Spanish Lace Wedding

A wedding dress of Spanish lace spells elegance and softness. Peaches, nudes, and shades of white are the ideal colours to make this theme authentic. Think of a Spanish cathedral on the coast and envision your nuptials taking place there.

Take that vision and transform your wedding ceremony and reception into a Spanish Lace delight. We’ve got steps and ideas to help you bring your vision to life.

Details for a Spanish Lace Wedding

A Spanish Lace wedding is one heavily influenced by Old World fashion and tradition. A Spanish Lace wedding features lightweight fabrics including Spanish lace and linen, and gold and silver are often accents throughout the decor.

A Spanish Lace inspired wedding gives the feel of nuptials taking place in Southern Italy or in coastal Spain. Grooms can wear light-coloured or pastel suits, and reception decor involves thick, lush bunches of green and red grapes. Brides may look to Spain to influence the floral choices of the Spanish Lace wedding; if so, the Orange Blossom is the perfect, fragrant choice.

What to Look for in a Venue for a Spanish Lace Wedding

Because the Spanish Lace wedding is intended to pay homage to Old World traditions, historic venues are quite popular for this wedding theme. Cathedrals with Spanish architecture, high ceilings, and stained glass windows make the perfect venue for a Spanish Lace wedding. At the same time, a historic home built in certain styles of architecture is also appropriate. Think Greek Revival, Italianate, or even a Georgian style home would be a great locale for a Spanish Lace ceremony.

Brides can opt for an outdoor Spanish Lace themed wedding. In fact, many of the backyards of a historic home would be fitting for this wedding theme. An outdoor venue where citrus trees are present would also be beautiful.  

Colour Palette for a Spanish Lace Wedding

Because citrus fruits – oranges and lemons in particular – are associated with Old World fruits, colours that resemble these fruits are appropriate for a Spanish Lace wedding. Think about shades of peach, yellow and light orange. Green is also appropriate, not only for the floral arrangements but shades of green in the colour palette of the decor and even the wedding cake.

Silver and gold are often used as accent hues in a Spanish Lace wedding colour palette. Gold is particularly popular, but brides choosing citrus colours may opt for the pop that silver accents will provide. Because grapes can be associated with a Spanish Lace wedding theme, you may want to add the burgundy of red grapes to your Spanish Lace colour palette.

Food for a Spanish Lace Wedding

Traditional foods are the favourite choice for a Spanish Lace wedding. Consider the fare one may find in an Italian restaurant – foods based around pasta, meat sauce, cheeses, and olive oil. Cured meats are also considered part of traditional Italian foods. In fact, one neat idea involves setting up a station with meats and cheeses, then encouraging guests to create their own charcuterie boards.

You may also want to incorporate main dishes such as Chicken Marsala or Veal Marsala into the menu, particularly if you are hosting an evening reception. These main dishes can be served with fresh vegetables for a delicious, filling meal.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Spanish Lace Wedding

Because the Spanish Lace wedding is inspired by Old World traditions, a vintage gown with lots of lace is perfect for your big day. The bridal gown can be ivory or antique white and adorned with lace and pearls. Brides can also opt for long trains with this style of dress.

The veil is one piece of wedding attire that can really invoke the idea of a Spanish Lace wedding. The veil should be fashioned from heirloom quality material that covers your head and shoulders on its front but also trails the length of the gown. Shoes can be adorned with lace. Beautiful!

Groom Style for a Spanish Lace Wedding

Grooms are able to mix the perfect combination of Old World style with modern fashion for a Spanish Lace wedding groom style.

Because this is a highly formal wedding, grooms should first opt for a tuxedo. The tuxedo should be black or navy blue; however, some grooms opt for a suit. If this is the case, the groom has a little more wiggle room for choosing colours. Blue, navy blue, charcoal gray and midnight blue are all appropriate colours for a three-piece suit worn at a Spanish Lace wedding. Some grooms do opt for light-coloured suits in a teal colour as well.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Spanish Lace Wedding

Of course, traditional wedding cakes have always been white, but some Old World cakes may be decorated in styles inspired by vintage dining ware or ceramics. One such cake is a white wedding cake inspired by chinoiserie. Royal icing makes the cake appear as if it is fine pottery, so beautiful, that one won’t want to cut into it!

Some brides are also opting for tiered cakes decorated with blush coloured icing and gold leaf decor. Add fresh white blooms for an Old World style and elegant feel.

You can also opt for a traditional cake in white but with textured layers. Blush sugar blooms could be added for edible decor.

Ceremony Decor for a Spanish Lace Wedding

When planning for an indoor Spanish lace wedding you can create a  unique backdrop using flowers and wrought iron rather than a wedding arch.

A wrought iron piece that looks much like a gate will work perfectly. Flowers and greenery will be woven throughout the bars, and one should be sure to fill in every gap with floral arrangements. This can be the backdrop for the couple rather than an arch. If the wedding is taking place at dusk, wrap holiday twinkling lights for a romantic effect. Tapestries can be considered for the Spanish Lace wedding ceremony decor.

Reception Decor for a Spanish Lace Wedding

When it comes to the reception, especially if you’ll be offering a meal, think family sitting at the dining table for a savory meal.

Tradition holds that the bride and groom at a Spanish wedding sit at the head table with their parents on either side, symbolising the joining of the two families. You may want to use long, rectangular tables draped with bunches of red and green grapes as a garland centrepiece of sorts. Be sure to utilise old world inspired fine china and flatware.

Carry over some of the floral decorations from the ceremony. You may want to place some flowers in glass vases and disperse them among the grape garland.

Bridesmaid Dresses for a Spanish Lace Wedding

The bridesmaids' dresses should feature the same lacy, vintage, Old World style as the bride’s dress. Long dresses, whether tea length or longer, are most appropriate for bridesmaid dresses for a Spanish Lace Wedding.

Colours of the bridesmaid dresses should reflect the bride’s colour palette. Burgundy, hunter green, or even cream dresses adorned with lace would be appropriate and gorgeous, but won’t detract from the bride on her special day. These dresses would especially look beautiful in an A-line cut with cap sleeves and a flowing lace skirt. Add a gold or silver sash for extra elegance.

Spanish lace

Spanish lace white and nude wedding inspiration

I was really honored when Nikkol of Peter Loves Jane asked me to contribute to her lovely e-magazine Be Loved this month! I’ve been obsessing over Spanish influences lately and so when she asked me to compile a short editorial titled My Wedding: Re-Designed I jumped at the opportunity to share my favorite wedding vibe. This nude and white wedding inspiration board was inspired by what I put together for her e-mag. Think: Spanish lace, big blue skies, coastline, airy, breezy, and effortlessly chic.

The tagline for this issue of Be Loved is ‘there is beauty in simplicity’ and I couldn’t agree more. Check out all of the beautiful inspiration (and the contribution from yours truly) here!

Be Loved Magazine by Peter Loves Jane / contribution from Burnett's Boards

Credits: photo credits: Alina Pizzano fall 2012 lace wedding dress via Junebug Weddings // blush peony bouquet photographed by Jose Villa // invitation suite from Hazel Wonderland // ring via Style Me Pretty, photographed by Jose Villa // church via Kiss the Groom, photographed by Elizabeth Messina // tassels from Your Cloud Parade.