You’ll see in the first image, an incredible bouquet that sets the tone for the entire wedding inspiration. It’s beautiful!

A delicate bridal headpiece is just the right touch alongside this outstanding bouquet. Let your sophistication meet bohemian, and have fun!

Colour Palettes for a Sophisticated Bohemian Wedding

Sophisticated Bohemian weddings can be absolutely stunning. Couples can choose from several excellent wedding colour palettes. You can easily make a selection of coral, orange, rust, white, and blush to bring out the Bohemian vibe while ensuring your wedding decor looks classy yet sophisticated.

If you want a more neutral palette, select nude shades like tan, ivory, cream, and white, with bright floral décor in burgundy, yellow, coral, and blush. Adding colour to the wedding with florals while keeping the decor muted will add elegance to the wedding yet fit perfectly with your chosen sophisticated Bohemian wedding glam theme.

Details for a Sophisticated Bohemian Wedding

Bohemian weddings are aesthetic, pleasing to the eye, and usually have a relaxed yet fun feeling. Guests can enjoy themselves at sophisticated Bohemian weddings without wondering about the overly formal occasions that most nuptials are known for. When planning a Bohemian wedding theme, it is essential to think about the overall style of the ceremony and reception.

Originally, Bohemians were travelers and were known for their free-spirited expressions and interests. If planning a sophisticated Bohemian wedding, your decor, attire, food, and gifts should be meaningful, unique, and look effortlessly stylish. These weddings, while slightly laidback, can look stunning and romantic with a bit of careful planning and consideration.

Food for a Sophisticated Bohemian Wedding

Boho wedding food usually has a rustic feel to it. Most of the foods on Bohemian lists are organic with a homemade artisanal feel. The serving platters are typically wooden, with wooden cups, bowls, and beer mugs. When planning a Boho-themed wedding, the food should facilitate easy eating and mingling. So think finger foods, easy to eat platters, and small bite-sized foods.

You can set up a buffet-style make-your-own station for cheese bites, mini pizzas with a selection of toppings, or make your own pancake with fillings type of interactive food options. Guests enjoy novel experiences like these. You should also ensure the availability of meats, cheeses, fish, steaks, vegan, and vegetarian choices.

Ceremony Decor for a Sophisticated Bohemian Wedding

The ceremony decor should be gorgeous, especially if you’re planning a wedding at the beachside. Depending on your chosen wedding venue, you can opt for some simplistic yet artistic elements to make the wedding decor come alive.

Consider adding pops of colour to the bridal aisle by using florals in bright blooms. These can be placed in earthen or ceramic pots or planters and can add overall beauty to the entrance. You can either have a traditional floral wedding arch, a Bohemian tepee-style natural arch with a profusion of flowers in different shades, or opt for black-wired arches with vines, feathers, and blooms in white and cream to add to the wedding theme.

Budget for a Sophisticated Bohemian Wedding

The wedding budget depends entirely on how small or large couples want the ceremony to be. Depending on the scale of the wedding, you could decide the wedding budget. Inviting plenty of people would also mean scaling up the ordering of lighting, accommodation, catering, decor, and seating arrangements.

The size of the wedding party should determine the wedding venue arrangements. If you plan a destination wedding, you must also consider airport transfers, accommodation, entertainment, and some sightseeing tours. You will also have to prepare the welcome gifts and additional catering expenses for breakfast, lunch, tea, snacks, and dinners for your guests during their stay.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Sophisticated Bohemian Wedding

Boho chic brides can opt for sophisticated wedding dresses in full length, with conservative lacy sleeves, a lacy sweetheart neckline, cinched waist, and straight cuts in satin and silk. The emphasis of the dress should come from the daring back with either a slit on the back from the nape to the waist or wholly backless with tiny pearls and stones.

Brides can also opt for a reverse string of rhinestones or pearls emphasising the bare back to make the wedding dress modest yet revealing.

For accessories, a thin rhinestone or pearls crown circling the forehead, minimal makeup, and natural jewellry made from feathers and wood can complete the look. The wedding bouquet should be as unique as the theme with feathers, green, white, and blush roses.

