Spanish Moon Wedding

La luna – this is the inspiration behind this photo shoot and despite being subtle provides big impact. Soft colors, lovely textures and unique details are all you need to pull this fabulous theme off, whether at home or in Spain!

What to Look for in a Venue for a Spanish Moon Wedding

When it comes to finding a wedding venue for a Spanish wedding, the options are endless. If you consider the geography of Spain, there are great options like coastal Malaga, Andalucia, inland Mijas, gorgeous haciendas, sparkling beaches, Spanish vineyards, breathtaking mountains, and more. Apart from the geography, Spain offers the world limitless art, music, and food.

When you consider a wedding venue, you have options like art galleries, vineyards, beaches, landscaped gardens, a rustic hacienda, a resort that offers inside options for the reception, and outdoor locations with mountainous views for the ceremony. You could also opt for poolside areas where you can host Spanish entertainment and music for your guests.

Color Palettes for a Spanish Moon Wedding

There are several wedding color palettes to choose from, especially for Spanish weddings. Many couples prefer modern but bright and fashionable color schemes like marigold yellow-orange and striking blue. They prefer harmonic fusion styles that complement the overall Spanish feel with yellow mimosa, marigold, and white roses.

However, if you want something out-of-the-box like a monochromatic look with varying shades of an earthy color like brown, you could become a trendsetter. Couples who wish for a monochrome brown on white scheme can play around with different shades in darker and lighter shades ranging from deep browns, tans, sandy tones, beige, and cream. This Spanish moon inspirational photo shoot does just that and it’s wonderful, giving one a sense of the calm night sky.

Details for a Spanish Moon Wedding

Typically, Spanish weddings are pretty traditional and have natural décor and an abundance of floral arrangements. The Spanish people always planned weddings around sculptural décor, abstract imagery, endless food, drink, dance, and non-stop music till the early hours of the following day. This is another reason to create the Spanish moon wedding theme.

Spanish families are pretty large yet closely knit, and their weddings are usually exuberant, without the formal feel of many nuptials. The general vibe is laid back yet elegant and filled with love and laughter. With overflowing wine, lots of jokes, children running around, and elders imparting wisdom, Spanish weddings are a fantastic way to bring the families together as you start your lives.

Food for a Spanish Moon Wedding

When you have Spanish moon themed nuptials, plan on the delicacies of Spain as part of the wedding food. You should think of uniquely Spanish things, like the sunshine, flavors, seafood, and more, when planning the menu. Incorporating Spanish tastes into the menu could start with the globally known Paella. While it is not always served at weddings and is considered casual food, Paella made from saffron, onions, peas, meat, and seafood will be a welcome change from the formal meals usually served.

You can think of serving guests Jamon Serrano (Spanish cured hams) as tapas with tomato bread, crispy fried calamari with an olive dipping sauce, large mussels in garlic, Pulpo a la Gallega (octopus with potato), and a select choice of cheeses, wines, and olives.

Table Setting Style for a Spanish Moon Wedding

When planning the table setting style, incorporate your wedding colors. If you plan a brown monochromatic color palette, there are some excellent variations you can add to the table setting. Consider adding wooden tables with richly colored brown and sandy tones (grain visible), with white or beige bone china as flatware.

You can add gold cutlery with champagne-colored serviettes, beige-gold ribbons to hold the place cards, and gorgeous glasses in a delicate pattern. To add grace and beauty to the table, you could also consider brown wooden chairs with cream-colored satin sashes and blooms on the back. The table centerpiece should be wholly floral with white, cream, pale yellow blossoms in earthen mini planters.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Spanish Moon Wedding

Brides can opt for a slightly vintage design for the wedding dress. Consider a white full-length wedding gown with pleats in an asymmetric pattern. With a sweetheart neckline, a cinched waist, and straps, brides can look ethereal and magical throughout the day.

Accessories can be a pearl, rhinestone, gemstone headband, diamonds at the throat and ears, a diamond bracelet, and an elaborate hairdo reminiscent of old-fashioned beach waves framing the face. Brides can opt for satiny ballet flats covered in small and medium-sized jewels for shoes to look extra glamorous. Makeup should be minimal, but daring brides can bring some heat and passion with a bold red lip.

