Top Sports Photographers in Sydney, NSW, Australia

Top Sports Photographers in Sydney, NSW, Australia

Sports photography is a complex discipline to master simply because it necessitates the usage of cutting-edge photography equipment. A photographer needs not only a quick camera with good autofocus and a high frame rate, but also a telephoto lens with a fast aperture. Everyone knows Aussies are big fans of athletic competition - so you will want to work with a photographer that feels just as passionate as you.

Ready to start your search for the best sports photographers in Sydney, NSW, Australia? Check out this list of some of the city’s top talent, all with strong portfolios and established credibility, more than capable of handling your next sports shoot.

In the Zone Photography

Florent is the face of In The Zone Photography. He is a Sydney-based sports and commercial photography expert. Florent's attention to detail and ability to capture stunning photos with minimal effort is what separates him from the rest of the competition.

He's full of ideas and is never shy about trying different things. His ideas result in bespoke marketing materials for his clients and sponsors. Over the years, Florent has worked with many clients and sponsors and has carved a name for himself as one of the best in the areas that he calls his strengths. That includes, among other genres, travel, product, and commercial photography.

Freshie Photography

Chris Harmer is the face of Freshie Photography, a Sydney, NSW-based sports photography studio. Over the years, Chris has earned a reputation as one of the best sports photographers in Sydney and one of the most respected in the business.

Chris also shoots other genres, but sports photography gives him the greatest satisfaction and is a significant money earner for the studio. He's available to shoot anywhere in Australia and will travel as far as he needs.

JJB Photography

Jeff & Jenny Brown are the faces behind JJB Photography. They're a team of highly skilled and experienced photographers expertizing in the sports photography genre. They have been photographing for the past 25 years and have covered hundreds of sporting events.

Additionally, Jeff is a CASA certified drone pilot, which permits him to fly drones for commercial purposes like aerial perspective shots and photos. He also has a RePL license. The studio owns several leading drones with which they can capture aerial footage and pictures of significant sporting events. If you don't require drone services, Jeff and co. can offer high-quality photography using the traditional methods.

Phil Hillyard

Phil Hillyard Photography is a full-service studio working in the sports photography segment. He's one of the leading sports photographers and has worked in this segment for many years. Well-known face in the sports photography circuit, Phil has worked in major sporting events. He enjoys an incredible rapport with the athletes he works with and has the support of the major sporting bodies within Australia.

From a humble beginning where he worked as an assistant, Phil watched and learned, growing in knowledge and skills. When his chance came in the form of a cadetship, he grabbed the opportunity with both hands and never looked back.

James Gourley Photography

James has a colorful background, as a generalist photographer with an accomplished sports portfolio. Before moving to Australia, he started in London as a staff photographer for Rex Shutterstock. He worked for the BAFTA, the National Television, and British Independent Film Awards, to name a few of the organizations he had the privilege of working with.

He's been part of the Downing Street and Royal Family Rota system, which gave access to closed-door political and state events. After moving to Australia, James worked with many clients from various industries. He has worked as a publicity still shooter on the sets of such shows as Celebrity Apprentice Australia, Married At First Sight and I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

Richard McGibbon Photography

Richard is the founder and the lead photographer at Richard McGibbon Photography. He's a Sydney-based editorial and commercial photographer experienced in sports photography. He has shot different types of adventure sports, including mountain biking, snow sports, and trail running.

Richard is also the principle photographer for the the gear review site Tyres and Soles and is co-founder of Outer Image Collective. Through his camera, this pro offers exposure to action and adventure sports such as mountain biking, adventure racing, and trail running. His association with these sports communities gives him the opportunity to work with all kinds of athletes, shooting stunning galleries of athletic action.

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