Spanish Palace Wedding

This wedding inspiration shoot takes place in Spain. When you look at the images, we think one of the first ones you’ll be drawn to will be the wedding reception table centrepiece. The was the impactful image for us! The simplicity – and sheer beauty – of the white and red floral arrangement is outstanding.

We also love the use of the white bicycle in the photo shoot. When we talk about wedding photo props, images like these show just how props can be maximized for beauty.

What to Look for in a Venue for a Spanish Palace Wedding

Well, with this particular wedding theme, the clue really is in the title. Now, due to this being a destination wedding, we’re probably looking at a smaller guest list so despite this being a Spanish Palace wedding, it’s more than likely you’re not going to fill a ballroom with travelling guests – that would be massively expensive.

There are tons of extravagant palaces and stately homes all across Spain in varying conditions and with different details and surroundings that make them unique. Primarily you’re looking for gorgeous architecture, lots of natural light, fairly plain decor with lots of whites and creams for you to build upon.

Colour Palettes for a Spanish Palace Wedding

A key thing to consider when you’re looking at a colour palette for your Spanish Palace wedding is light. One thing that really categorises the effortless, sunshine dappled opulence of a Spanish Palace wedding is that it’s a lot of clean, bright lines that put the couple at the heart of the day - as well you should be of course!

You can accent these more minimalist colours and shades by choosing one or two brighter flowers that can pop against the beautiful, light stonework and traditional ivory detail that we’ve come to expect from these more traditional, formal European destination weddings.

Budget for a Spanish Palace Wedding

As with a lot of different wedding styles, there are definitely ways to save your money and there are ways to splash the cash and go all out when it comes to your budget. Especially when you’re looking at destination weddings, budgets can get a little bit tricky to look after.

Of course, as you’re not on site you’re probably not dealing with individual vendors to get better deals. You’re more likely to get a package, which is less stressful but more expensive.

This being said, destination weddings tend to mean a smaller guest list and with many wedding costs being contingent on head count, this is definitely a way to save some of your Spanish Palace wedding budget.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Spanish Palace Wedding

When we’re looking at wedding dresses and outfits for your Spanish Palace inspired wedding, you’re going to want to lead with something traditional and classically romantic. Essentially, this means that your dress isn’t going to be super embellished with lots of details, instead, having a clean, beautiful silhouette that enhances the bride’s natural beauty.

Similarly, go minimal on the accessories in favour of a gorgeous statement veil that brings softness and a feminine energy to your whole Spanish Palace wedding look. Just stick with the traditional, classic vibe and you won’t go too far wrong with this Spanish Palace wedding theme.

Bridesmaid Dresses for a Spanish Palace Wedding

Although it’s a destination wedding, you’re still going to want to have your closest friends there if you can. If you do, you’re going to want to go classic romantic with your bridesmaid dresses. You can use the hero colour that you’ve pulled out for your floral arrangements as a base colour for your bridesmaid looks to bring some cohesion to your Spanish Palace wedding scheme.

Also with it being in Spain, where heat and sunshine are prevalent, you might want to go with a tea length, floaty and light silhouette to ensure your bridesmaids are nice and comfortable but still looking as elegant and as timeless as this Spanish Palace wedding scheme demands.

Menswear for a Spanish Palace Wedding

As this is a fairly formal wedding theme, the menswear look needs to align accordingly. However, with there being some warmer elements and a lighter overall colour palette, you don’t want to go straight in with the black and white tuxedo kind of look.

Instead, opt for more of a charcoal gray three piece suit that keeps the formality levels high but has a softer edge that matches the romanticism and historical aspect of your chosen wedding location. You can always bring in pops of colour that match the bridesmaid and the floral arrangements by using boutonnieres or pocket squares, or opting for some colourful socks.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Spanish Palace Wedding

Much like the rest of this Spanish Palace wedding theme, your bouquets and floral arrangements should follow a traditional, classic and formal approach. Think about having a variety of large faced flowers nestled in a small amount of green foliage. The heroes here should be the flowers themselves not the greenery.

