Teal and Salmon Wedding

Teal and salmon are an absolutely fun and pretty colour combination and you’ll see what we mean as you peruse the images. The wedding cake is adorable in peach and you’ll want to try the teal macarons, too!

Colour Palette for a Teal and Salmon Wedding

Teal and salmon – and the many, many different shades of each colour – make a beautiful colour combination, especially when accented by a few neutral colours. Warm neutrals such as cream, sand and warm greys tone down the colour scheme and keep it from looking like a cotton candy stand at the county fair. This works especially well for pastel versions of teal and salmon.

You also have the option, however, of going darker for a more dramatic effect. These deep jewel tones go well with more substantial, luxurious fabrics and accents, such as rich velvet, chunky metallic accessories and warm woods. While the lighter colours are perfect for a bright, airy summer afternoon event, these deep tones work well with an evening soiree in the autumn or even winter months.

Wedding Invitations for a Teal and Salmon Wedding

Since this is the generally the first impression guests will have of your wedding, you can set the tone for what they can expect right away. Choose a fun, floral motif or delicate foil pattern for a fun daytime experience. Mix it up with geometric shapes, stripes and fun, informal fonts, and use colourful envelopes. For a more personal touch, hand-address them yourself or enlist the help of your bridesmaids.

For a more formal event, you can still go simple with an invitation and RSVP card to be returned by your guest. Consider splashes of dark teal and salmon on a black background for dramatic effect, with metallic embossed lettering. As far as first impressions go, a sleek, black envelope in the mail with glinting silver lettering has quite an effect!

Reception Decor for a Teal and Salmon Wedding

The colour combination of light teal and salmon pink can be associated with several different themes, and your wedding reception is the prime place to show it off. The colour combo brings to mind the bright, splashy colours of the 1950s, and this mid-century theme can be a lot of fun – poodle skirts, 50s music, an old fashioned soda fountain and large-finned cars set a light, carefree mood. Throw in some chrome accents and saddle shoes, and you’ve got a great party!

Another great option is a simple summer theme, complete with fruity cocktails, colourful flowers, frozen treats and a stage strung with party lights. Add in fun photo props like flamingo pool floats for a pool party-like atmosphere. If you want to go elegant and upscale instead, vintage furniture, sparkly silver accents and delicate desserts in teal and salmon shades adds a bit of Old Hollywood classic style.

Wedding Dresses and Accessories for a Teal and Salmon Wedding

You don’t need a concrete theme to make the most of the teal and salmon colour palette. A creamy-white dress in any style you choose can be accented with these colours to great effect. A pair of fun designer heels in one of these shades lets your personality shine through, and you can also add a punch of colour to the dress itself with a colourful sash or beaded trim.

Jewellry and accessories is also a great place to bring in a little colour. If your dress is on the simple side without a lot of intricate detailing, consider a statement necklace or pair of earrings in a bright Tiffany blue shade. You can also bring in a little colour with a floral hair accessory, such as a salmon-coloured rose tucked neatly into a loosely-curled updo.

Bridesmaids Dresses for a Teal and Salmon Coloured Wedding

Teal and salmon is a great colour combination, and one or both shades flatter a wide variety of skin tones. You can choose a single shade, or choose several lighter and darker hues to create a gradient effect if you have several bridesmaids. If you want to use both colours, consider asking the maid of honor to wear one colour while the bridesmaids wear the other. The colours also look beautiful mixed and matched in a variety of dress styles.

Because the teal and salmon colour combination fits well with a 1950s theme, your bridesmaid dresses can also work with this style. Consider tea length dresses in a 1950s silhouette – a fitted waist with a full skirt – in light, swingy fabrics such as organza or voile. This works especially well for an afternoon wedding. For an evening wedding, you could also consider pencil skirts in a thicker fabric for a more formal look.

Groom Style for a Teal and Salmon Wedding

While this colour palette may not seen very masculine at first glance, it’s easy to incorporate it into a style that fits the groom’s personal aesthetic. If you’re choosing darker teal and salmon shades, formal attire such as a tuxedo is fitting, since these dark, satiny colours keep the black from looking harsh or out of place. A well-fitted black suit with a coordinating tie and pocket square looks just as chic, and you may already have one in your closet.

