editorial from Antonova Kseniya shows ways to bring a little bit of nature indoors for an utterly romantic bridal shoot – the perfect way to get some portraits of you in your dress before the big day!

I just love the simple yet elegant details in this bridal portrait editorial. It still has a little sense of the stark and frosty winter, but some of spring’s beautiful new life as well. The balance achieved is exquisite!

Credits: Photography: Antonova Kseniya // Flowers & Decor: Oksana Shalneva // Hair & Makeup: Nika Zaiceva // Dress: Milanmira Bridal.