Top 7 Sports Photographers in Ottawa, ON, Canada

Top 7 Sports Photographers in Ottawa, ON, Canada

Historic sites, great museums, and wonderful nature in and around the city are just the tip of the iceberg of all that Ottawa has to offer. The National Gallery of Canada and the Canadian Museum of History can both be a great place to start when exploring Ottawa, since in both of them you can get to know about the city and its people.

For those wanting to stretch their legs and enjoy some wonderful views, there are plenty of paths that you can take and parks to enjoy. This city also hosts a wealth of festivals throughout the year, one of which is the Winterlude – the largest festival in Canada, where you can go and see wonderful ice sculptures, skate in the largest skating rink in the world, have snowball fights, and experience the wonder of winter.

The capital city of Canada has a long and rich history when sport is concerned. It’s known for its prolific players and professional sport teams in football, soccer, baseball and, of course – the nation's pride: ice hockey. It is no wonder great sports shooters abound here. Ready to start your search for sports photographers in Ottawa? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next training session or game.

Steve Kingsman Photography

Steve Kingsman's skill and equipment as a photography are best suited for sports photography above all else. He and his team can capture the action in creative ways, focusing especially on the emotions of the players and what they are going through.

Steve Kingsman Photography has worked with professional teams and organizations across various sports to bring their stories to life and show off their games and passion through photography. They use the latest equipment and remote cameras so they can bring their clients photos from all angles.

Denis Archer

Skilled and dexterous in his process, Denis Archer does a great job of covering a sporting event from more angles than you’d think possible for one person. Even the mascots can get their time in the spotlight and the atmosphere of a game always gets captured as well.

His portfolio is very diverse and there are a lot of other things he likes to shoot besides sports photography – automotive photography, family photography, headshots and portraits, as well as corporate and special events. Another notch in Denis’ repertoire of skills is that he’s a Transport Canada Certified Drone Pilot licensed for Advanced Operations, offering both drone photography and videography.

Gord Weber

A photographer with years of experience behind him, Gord Weber shows off his talent and expertise in photography in a variety of ways – he shoots weddings, headshots, commercial, sports, fitness photography, and a great deal of other types of photography.

Gord's photos have appeared in a large number of magazines, a few of them being Lean and Fit Magazine, Training and Fitness Magazine and Inside Fitness Magazine. After your consultation, you will get your customized pricing, based on the event and what you need exactly.

Respire Visuals

Respire Visuals consists of a team of two friends who in their business focus on great quality – both when it comes to their photography, but also in their service to their clients. Next to sports photography, they have also done headshots, portraits, corporate, and event photography.

In their sports photography, the duo behind Respire Visuals have covered a great number of sports, from kayaking and rock climbing to skateboarding and marathons. Respire Visuals will certainly be able to help you with your project.


With Matsvisual you get to collaborate with Mathieu Sigouin, a photographer who specializes in sports event photography and portraits. He's developed a unique style, and prides himself in being able to show your event from a new and unique angle.

Mathieu is a dynamic person who is always working and perfecting his craft, which has led him to easily adapt to his environment and the people he works with. If you are set on working with him, there’s nothing to stop you as Mathieu and his camera is travel-ready.

Rod Windover Photographer

Rod Windover is very involved in sports and has been his entire life, not just as a photographer, but as a researcher and volunteer, and in various other roles. He participates in many sport activities, from canoeing and cycling to skiing and yoga.

In Rod’s portfolio you can find photos of hydroplane racing, action shots of kayakers, basketball players, paraskiing, surfing, and a number of other sports as well. A special place in his work includes cars and motorcycles, and motorsports. Besides this, Rod enjoys photographing people, landscapes, wildlife, still life, and documentary work.

Freestyle Photography

When hiring Freestyle Photography, you will be collaborating with a team of very experienced professionals that you can count on to deliver exactly what you need. This company has been in business for almost three decades and sports photography is what they excel at.

André Ringuette – their chief photographer and owner of this business – has formal education in photography. Besides sports, they cover other types of photography, such as portraits, architecture, commercial, and events photography. They are the official photographers of Ottawa Senators, Ottawa Redblacks, Atletico Ottawa, Belleville Senators, and IIHF World Championships.

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