Southern Peach Wedding

Soft skinned peaches signify summer in the South and so do spectacular weddings! Combine the two and you’ve got a wonderful occasion.

And you can grow peaches in the UK if you present the right conditions, so why not consider a Southern Peach theme for your wedding in Cardiff? The Rochester Peach does well in this area of the UK; use them in your venue to get an authentic Southern vibe!

What to Look for in a Venue for a Southern Peach Wedding

The South is known for its hospitality, warmth, and grace. The wedding venue should reflect these qualities. Couples selecting a Southern Peach Wedding theme for their nuptials have already blessed their upcoming union with grace and harmony.

With so many venues to choose from, couples are spoiled for choice. The wedding venue can range from stately plantation homes with sprawling fields, vineyards, and a small chapel to gorgeous, endless gardens, ranches, farms, sprawling fields, and more. When selecting the venue, you must check if additional rooms are available for guests. Some of the wedding guests could be traveling from far and may need accommodations.

Colour Palettes for a Southern Peach Wedding

Wedding colour palettes affect everything from the look and feel of the wedding to furniture rentals, accents, and more. When finalising the colour palettes, both partners should consider which colours they like or enjoy. Some favourites mixed together would be the ideal choice. However, if you both want to choose an entirely different palette, there should be a consensus about the hues and tones.

Chocolate, sage, oatmeal, sea green, and blush pink are classic combinations for Southern Peach weddings. They look gorgeous when paired up and also tie the entire theme together. For a brighter pop, you could also opt for sage, ballet, ash, currant, and raspberry pink.

Food for a Southern Peach Wedding

Wedding food should be all about the South, even for a venue somewhere like Cardiff, in South-East Wales. Most men and women in the South are incredibly proud of the locally grown produce and believe in providing value for money. Local caterers can quickly help with popular dishes like cornbread, beef tenderloin, mac and cheese, tex mex style barbecued meats, and more. The appetizers and drinks should also reflect the flavor profiles, aromas, and textures popular in Southern cuisines.

When discussing the menu, it is essential to remember that there could be people with special considerations, so having vegetarian and vegan options will also be a huge help for everyone present.

Table Setting Style for a Southern Peach Wedding

Flowers are a huge part of Southern Peach Weddings. Oversized bouquets and floral arrangements are what make the theme extremely unique. Traditional Southern wedding florals usually include hydrangeas, gardenias, magnolias, and roses (lots of roses!). Having these Southern customs in your table setting is helpful to ensure that the table setup and decor fit within the theme.

Decorating each table with a potted centrepiece of any of the above flowers or a wedding bouquet will make the table look incredibly fancy. You can include porcelain dishes etched with gold, gold cutlery, beautiful glass crockery, and unique napkins in the wedding colours.

Wedding Invitations for a Southern Peach Wedding

The Southern script is calligraphy. Classic wedding invitations include a lighter background with bold, cursive writing in a dark shade. However, you do not have to stick to this theme only. There are several options available now for couples to choose from. If the script is too cursive and illegible, it is best to switch to another font that will help convey all the information.

The wedding invitation should be clean, simplistic, elegant, yet have all the information necessary for guests. You can also include the design changes for 'save the date' cards. When making the wedding invitations and RSVPs, it is best to stick to the same theme.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Southern Peach Wedding

The wedding cake for a Southern Peach Wedding can be unique and elegant. Southern bakers are artistically inclined and are usually quite excited about bespoke cakes for weddings. Some also offer hand painted cakes, gold leaf detailing, and extra embossing options.

Let your caterer or baker know in advance if you're looking for a classic wedding cake with multiple tiers. However, if you want something with the wedding hues and need assistance, you should convey this. Popular Southern flavor pairings include lemon-orange chiffon, red velvet cakes with cream cheese frosting, tropical fruit cakes with spicy blended icing, browned butter frosting on Victorian sponges, and more.

Favours and Gifts for a Southern Peach Wedding

It is no secret that Southerners love their food! Keeping with the Southern Peach Wedding theme, some excellent wedding favours could be a bottle of cola and a packet of salted peanuts. This is a hot favourite TV snack amongst Southern households and is welcomed by everyone.

Some other excellent wedding favours and gift ideas are pots of peach jam with thank you notes, caramel or chocolate sauce bottles, mini bottles of rose wine (with the names of the couple on the label), hot sauce with chips, mini bottles of Jack Daniels, and more. It is best to give guests something to remind them about the wedding and its theme even after the reception and ceremony are over.

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for a Southern Peach Wedding

Most Southern weddings have signs. These could be about the menu, place seating charts, phrases, and sayings close to the bride and groom. Some also have bible verses on them. If you have any such signage ideas, then it is ideal to have them in the photo shoot since these small things make Southern weddings so unique.

Another wholly Southern tradition is the groom's cake. If the groom has a special cake (football stadium cake, Netflix series cake, and so on), you must take some pictures with the cake. Apart from the fun photos, couples' shots in and around the venue should also be considered, especially in stately rooms or those with plenty of history.

Reception Decor for a Southern Peach Wedding

The reception decor should include cotton stems and magnolias, which are quintessentially Southern. Small arrangements for the reception like table centrepieces, boutonnières, floral crowns for bridesmaids, and more will help ensure that a Southern Peach Wedding theme is a prevalent event.

You could add floating candles to create a timeless illusion, add petals to small bowls of water with candles, use wooden trunks for additional decor, and more. It is best to stick with the wedding colours during the reception to avoid confusion and last-minute stress. The reception decor should be about Southern culture, farming, horse rearing, family values, and love.

Outdoor Venue Ideas for a Southern Peach Wedding

There is something wonderful and magical about getting married outdoors in the shade of oak trees. Southern venues are known for their Spanish moss and oak trees that add a majestic look and feel to the entire ceremony. Most Southern brides find a way to incorporate a grove of oak trees into the wedding ceremony.

Outdoor venues are grassy, with plenty of room for floral arches, elevated decor, chairs or decorated benches on each side, and a beautiful aisle filled with flower petals. Outdoor ceremonies should be considered for Southern weddings to ensure the event is as picturesque as possible.

Southern Weddings Sneak Peek

Definitely one of my favourite wedding magazines out there – Southern Weddings has sent over this fabulous little sneak peek at an editorial shoot from their newest issue – volume 7! The details are divine and I can’t wait to get my hands on this edition of delightful goodness.

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Credits: Photography: Anna Routh and Graham Terhune // Coordination: After Yes // Designer: Emily Allen // Flowers: Bows + Arrows // Bouquet Wrap: Oatmeal Lace // Bridal Gown: Vera Wang // Bridesmaid Dresses: Camilyn Beth // Hair & Makeup: Beauty & The Blush // Paper and Calligraphy: Blue Eye Brown Eye // Sweets: Cakewalk Bake Shop // Wardrobe Styling: Rian Nicole Fashion Consulting // Tables: The Olive Bench // Ceremony Chairs: Juniper Rentals // Reception Chairs: Bella Acento // Venue: Alredge House in Dallas, Texas.