Top 10 Sports Photographers in Philadelphia

For many people, their lives revolve around sport, whether it’s playing it or watching it from the stands. Sports photographers play a vital role in bringing all the action into print publications or online media so we can experience the emotion and adrenaline firsthand.

Home to major pro teams such as the Eagles and the Sixers, Philadelphia isn’t short on sporting culture. As a result, it’s attracted several top sporting photographers, 10 of which we’ve featured in this “best of” list.

Chloe Elmer

Chloe Elmer is a freelance photojournalist who works throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area and regularly shoots sporting action. She holds a degree in photojournalism from Penn State and worked as a staff photographer at “The Daily Collegian” before becoming the associate photographer at a local wedding photography studio.

We love the rich colors in her images and all the emotion she captures on the field, with the energy and adrenaline of her subjects conveyed through her lens.

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Flat Tail Photography

James Beaver is the man behind Flat Tail Photography and describes himself as “a photographer and survival expert (also known as a stay-at-home dad)”. He started playing around with cameras after having his first child, with a desire to capture high-quality images of his growing family.

Today, his extensive portfolio includes corporate headshots, wedding photos, and sports images that range from baseball to soccer and track and field. His images have been featured in “The Lansdale Reporter” and on the cover of “Inside Lacrosse”.

Kielinski Photographers

Kielinski Photographers is the husband and wife team of Kyle and Linette - two of Philadelphia’s most talented sports photographers. Married since 2006, they established their business in 2017 drawing on Linette’s background in journalism and Kyle’s knowledge of studio and location editorial shoots.

They operate out of a turn-of-the-century mill loft in the Germantown neighborhood where they describe the natural light for portraiture as “phenomenal”. Aside from documenting professional sporting matches, they also love shooting kids experiencing the joy of playing sport.

Scott Anderson

With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, Scott Anderson knows a thing or two about sports photography. His previous clients include “USA Today”, “The Courier-Post” and “Sports Illustrated”, all of whom have recognized the passion and excitement that radiates from his images.

Scott predominantly works with natural light and employs minimal editing to achieve his impressive results. Aside from shooting basketball, football, and wrestling events, he regularly shoots local theater productions.

Alex Subers

As the Manager of Photography and Digital Assets for the Philadelphia 76ers, Alex Subers is deeply immersed in Philly’s sports photography scene. He’s been nominated for an Emmy for his work on an off-season documentary about Ben Simmons and he’s established working relationships with some of the top athletes in the world.

Alex regularly shoots high-profile sportspeople and their sponsors, with brands such as Verizon, Red Bull, and Smartwater among his previous clients. When he’s not working, Alex is running, skateboarding, and playing golf.

Corey Perrine

After a 16-year career working in newspapers across the United States, Corey Perrine now works as a freelance photographer focused on news, sports, and portraits. In 2016, he was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for his work documenting the Pulse Nightclub shooting and he’s also been recognized by the National Press Photographers Association.

Corey believes that “photojournalism is the delicate balance between art and storytelling, creativity and communication” and he strives to reach beyond the obvious during each and every assignment.

Steve Boyle

Currently based in Philadelphia, Steve Boyle has worked across the country creating compelling imagery for both advertising and editorial clients. He holds a degree in photojournalism from the University of Missouri and previously worked as an assistant and lighting technician for “Sports Illustrated”.

Since establishing his own business, Steve has had his work featured in “ESPN the Magazine”, “Bicycling Magazine”, and “Runner’s World” and strives to capture the physicality, intensity, and competitiveness of the athletes he shoots.

Dave Londres

While based in Philadelphia, Dave Londres loves to travel nationally and internationally to document portraits, everyday life, and (of course) sporting action. He describes himself as a problem solver and a “proud RIT graduate who hates glitter”.

We love the diversity of Dave's portfolio, from elevated images of basketball training to ice-level shots from hockey games and crisp black and white portraits of rugby players. For something a little different, Dave also has a “Zombies” gallery featuring blood-splattered studio portraits.

Silver Orchid Photography

ara Lynn is the lead photographer at Silver Orchid Photography, which offers sports photography in Philadelphia and Southern Pennsylvania. She’s passionate about capturing portraits of young athletes in both team and individual sessions and making them feel like stars at any age.

Tara describes her style as “relaxed and always aiming for true, candid moments” that capture a person’s personality. Silver Orchid Photography also offers a wide range of print and sports memorabilia products for purchase.  

Hunter Martin

When you consider that Hunter Martin has been photographing Philadelphia sporting events since 1987, he’s one of the most experienced professionals on our list. He currently works as a Team Staff Photographer for the Philadelphia Eagles and shoots athletics for the University of Pennsylvania, Neumann University, and Arcadia University.

Hunter has had his work published in “Sports Illustrated”, “ESPN the Magazine”, and “Golf World”, as well as “The New York Times” and “USA Today”. Aside from sports photography, Hunter also captures portraits, corporate events, and real estate images.

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