Top 5 Sports Photographers in Toronto, ON, Canada

Top 5 Sports Photographers in Toronto, ON, Canada

Sports photography is a unique genre of photography that requires proficient skills, as well as a strong understanding of the game being shot. A sports photographer must have the skillset of a seasoned pro, while also being knowledgeable of the competitive event they are photographing.

Toronto is home to many large sporting events throughout the year, and with these events come some of the best sports photographers in the world. Many sports photographers book up in advance during busy seasons, so it is best to select a sports photographer well before your sporting event begins.

Ready to start your search for sports photographers in Toronto? Check out this list of the city’s top talent below to find the perfect photographer for your sports event.

SPORTDAD Sports Photography

SPORTDAD Sports Photography is owned by Jeff Vogan, a professional sports, action, and portrait photographer based in Toronto. Jeff played varsity tennis for the University of Waterloo warriors, and upon graduating he received a camera as a gift. His passion for sports photography began when he became the dad of an athletic son, hence the name SPORTDAD.

As Jeff’s photography presence grew, his images were published in various magazines and websites, and he began photographing for some of the industry’s most well-renowned photography companies. Jeff’s career as a professional photographer involves being one of the six Camera Bits Ambassadors, a workshop instructor, a frequent speaker, and a known contributor to Getty Images.

F10 Sports Photography

F10 Sports Photography was founded by Michael Fayehun, a Toronto-based sports photographer and videographer. Michael started F10 Sports Photography after realizing how difficult it was to find skilled, affordable, and accessible sports photographers. Being an athlete himself, Michael understands how passionate athletes are about their sports, and how hard they work to cultivate their skills.

He found it difficult to find reliable photographers for his own soccer games, and continuously encountered photographers whose photos were mediocre and not delivered within a timely manner. Michael decided to make sports photography accessible for amateurs and semi-professionals alike by offering beautiful, high quality photos taken in-action during games.

GTA Sports Photography

Hark Nijjar is the founder and lead photographer of GTA Sports Photography. He oversees a team of dedicated professional photographers, as well as customer service representatives and designers that aim to provide a satisfactory experience for clients. GTA is well-equipped and trained to photograph any sporting event and supply stunning photos.

GTA Sports Photography strives to provide coaches and players with excellent team photos that they will be excited about. The team utilizes precision and care in order to capture photos that team members will be proud of. The photos taken by GTA Sports Photography are taken with the intention of being displayed instead of tossed aside in an equipment bag.

Kevin Raposo Photography

Kevin Raposo is a media professional with over a decade of experience in photography and videography. His goal is to share stories and communicate with audiences through engaging content. He specializes in corporate, real estate, and sports photography. Kevin is an Adobe Certified Expert with Photoshop and Premiere Pro so that he can offer professionally edited photos.

Kevin’s notable clients include Skate Canada, Ontario Soccer, and Volleyball Canada. He has a master’s degree in Media Production from Ryerson University, where he researched how emerging camera technologies are shaping the future of photography and videography.

Toronto Sports Photographer

Dan Galbraith, the owner of Toronto Sports Photographer, has been working as a professional sports photographer for over 30 years. Dan recognizes that sports photography is about unique moments that may never be seen again. He's a photographer who values a productive workflow with short deadlines.

He understands that sports photography requires being in the right place at the right time, and using anticipation to capture a critical moment. Dan has photographed the Olympic Games, PanAm Games, and Commonwealth Games, along with other professional sporting events.

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