A good sports photographer freezes the action while a great one illustrates the emotions, dedication, and endurance of the athletes involved. It’s much more than just standing on the sidelines and snapping away, but finding the best angles, lighting, and composition to bring the drama to life.

As a sports-loving city, Miami is home to an outstanding choice of photographers who pursue their passion for the game through the lens. In this article, we’ll introduce 10 of the best who are dedicated to everything from marathons to springboard diving and college football.

Tomas Gual Photography

A man working out with a punching bag [Tomas Gual]

First off on our list of the best sports photographers in Miami is Tomas Gual whose impressive portfolio ranges from portraiture to lifestyle and product photography, as well as cityscapes and landscapes. When it comes to sports, he documents several pursuits that aren’t in the mainstream, including pole dancing, springboard diving, and skateboarding. His choice of unique angles is what really sets him apart from other sports photographers, together with his dramatic use of color.

Carl Kafka Photography

A volleyball player falls on the court mid-game [Carl Kafka Photography]

One of the most talented sports photographers in Miami is Carl Kafka who works with local universities and high schools to document their athletics teams. It’s fitting, considering the photographer’s love of the art form began when he was in high school and was reignited when his own kids began playing sports. He’s attended workshops led by the renowned “Sports Illustrated” photographer Peter Read Miller who inspired him to hone his skills and his portfolio now includes a diversity of sports that range from lacrosse to water polo and baseball.

Brian Smith

A basketball portrait by Brian Smith [Brian Smith]

At the age of 25, Brian Smith won a Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984, which set the benchmark for the career that followed. He’s worked as a photographer for “Sports Illustrated”, “ESPN the Magazine”, “Time”, and “Forbes” and he won first place in the World Press Photo competition for his image of Greg Louganis hitting his head on the diving board at the Seoul Olympics. Aside from sports photography, Brian regularly shoots celebrity portraits and has been recognized for his photographic series “Haiti in Turmoil”.

Michelle Vantine Photography

A man uses his strength to pull himself up a fitness bar [Michelle Vantine Photography]

Working as a full-time photographer since 2008, Michelle Vantine specializes in brand photography for names such as Body Glove, Spartan, and Whole Foods, as well as documenting portraits of amazing people. She’s garnered a reputation for her sports photography illustrating the reasons athletes do what they do and has made a name for herself in an industry that is heavily male-dominated. There’s something about her images that convey what the subjects are feeling while working out, with the photographer drawing on both her artistry and technical excellence.

AH 360 Photography

A fisherman lures a catch [AH 360 Photography]

Steve Momot is the founder and lead photographer at AH 360, which was established in Fort Lauderdale in 2017. While the business began with a focus on 360-degree videos and virtual tools, he’s transitioned into automotive photography, sports, and real estate. He says that his passion for photography was ignited by his father, who was also a professional photographer. In addition to his engaging images of sports fishing, Steve is also regularly booked to shoot high school, college, and professional sports.

BCI Photo

An ice hockey goalie moves to defend [BCI Photo]

Based in Port St. Lucie, BCI Photo is the business of Brad Barr, whose work has been published in “Sports Illustrated”, the “Wall Street Journal” and “USA Today”. Aside from shooting action sports, he also does team and individual portraits of athletes, including professional headshots. He works throughout Southern Florida with a dedicated team of staff photographers who can shoot an entire team in around five minutes. When he’s not working as a sports photographer, Brad is building his wedding photography business and documenting couples along Florida’s magnificent Treasure Coast.

JC Ruiz Photography

A football player catches the ball mid-game [JC Ruiz Photography]

Based in South Florida, JC Ruiz is a sport, wedding, travel, and portrait photographer who has also done commercial work for Golfsmith and Carnival Cruise Line. You can regularly find him on the sidelines of NFL and MLB games capturing all of the action, with a knack for freezing big hitters and ace pitchers doing what they do best. Not only does JC capture all of the sporting moments but those genuine interactions of laughter and awe shared between team members.

Gabriel Garcia

An action shot of a boxing match [Gabriel Garcia]

Gabriel Garcia’s images are unlike any other sports photographer, with a highly creative, sometimes otherworldly feel to them. He has a knack for capturing the intensity and athleticism of his subjects, usually on location and with backdrops that contribute to the narrative. He collaborates with not only individuals but also brands in his sports photography, with many of his images focused on the boxing and martial arts worlds. Gabriel also dabbles in street and fashion photography.

JP Pedicino

A car competes on a wet racing track [JP Pedicino]

Based in Palm Beach, JP Pedicino is a dedicated action sports photographer who documents BMX racing, marathons, and cycling. He draws on more than 10 years of experience working throughout Florida, the United States, and beyond to photograph endurance races. He’s the go-to photographer for marathon photography in the Miami area and has worked with everyone from Spartan to Split Second Timing and the Palm Beach Running Company. He strives to capture images that reflect and honor the hard work, determination, and perseverance of the athletes he works with.

Rick Stephens Photography

Three men cross the finish line in a sprint race [Rick Stephens Photography]

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, and raised in Miami, Rick Stephens has established a reputation as one of the top sports photographers in the city. He grew up racing BMX bikes and playing high school football, which he continued in college and at a semi-professional level. Since becoming a Captain in the Miami Dade Fire Department, Rick developed a love of photography and now captures up-close portraits of bodybuilders and CrossFit athletes pushing themselves to the limit.

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