In addition to being the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. has tons of historic parks and recreation areas designated for sports and activities. Although there is only a small amount of professional sports teams, there are numerous intramural teams throughout D.C.

For those looking to document their favorite sports team or a child’s first little league ball game, Washington D.C. has sports photographers who are passionate about sports, photography, and preserving memories.

Cory F. Royster Photography

Football player diving for a touchdown captured by Cory F. Royster Photography.

Specializing in sports, events, nature, and family photography, Cory F. Royster Photography pushes to capture candid moments at any function. Royster’s skillset requires him to be mindful and tactful when photography life’s candid moments.

While maintaining an affordable price, Royster never fails to take quality images of the all-stars in front of the lens. Cory F. Royster has been contracted by a number of professional sports institutions including ESPN, The DC Bowl Commission, and Cal Sports Media.

Amanda Bowen Photography

Hockey players huddling photographed by Amanda Bowen Photography.

Amanda Bowen Photography is a hybrid wedding and sports photographer. It’s uncommon to hone in on two photography styles on separate parts of the spectrum, but Bowen executes her photography with heaps of detail and quality.

By seamlessly storytelling two of her passions, Bowen is able to encapsulate candid shots of sports teams with precision. Her previous work includes work in all major leagues including the NFL, MLB, and NHL. We rank Amanda Bowen as one of the top sports photographers in the Washington D.C. area for her in-depth knowledge of the field and artistic talent.

Patrick McDermott Photography

Baseball player jumping to the plate shot by Patrick McDermott Photography.

Patrick McDermott is the official photographer for the NHL’s Washington Capitals hockey team and previously worked in the Washington National Baseball Club. With his refined experienced and professionalism, McDermott provides high-quality images of the nation’s favorite sports teams.

His passion for photography is driven by his yearning for storytelling sports in all of their originality. McDermott’s clients include ESPN, IRONMAN, and the National Hockey League. Anyone looking for an experienced sports photographer in DC will should consider working with McDermott.

Simon Bruty Photography

Moh Farah at the London 2012 Olympics photographed by Simon Bruty Photography.

If you are looking for a DC sports photographer who takes stunning images of sports teams while maintaining an editorial-style approach, look no further. Simon Bruty’s photography is edgy and simple yet impactful and conveys the emotion of the moment.

From the icy ski resorts to the red dirt of the baseball field, Simon Bruty places himself right in the middle of the action. Bruty’s been featured in Sports Illustrated, been commissioned by the Olympics, and the NFL’s Super Bowl.

Brian Schneider Photography

Lacrosse team player photographed by Brian Schneider Photography.

Brian Schneider is a professional sports photographer and videographer. His approach to sports photography is creative and lively with final photos appearing like editorial pieces. By transposing the emotion from the athlete to audiences, you are transported straight to the roaring crowd through his photos.

Schneider works closely with his clients to provide stunning stories through his pictures. His clients include Lululemon, Underarmor, Point 3, and USL.

Anthony Washington

Horse racing photographed by Anthony Washington.

Anthony Washington is an event photographer with over 10 years of experience. In addition to his live event photography, Washington also works in sports photography where he shares the energy of any victorious team with a photojournalistic style.

Washington’s previous clients include HBO, Fox Sports, National Geographic, and Pepsi Co. His images utilize natural lighting and candid shots that appear seamless and invigorating.

Jared Soares

High school basketball player photographed by Jared Soares.

Jared Soares approaches his photography with a clean, bright, and natural aesthetic. Images captured through Soares’ lenses are unique and encouraging while portraying the team’s energy and enthusiasm.

Soares works in both editorial and commercial scenes with clients including Adidas, Apple, New York Times, and TIME Magazine. In addition to his multiple publications, his work can also be found across the U.S. at multiple universities and museums as well as internationally at the Tate Library and Archive in London, UK.

Stephen Gosling

NBA players defending and dunking for a point shot by Stephen Gosling.

Stephen Gosling is a professional editorial and commercial photographer. By blending creativity and an intuitive mindset, Gosling provides stunning images that are original and genuinely captured.

When Gosling isn’t booking freelance clients, he works full-time for the NBA photographing the Washington Wizards and Washington Mystics. His photos are extremely detailed and vivid and perfectly capture a moment's energy and emotion.

Doug Stroud Photography

Off-road biker catching air under a fiery sunset photographed by Doug Stroud Photography.

Doug Stroud Photography creates wholesome images of both professional and family sports. With an eye for more than just the winning team, Stroud incorporates the environment and all of the details required to make an impression.

Not only does Doug Stroud highlight the vital plays of the game, but as a well-rounded sports photographer, he also works in sports portrait and action shots. In addition to Stroud’s sports photography, he also specializes in commercial, landscape, and lifestyle photography.

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