Bridesmaid Dresses for a Sophisticated Bohemian Wedding

Boho bridesmaids have more fun than the bride! You can select ethereal styles for your bridesmaids to have them look absolutely stunning on your big day. You can opt for light, airy flutter dresses that are flattering on all body types, ruffled dresses that add a playful look, or maxi dresses with halter necklines to emphasise grace.

Beautiful florals of white, peach, and coral wedding bouquets can complement the overall look with tasteful accessories in feathers, small stones, and flowery headbands. Shoes can depend entirely on the wedding venue, from heels for poolside events to flip-flops for beaches and ballet flats for dancing the night away.

Wedding Invitations for a Sophisticated Bohemian Wedding

The wedding stationery should indicate the theme and have an itinerary of functions and events. The invitations must be in your chosen wedding colours. They should have detailed information about your ceremony, reception, dress code, wedding theme, dates, stay and travel arrangements. Adding special motifs like ocean waves, dream catchers, and other personalised accents can also bring forth the theme and help tie the invitations with your wedding ideas.

You can think of unique ideas for the wedding invitation to be delivered in a small box with a dreamcatcher in white with feathers, sage incense with a blush ribbon, and a small stone-like rose quartz (to represent peace and calm) in a mini burlap bag.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Sophisticated Bohemian Wedding

Planning the wedding cake should be a significant decision. Opt for various flavours and fillings, from classic Victorian sponge cakes to light blueberry or tropical flavours and coconut-filled cakes. You can think of white on white for the cake decoration with tiny edible pearls or feathers in icing, roses, and vines creeping along the tiers.

Some couples are also fans of the ombre styles of cakes that lighten from the bottom tier to the top and look magnificent in all settings. You could also have a modern take on authentic cakes with a representation of waves in light blue and teal, small edible fondant seashells, and pearls.

Favours and Gifts for a Sophisticated Bohemian Wedding

The welcome gifts for wedding guests should be unique and personalised according to your venue. For example, if you’re planning a beachside wedding, you can create a welcome gift hamper with some sunglasses, flip-flops, and a beer bottle to set the tone. You could also add a sash for the ladies and boutonnieres for the gentlemen.

For wedding favours to thank guests for attending, you can think of feathered dream catchers, bottles of sandalwood incense, jars of organic honey in various flavours like sage, rose, lavender, and small votives of scented candles in different aromas like vanilla, patchouli, and myrrh. You could also add a small stone representing your wishes for your guests, like rose quartz or lapis lazuli.

sophisticated bohemian bride

Today’s editorial shoot from Sofia Martynova paints the picture of a sophisticated bohemian bride, proving that it is possible to have a classic bridal style WITH a totally you free-spirited twist.

Bohemian bridal bouquet with feathers | Sofia Martynova Photography | see more on:
Pearl wedding hair crown | Sofia Martynova Photography | see more on:
Classy boho bride | Sofia Martynova Photography | see more on:
Stylish and chic undo for wedding | Sofia Martynova Photography | see more on:
Classy, sophisticated bohemian bride | Sofia Martynova Photography | see more on:
Floral anklets | Sofia Martynova Photography | see more on:
Bride with dreamcatcher | Sofia Martynova Photography | see more on:
Bridal makeup | Sofia Martynova Photography | see more on:
Classy boho bride | Sofia Martynova Photography | see more on:
Classy boho bridal sesión | Sofia Martynova Photography | see more on:
Bohemian bridal jewelry | Sofia Martynova Photography | see more on:
Bohemian bridal bouquet with feathers | Sofia Martynova Photography | see more on:

Wasn’t that an amazing portrait of a bride? I love the conservative, classy wedding dress (aren’t those lace sleeves so pretty?!) paired with unique jewellery and a free-spirited bridal bouquet complete with feathers. The whole look is one of sophisticated, one-of-a-kind beauty!

Credits: Photography: Sofia Martynova // Decor: Studio Klumba // Hair & Makeup: Olga Tilkova // Crown: Anastasia Romanova // Earrings: Ekaterina Vinokurova.

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