Shabby Chic Teal and Berry Wedding

The teal and berry hues in this inspirational wedding photo shoot are shabby chic especially because of their denim and wine undertones. Vintage items, handcrafted treasures, and a stunning floral headpiece make a statement sure to be special in your wedding plans!

Colour Palettes for a Teal and Berry Wedding

A chic teal and berry wedding colour palette is gorgeous when you think of the jewelled tone of berries and hues of wine. A teal and berry combination is a beautiful take on the light and dark colour schemes that offer a moody yet rustic shabby chic vibe. With these tones, you can also add shades of gold like matte gold, champagne, and vibrant hues to bring the teal and berry to the forefront.

You do not have to consider everything in teal and berry, but instead, use these two colours as the main ones throughout your wedding. You could also incorporate white, rust, and peach (imagining an Autumn setting). If you want a more striking offset for the colours, you could also consider adding silver or mother of pearl to help make the shades vivid.

What to Look for in a Venue for a Teal and Berry Wedding

The wedding venue should be outdoors if you’re looking for a shabby yet chic vibe. There are a few things to think of when considering the venue, like seating capacity, ventilation, lighting, ceremony and reception space, dance floor, and more. With a shabby chic teal and berry wedding theme, you could think of barns and ranches for the venue.

Outdoor locations that offer excellent natural light have enough space for your guests, and allow you to decorate as per your requirements should be at the top of your list. If you plan a destination wedding, you may also have to consider accommodation for your guests, travel arrangements, airport transfers, and catering until they leave.

Details for a Teal and Berry Wedding

Shabby chic does not mean run down – quite the opposite! Shabby chic is the definition of nearly effortless glam. Items that are tagged shabby chic are usually the ones that are lovingly reused, repainted, or repurposed. If you systematically peel the paint from these ‘shabby’ items, you will see all the different layers that make them so unique and special.

When planning the teal and berry wedding, avoid overdoing the berry too much. The jewelled berry tones are pretty strong individually and should only be used for emphasis. The teal and other neutral tones should tie the wedding together, with berry used to elevate the decor to a glamorous setting.

Table Setting Style for a Teal and Berry Wedding

When you consider the table setting style for a wedding, you may think of golds, white tablecloths, and delicately crafted arrangements. Shabby chic is the exact opposite of that! You can plan a vintage table with teal table cloth in a gorgeous satiny texture, white bone china, and gold or champagne-coloured cutlery.

Serviettes in berry tied with twine, crystal goblets of red and white wine, name holders as clothespins painted teal (hand painted or colour stamped with florals), and a floral centrepiece of white, blush, peach and yellow roses held together with berry-coloured ribbon will add beauty to the overall table setting style.

Budget for a Teal and Berry Wedding

While you may have teal and berry in your eyes, your wallet might want you to come back to reality. It is best to carefully consider all the decor and work needed to pull off a teal and berry wedding. Contrary to popular opinion, it is cost-effective to have a themed wedding based on colours.

The wedding expenses get severely restricted due to the limitations in colour options and choices. Since most couples run amuck buying decorative items, having a colour scheme helps reduce overall expenses. Since the furniture rental and other pieces can also have a slightly rundown or second-hand look, the cost will also be lowered thanks to the shabby chic vibe of the wedding.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Teal and Berry Wedding

Brides can opt for white wedding gowns in an airy, flowy pattern with knee or full-length cuts. However, if you do not want a white wedding gown, you could opt for a striking number in berry with its jewelled tones or teal to bring out your fashionable part. When planning the wedding dress, it is essential to consider that you will be spending the entire day in it.

Planning the fabric, texture, style, and pattern of the dress is essential in ensuring you are stylish and pretty yet comfortable. Accessories should be in gold (which complements both berry and teal), with a gold bracelet on your wrist and a thin gold chain with a pendant.

Wedding Invitations for a Teal and Berry Wedding

Teal and berry invitations can look extremely classy with the correct stationery. When finalising the overall design, you must first decide on a base colour. You could either have teal or berry as the background and the script in another shade, or you could have a beige or champagne-coloured background with accents of teal and berry.

The script should be vintage calligraphy or a running, flowy handwritten pattern to make the invitations unique. When planning the overall wedding invitations, you should also mention the wedding theme, dress code, and complete itinerary. Some couples also enjoy adding motifs and silhouettes to the cards like champagne glasses, and wine bottles.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Teal and Berry Wedding

Consider a teal and gold for the wedding cake with a topper made from deep, dark berry. You could also consider a white cake with florals in berry, hand painted in teal for simplicity and elegance. Opting for berry flavours with teal cakes and gold embossing will also look gorgeous.

However, if you want to think out-of-the-box, consider a pancake cake. These cakes are made by stacking multiple pancakes together with maple syrup or berry jam between the layers. Not only is this a unique twist on a traditional cake, but it will fit perfectly with the shabby chic effect you want for the wedding.

Ceremony Decor for a Teal and Berry Wedding

The wedding ceremony decor can be absolutely stunning with tea and berry. Most people think only of pastel shades like peach and blush at weddings but forget about the startling vividness of solid colours like berry. For the ceremony, you could consider something non-traditional instead of a wedding arch, like saying your vows in front of a teal-painted truck.

Guests can be seated on wooden chairs painted white with teal ribbons tied to the seats, florals in berry and white adorning the backs. You should consider alternate teal and white planters with berry-coloured flowers, white, peach, and blush roses for the bridal entrance.

Favours and Gifts for a Teal and Berry Wedding

Welcome gifts for your guests can be a hamper of berry-flavoured water, a bottle of red wine, and some chocolates. Wedding favours are beautiful gestures to thank your wedding guests for their love and blessings. You can spin the berry and teal for wedding favours to make your gifts unique. Consider reusable bottles (for water) in teal colour, a bottle of mixed berry jam with personalised labeling, and a box of strawberries.

As a thank you, have small teal baskets (painted teal) and fill them with mixed berries and scones. These favours will bring a smile to wedding guests’ faces and will make the gift memorable.

Shabby chic teal and berry

Shabby chic weddings are defined by their cute ‘wear and tear’ touches and often have a soft, pastel color palette. For a shabby chic teal wedding berry hues are the perfect color compliment!

shabby chic teal wedding inspiration

Items that are called ‘shabby chic’ are often painted over again and again throughout the years and when the paint peels off to expose the different layers, that is what gives them their unique appeal. I really love the exposed wood painted over in teal in this inspiration board and the hand painted clothes pins compliment that look well.

Vintage floral patterns are also associated with a shabby chic style so if you’re having this kind of wedding – don’t just put flowers on your invitations – put them everywhere!

Details to adore:

hand painted clothespins
gorgeous flower crown

Credits: photo credits: bouquet via Dandelion and Grey, photographed by Greg Ross // crepe cake from Amelia // floral print envelopes from Style Me Pretty, photographed by Magnolia Studio, designed by Anista Design // blackberry and sage spritzers from Joylicious // clothespins – unknown // macaroons from the Neiman Marcus blog // bride in flower crown from Wedding Chicks, photographed by Landon Jacob.