The Twin Cities are full of sports teams at every level, from amateur to pro. Hire a sports photographer in Minneapolis to capture dynamic images of your athletes.

We’ve put together a list of talented photographers with experience shooting team portraits or action shots from the sidelines. These are select photographers you’ll surely want to recruit for your team.

Rich Moll Photography

Sideline photography during NFL game by Rich Moll.

From the sidelines to the studio, Rich Moll is one of Minneapolis’s top sports photographers. His photography experience gives him a leg up over other photographers.

Rich Moll started his professional photography company and services everyone from professional sports to school sports. Working with athletes of all calibers has given him the experience necessary to adjust for different athlete egos and photoshoot constraints.

A photoshoot with Rich Moll is always a collaborative effort. He works directly with clients on their goals for the shoot, so feel free to share your ideas. There is never any standard posing. Moll makes you feel special and not just another client to add to the list.

Moll will deliver a photo gallery full of dynamic shots from an in-game shoot or professional sports portraits.


Swimmer in action captured by ABSPhoto.

With many notable clients in the Twin Cities, Tony Schreck from ABSPhoto knows how to keep himself busy with photography projects. Sports photography is one of his many specialties that you’ll be glad to work with him on.

Schreck has more than 16 years of professional photography experience already under his belt. Over the years, he’s developed a high proficiency in the technical details of a photoshoot—lighting, angles, equipment, etc. He makes sure to stay on top of the latest gear and trends to create high-quality pictures.

Whether working in the studio or on location, Schreck brings his knowledge to set up the perfect session. He works with clients on capturing action shots during a game or team portraits for picture day.

Kemmetmueller Photography

Youth sports team photo shot by Kemmetmueller.

Kemmetmueller Photography is a name synonymous with sports photography in Minneapolis. For over 50 years, it’s services Minneapolis and the greater area working with local teams, school organizations, and other clients.

Matt Kemmetmueller is the lead photographer in the family-owned business started by his father. Over the years, it’s landed contracts with several teams, districts, and leagues, which has resulted in working with thousands of athletes. It’s one of the largest photo studios in Minneapolis.

Kemmetmueller specializes in sports portraits. He can be your photographer for team picture day and work onsite for the shoot or in a studio. Clients can customize the look of their portraits with background options or using the natural setting. He keeps an organized method for managing the photo shoot to get all of the individual pictures and team shots by the end of the day.

Rich Ryan

Creative athlete photo shoot with Rich Ryan.

The editorial shooting style of Rich Ryan gives his sports imagery a stand out look. Based in Minneapolis, he’s one of the top local photographers to work with.

Rich Ryan is always ready for new commissions. He enjoys taking on new projects that allow him to work with his favorite subject: people. Athletes are the perfect photography subject, and Ryan knows how to photograph them in unique ways.

Ryan has a creative approach to his sports photography. He shoots creative sports portraits and campaigns. His signature style is capturing the details of hard work for an athlete’s body. Seeing muscles flexed and facial tensions show the commitment and dedication it takes to be an athlete.

If you have an idea for a sports photography project or just need athlete shots, Ryan is happy to collaborate.

Linhoff Photo

Behind the scenes of an athlete photo shoot with Linhoff Photo.

The full services offered by Linhoff Photo make is a one-stop shop for all of your photography needs. It provides photography services, with sports photography being one of the key niches.

Linhoff Photo sports photography is about preserving memories. You’ll have a successful team picture day with Linhoff Photo to capture each individual athlete and team photo. Most shoots take place on location, but Linhoff comes prepared with backdrops and lighting if necessary.

Linhoff Photo focuses on high school sports clubs. It’s built strong relationships with the local sports clubs to be the go-to photographer every season.

One of the benefits of working with Linhoff Photo is having print services readily available. It has an in-house graphic design team to create custom products and sports memorabilia using your photoshoot pictures. Be sure to browse their gallery to see the creative products they can make.

David Grupa Sports

Team photo designed by David Grupa Sports.

Team photo day is now a streamlined process with David Grupa Sports. He’s one of the top Minneapolis sports photographers that can manage such a hectic day.

David Grupa focuses on athlete portraits for teams and leagues around the Minneapolis region. He’s worked with many of the local school teams and other regional organizations.

Photo day with Grupa is a stress-free process. He works in his portrait studio or on location. He takes time to shoot each athlete for individual portraits and then gets everyone together for the team shots. It’s never a very time-consuming process so that you can get back to practicing!

David Grupa has professional services that many of his past clients recommend. He’s worked with some teams for numerous years for photo day every season.

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