Best Sports Photographers in Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh is known for its sporting events and sporting cultures. School and college sports are events are huge much like the rest of the country. It is no wonder that moms and dads go above and beyond to capture the best photos from their children’s sporting events. However, with due respect, the best images can only be captured by a professional, someone who has the right equipment and knows what’s he or she is doing.

Ready to start your search for sports photographers in Pittsburgh? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next training session or game.

Game-On Photography

One of Pittsburgh’s most famous and most celebrated sports photography studios, Game On Photography is a full-service sports photography business. They routinely work with big and small sports teams and offer all kinds of sports photography solutions.

With more than 80 years of combined photography experience, Game-On Photography has several photographers and support staff on their payroll to make sure that no matter the sporting event they can handle the imagery from the day without any hassles.

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Pittsburgh Classic Photography

Pittsburgh Classic Photography is a Pittsburgh-based full-service photography studio. They are based in Pittsburgh but are ready to travel anywhere in the USA for sports or other photography assignments.

Regardless of their interest in other genres sports photography is something close to their heart. They consider themselves specialists in this line of work. They offer both team photos as well as individual athlete photos. They can even set up a photo kiosk for capturing individual photos at the annual photo day.

TSS Photography

TSS proudly state that they are the leader when it comes to shooting sports photography. They cover all kinds of sports including sporting events at schools, high schools, and colleges.

TSS Photography has been in the business for more than three decades. They have a bunch of highly talented photographers who have years of experience in this industry.

Their motto: to produce high-quality images every time they click and to make sure that their photos are delivered in the shortest possible time frame.

CWENAR Studios

Sports photography is a demanding genre. With years of experience under their belt, CWENAR Studios has been able to carve a name for itself as one of the finest sports photography studios in the city.

CWENAR Studios was founded by its namesake, Tom Cwenar. He also serves as the lead photographer of the company. The company has a bunch of highly talented sports photographers on its payroll. They are mainly natural light photographers but are also experts in mixing artificial lighting when required.

Wes Lee Photography

he face behind the company is Wes Lee, a professional with over 20 years of experience as a photographer. Wes has been photographing several different photography genres, but sports photography is very close to his heart.

A quick look at his portfolio and you will notice that he is equally adept at shooting with natural as well as artificial lights. He uses subtle post-processing techniques and utilizes the natural hues of a setting to ensure image quality.

Techniques Photography

Sports photography requires a different kind of approach that uses elements of portrait, candid, and a few other genres of photography. This is where Techniques Photography is so special – they are masters of both indoor and outdoor photography.

The Techniques team knows how to work with refined, in-studio scenes with artificial lights as well as outdoor, natural light settings. Their athlete galleries reflect a classic take on the sports photography genre.  

Techniques Photography is available to travel throughout the USA for sports and or other kinds of photography assignments.

Edward Major Photography

Edward Major Photography is a photography studio that specializes in sports photography, sports athlete portrait shots, and sporting event photography. They have been in business for a long time and are well known as a full-service sports photography studio throughout Pittsburgh.

The Edward team covers all kinds of sporting events from school events to professional events. They also conduct sports portrait sessions on requests. They field talented athletics photographers who have years of experience under their belt just for these occasions.

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