Top Sports Photographers in Brooklyn, NY

Top Sports Photographers in Brooklyn, NY

Sports photography is a genre that revolves around capturing breathtaking photos of sporting moments, athletes, and allied subjects. Pre-match, post-match, one-on-one portraits, training and games – the best in the sporting business can do it all.

Good equipment and an in-depth understanding of the game they are shooting is also necessary. New York City is home to some of the most important sports franchises - and the culture surrounding them - in the entire world. So it should not surprise you to find some of the best sports photographers too. They all have an intuition for action, and showcase it with every client.

If you're looking for the best in Brooklyn, we have curated this list. Ready to start your search for sports photographers in Brooklyn? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your game.

Karin Bruno Photography

Karin was born in Germany and moved to New York in 1999. She has a background in photography from her journalism days when she used to work in Cologne, Germany. That experience influences her style of photography which is photojournalistic - perfect for sports shoots. She's a passionate photographer and always looks to capture the essence of life around her.

Karin previously worked as an Executive Assistant and a Project Manager for the Metropolitan Museum of Art PR department. She also has experience working for the ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi. Karin's clients love her passion and the skill set she brings to every assignment, sporting or otherwise. She is highly respected as one of NY's best photographers.

Brennan Sports Photography

Sarah is the founder and the lead photographer at Brenna Sports Photography. She has more than four years of experience as a photographer and videographer. She has a lot of experience doing special edits, sharing final images and products with individuals and groups, and using social media platforms as a part of her job of sharing photos with various groups.

Brennan Sports Photography is a family-owned and operated service that captures individual and team photos during training, practices, pre-game warm-ups, and post-game, tournaments and competitions. The main areas of experience are in the youth soccer and basketball teams. Brennan and co. can also take photos of your local soccer club during match days, training, and after and before the games.

Dan M Lee Photography

Dan Lee is a NY-based photographer specializing in travel, adventure, and wildlife photography. He also shoots sports photography as a side hustle whenever he gets the opportunity. He's been creating a lot of photojournalism projects for different media platforms. He has been published many times, and his photos have made the pages of the Professional Photographer magazine.

For as long as Dan can remember, he's been shooting all kinds of images since 1995. He worked in London in 1999 as an assistant to various pros there, and then moved to NYC in 2014. Dan started shooting commercial assignments for clients in the travel, photojournalism, interiors genres, and sporting. He even got into teaching as he created studio courses for those eager to learn to light and how to work with models.

JJ's Photography

JJ's Photography is a reasonably new photography venture. They have been shooting for a few years and mainly shoot sports, street photography, headshots, and food photography. Sports photography is something that they do as a side hustle.

JJ's photography style is simple. They prefer to keep things as close to the original as possible and capture the shot as they envision in the camera. They avoid using too much post-processing to make the photo look different from the actual scene. Clients love the clean and naturalistic look that they offer and the fast and prompt turnaround time for the images.

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