Wedding Invitations for a Spanish Moon Wedding

Monochromatic wedding invitations are the current craze. When most people are used to seeing so much color, several motifs, and even never-ending words on invites, you should consider a sleek, classy monochromatic invite. Dark brown stationery with creams, champagne colors, and white will ooze grace and beauty.

When you're planning the designs for the invitations, there are several shapes that you can consider. You could take your pick from circular, square, or rectangular shapes or opt for a hexagonal or triangular invite to stand out from all others. The calligraphy on the invites can be in white or light cream detailing the event itinerary, stay, and accommodation details. Implement “la luna” as well.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Spanish Moon Wedding

Just like the menu, the wedding cake should also be inspired by the desserts of Spain. You can consider the classic Spanish Almond Cake (Tarta de Santiago), a traditional cake well-known in many parts of Spain. The Tarta de Santiago is a literal translation meaning the cake of St. James, which was initially a pie that originated in the Middle Ages in Galicia. The cake's design is vintage, with dusted icing sugar on a stencil in the cross of St. James on the top.

This wedding cake is naturally gluten-free, with only one-tier. However, a skilled baker could make you a multi-tiered one upon request. It slightly brightens from lemon and is also an excellent tea-time cake.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Spanish Moon Wedding

Outdoor Spanish weddings can be held at various beautiful locations. You can opt for the wedding ceremony in an old-fashioned church with stone walls or a Spanish Mission decorated with traditional maracas, and Spanish tiles. Outdoor wedding ceremonies are usually shaded, so it would be best to opt for a ceremony under a canopy of trees, with comfortable seating and small pedestal fans (if during spring or summer).

The trick is to use the natural elements available at the venue to plan this outdoor event. For example, if you plan a ceremony in an olive grove or a winery, it is ideal to consider exchanging the vows with a natural backdrop. Avoid over decorating with florals and artificial setups, as traditional Spanish weddings always occur in natural settings.

Favors and Gifts for a Spanish Moon Wedding

Wedding favors are excellent for thanking guests for attending your special day. You should ensure that the gifts are Spanish yet personal when planning the favors. For example, if you enjoy Spanish food, a bottle of olive oil and locally sourced tomatoes will be appreciated. When the wedding theme is highly specialized, the wedding gifts and favors should also be well thought out.

You could also consider gifting Spanish wines in white and red, sugared almonds, flamenco dolls, traditional Spanish fans, parasols and cigars, and the famous tiles. If you're an adventurous couple, you could also consider gifting mini sangria jugs for your guests to continue the party once they reach home.

Spanish Moon

Monochromatic weddings are the ultimate in sophistication, and this sandy tan Spanish wedding inspiration board illustrates just that!

Sandy tan with touch of navy Spanish wedding inspiration

The moon print in this inspiration board was what really sparked it for me. I saw it floating around on Pinterest and fell in love. It has a glamorous, stylish, slightly vintage vibe that’s perfect to use as an inspiration starting point for your wedding.

Monochromatic weddings are my absolute favorites and they’re all about using different tints and tones of the same color. In this case the base color is a brown, but you can see lots of textured hues that range like the  chairs and the exposed wood behind the shoes, the pleats on the dress, the calligraphy linen, and that delicious looking cake from Belle & Chic!

Details to adore:

Spanish cake / torte de Santiago
Vera Wang Dress / Elizabeth Messina

Credits: photo credits: chairs with navy ribbons from Grey Likes Weddings, photographed by Zlata Modeen Photography // earrings & calligraphy photographed by Rylee Hitchner, calligraphy by Neither Snow // Steve Madden jeweled flats from SB Chic, photographed by White Haute Photography // moon print from The Curators Prints on Etsy // Vera Wang Fall 2011 Dress from SB Chic, photographed by Elizabeth Messina // torta de Santiago from Belle & Chic, photographed by Kiss and Chips.