You can create shape and structure by having cascading greenery to give a fuller effect to your bouquet that makes more of a statement as you’re gliding down the aisle. This being said, consider the type of flora and fauna on the grounds of your chosen Spanish Palace and align your floral arrangements accordingly.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Spanish Palace Wedding

Who doesn’t love cake? And when it’s a three tiered wedding cake shared between a small guest list it’s even better! You can match your surroundings with a traditional tiered, white iced cake that can be adorned with the coloured flowers that you’ve used throughout your Spanish Palace wedding scheme.

Alternatively, you can take some of the architectural detailing of your wedding venue and have them iced or printed onto your wedding cake to give a nice modern, cohesive spin on a classical wedding cake look. Either way, as long as your cake looks elegant and classy and tastes delicious then you’re onto a winner!

Reception Decor for a Spanish Palace Wedding

In terms of reception decor, you’re going to be taking your lead from the architecture and the area around you. With such a minimalist design like in the interior of the majority of ​​Spanish Palaces, you’re looking to enhance that rather than add tons and tons of details that take away from the atmosphere and elegance of such a historic building.

You can also use the grounds of your chosen Spanish Palace for your reception venue and decorate it using string lights, gazebos and more to create more of a laid back party vibe that you and your guests can enjoy after the formality of the wedding ceremony itself has finished.

Wedding Reception Music and Entertainment for a Spanish Palace Wedding

Honestly, when it comes to wedding reception music and entertainment, it’s entirely down to the personal preferences of the happy couple. If you don’t like DJs, don’t get a DJ. If you don’t want an acoustic cover band – don’t do it. It’s your day, you should have what you want – it’s as simple as that.

That being said, you want to ensure that whatever entertainment or music you choose for your reception matches the overall atmosphere that you’re trying to create. So if you’re having a super intimate, formal wedding and that’s the vibe you’ve created, having an Ibiza style rave for your music will probably be a bit jarring for your guests.

Spanish palace wedding

From photographer Arturo Diluart – “The choice of this beautiful palace as a venue​ was due to its special charm, situated in the north of Spain. ​ The beauty of nature surrounds (it even has its own orchard!) it and there is elegance around every corner. Without a doubt, El Palacio De la Vega​ is the best place for those who value the details and seek to have an intimate destination wedding in Spain with family and friends!”

Chic neutral place setting | Arturo Diluart Photography
Destination wedding in Spain | Arturo Diluart Photography
Elegant burgundy wedding invitations | Arturo Diluart Photography
Spanish destination wedding | Arturo Diluart Photography
Castle wedding in Spain | Arturo Diluart Photography
Elegant tablescape | Arturo Diluart Photography
Chic european wedding details | Arturo Diluart Photography
Elegant natural tablescape | Arturo Diluart Photography
Groom's attire | Arturo Diluart Photography
Spanish castle wedding | Arturo Diluart Photography

“Inspired by this elegance, the concept for this session was to make something really fine, something that could reflect the nature of the charm​ and the season. The bride wore a wonderful dress from Isabel Zapardiez​ and a veil from Adriana​ Tocados. Both the bride’s bouquet and the other decorations were made by Mila Diluart from Diluart Events​.”

Destination wedding in Spain | Arturo Diluart Photography
Merlot wedding invitations | Arturo Diluart Photography
Romantic veil | Arturo Diluart Photography
Organic wedding sign | Arturo Diluart Photography
White and burgundy centerpiece | Arturo Diluart Photography
Spanish destination wedding | Arturo Diluart Photography

“On the day of our inspiration shoot, everything came together: the timing could not have been better! The models, Rebeca​ and Eusebio showed the passion of the place and the staff of the estate were extremely helpful. We couldn’t have asked for better results!”

Getaway bike | Arturo Diluart Photography
Intricate lace pattern plates | Arturo Diluart Photography
Castle in Spain | Arturo Diluart Photography
Bike getaway | Arturo Diluart Photography
Burgundy and white floral centerpiece | Arturo Diluart Photography
bikes at weddings | Arturo Diluart Photography

Credits: Photography: Arturo Diluart // Styling & Floral Design: Mila Diluart Events // Rentals: Canigueral Mesas Con Esencia // Hair & Makeup: Cris Marron Chocolate // Headdress: Adriana Tocados // Wedding Dress: Isabel Zapardiez // Models: Rebeca and Eusebio // Venue: El Palacio De la Vega in Dicastillo, Spain.