For lighter shades or outdoor summertime weddings, consider a lighter ensemble such as a light tan or grey suit. If colour coordination is important, you can add a light teal or salmon coloured shirt with a coordinating tie. If the outdoor temperature is climbing, you can ditch the jacket and look equally well put-together, or throw it over your shoulder for casual wedding photos.

Menswear for a Teal and Salmon Wedding

Because the shades of teal and salmon are both saturated and bright, it’s easy for the men in the bridal party to keep to neutral hues. Not everyone needs to look like a flower, after all. Crisp white shirts and a light tan or grey suit keeps the wedding party looking balanced. If you want to throw in a little colour coordination, you can do so with a tie, handkerchief or even socks. If you really want to rock the 1950s theme, you could opt for pale blue jackets.

For a formal evening wedding, follow the groom’s example and opt for a fitted black suit with a colour-coordinated tie and pocket square to match your aisle partner. For a more dramatic effect, consider wearing a dark teal or salmon shirt under the black jacket – a look that is both formal and non-traditional at the same time. Tie the look together with silver accents such as cufflinks and tie clips.

Table Setting Style for a Teal and Salmon Wedding

Depending on the colour palette you choose – either soft pastels or rich jewel tones – for your teal and salmon inspired wedding, your place settings and table décor can vary greatly. For a light, bright, summery afternoon wedding, have fun with your table setting décor. Brightly coloured paper straws, low-profile floral centrepieces, sparkly silver dinnerware and glassware with fun patterns like polka dots give a fun, youthful feel. You could also recreate a classic diner with tall milkshake glasses and checkered napkins.

For a dark, formal table setting, your centrepieces and tableware can pack a bit more drama. Consider tall centrepieces with grasses, pheasant feathers or seed pods for interest. Your place settings can bring in a lot of sparkle, since the heavier colours can take it – go all out with pewter cutlery, silver-rimmed plates and dramatic ruby red glassware.

Wedding Reception Music and Entertainment for a Teal and Salmon Wedding

When it comes to reception entertainment, your choices are limited only by your imagination, and perhaps your budget. The reception is the time for your guests to mingle, relax and have fun, and dancing is a perfect way to achieve all three of those! If you have a tight entertainment budget, consider hiring a DJ to roll your playlist throughout the night. You can also hire a live band to keep things moving with rock, jazz, blues or pop covers.

If your event is more formal, you could also consider a classical string quartet or pianist, especially if you’re just looking for a little background music during dinner before the party really starts – or before everyone heads out for a nightcap.

If there will be children at your big event, you may also want to consider hiring some family-friendly entertainment, such as a magician or character actors, to keep the little ones entertained so you and their parents can have a relaxing time chatting.

Budget for a Teal and Salmon Wedding

When your wedding theme is based on a colour palette, even a particular one, you have many options that will fit with every size budget. If you have the funds, you can splurge on a designer wedding gown, such as the Carol Hannah wedding dress our bride chose, an exclusive event space, limousine transportation and top-notch catering.

If you’re working with a tighter budget, you can save money by offering small bites instead of full meals, hiring a DJ instead of live entertainment, and hosting your event at a less expensive location, such as a local church, auditorium or even a friend’s beautiful lawn. By focusing on one or two high-impact items, such as a dress, the wedding cake, or flowers, you can have a beautiful event without breaking the bank.

Salmon and washed teal

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I’m loving the fresh and fun colours in this wedding inspiration board! Washed teal and salmon pink make a lovely duo that I can easily imagine for a spring wedding. Mix high-end (like that stunning Carol Hannah wedding dress) and DIY touches and details (lace cake toppers!) to add an unexpected sweetness to your wedding day.
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Credits: photo credits: ankle ribbons via Martha Stewart Weddings & photographed by Johnny Miller // Carol Hannah s/s 2013 dress // DIY cake toppers via Project Wedding // paper straws from Cupcake Social on Etsy // salmon ball lights < part of an art installation by Kouichi Okamoto // wooden hearts from Old New Again on Etsy // popsicles // Tiffany Blue macaroons.