Rustic Lavender Wedding

Lavender weddings are gorgeous! There is much to love in this wedding inspiration. Photos taken in an English garden include a beautiful headpiece worn by the bride. Lavender colours in the striped invitations and as floral embellishments on the cake show just how pretty this hue can be.

The rustic barn is the ideal locale for a simple and stunning wedding. The bride’s dress is classic and elegant, yet completely fits with the wedding ambiance. Take a look!

What to Look for in a Venue for a Lavender Wedding

When you think of a lavender wedding theme, the first thing that comes to mind is rolling fields of lavender. Lavender farms would be the best bet for such weddings. However, a lavender garden with a beautiful area for a wedding ceremony and indoor options for the reception would also work out beautifully.

Choosing an English lavender farm and falling in love with the scent, the beauty, and the simplicity of the venue is something that many couples hope for at their wedding. Brides and grooms can opt for traditional or classic venue options or a modern take or spin on decor and venue. Either way, lavender adds a graceful touch to the overall wedding.

Details for a Lavender Wedding

A lavender colour palette is an excellent wedding theme to consider. Couples choosing lavender as their wedding colour associate it with luxury, refinement, elegance, and royalty. It can be selected as the primary colour, with lavender-scented candles, flowers, and more to add to the overall grace and beauty of the ceremony and reception.

It is easy to incorporate lavender into the wedding venue too. From pale lavender petals at the entrance of the wedding ceremony venue to small centrepieces for the reception, a floral design on the couples' car, and hanging drapes or satin curtains, the details can be considered minutely to give an aesthetic and pleasing appearance.

Colour Palettes for a Lavender Wedding

Lavender weddings don't necessarily mean an overdose of colour. This wedding colour palette can be mixed and matched with other colours like sage, teal, white, off-white, tan, and even navy blue or gray. It is pretty easy to have a gorgeous wedding palette that inspires everyone present with many choices.

When selecting the wedding palette, both partners must pick and choose colours that complement the overall theme of the wedding, individual preferences, and the venue. Most lavender weddings are indoor weddings, but outdoor weddings with a mix of natural flora, verdant greenery, and flowers in riotous blooms can also work wonders.

Table Setting Style for a Lavender Wedding

Table setting styles for a lavender wedding are endless. There is a lot of scope for couples to play around with the table and the overall decor. Think of white with gold crockery and cutlery, polished white dinner plates, pastel shades of ombre lavender for the serviettes, and gold metal napkin holders or rings.

The table centrepieces can be a mix of gorgeous flowers with shades of lavender, white, green, pale pink, sage green, and even mustard. As an added bonus, you can also ensure there are lit lavender scented candles on each table. Since this colour is a colour of royalty, the lavender scent is known to promote harmony and peace. Couples that choose this scent and colour are blessing their own ceremony with positive vibes.

Food for a Lavender Wedding

Wedding food for a lavender-themed reception does not mean everything has to be purple in colour! On the contrary, you can offer guests a wide variety of food options ranging from seafood, red meats, and poultry to cheese boards, vegan options, and elegant desserts.

Seafood stations in wooden boat-shaped serving plates, flatbreads with grilled cheese, greens, and some spices, purple-coloured macarons, berry drinks, fizzy coolers, grazing table foods like grapes, strawberries, nuts, mini cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and crispy fries or potato wedges with a purple-coloured dip are some excellent options. You can also go wild with pomegranate and berry frosting on all the desserts, even the cake!

Wedding Dresses and Accessories for a Lavender Wedding

Brides can offset the wedding colours by choosing a white wedding gown with lavender accents. Since the wedding theme is lavender, a white wedding dress will go beautifully with a wedding bouquet of green and lavender sprigs. Brides can also opt for minimal makeup and jewellry (drop earrings, diamond bracelets, and locket), lavender-coloured shoes with embellished rhinestones, and lavender sprigs artfully added to the hair.

If you wish to stick to a lavender wedding gown, the ideal choice would be to select softer fabrics that swish as you move, giving you an ethereal, magical look. Adding lace with a breezy, breathable fabric will also add to the overall grace of the wedding dress.

Groom Style for a Lavender Wedding

Grooms can also have a say in the lavender wedding theme with their style choices. Purple and pastel lavender might sound like extremely unusual colours for grooms, but it's really not that different from wearing a sky blue or navy suit when you think about it. If grooms do not want to dress up wholly in shades of purple, then a lavender-coloured blazer, white shirt, and black trousers with formal shoes would look extremely handsome.

A navy suit, white shirt, and a deep lavender tie will also bring the style together wonderfully and make for a debonair pairing. However, if dark shades are not your preference, a gray suit, white shirt, and deep purple tie will also 'tie in’ with the wedding theme.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Lavender Wedding

Wedding cakes need not be wholly lavender flavored. Berry flavored cakes with white cream frosting, and light touches of minimal lavender with some icing flowers in shades of pastels will go excellently. Trendy options for wedding cakes are the 'naked,' or open cakes with minimal frosting and tiny lavender buds aesthetically spread out across different layers.

If you want a unique touch to the wedding, a profiterole cake with lavender filling and sprigs will also go well. Croquembouche towers with lavender flavored creams can add a gorgeous touch to the wedding cake and make for an exciting take on traditional cream fillings.

Reception Decor for a Lavender Wedding

The reception decor should be tastefully and artistically done. Adding too many lavender accents to the overall theme with purple chairs can be a bit of a stretch. Instead, offset pale colours like beige, off-white, and light cream with stunning lavender. Adding lavender flowers to the seating, in wedding bouquets and bridesmaids' bouquets, and then repurposing these in the reception will also make the venue look inviting and graceful.

Instead of confetti and rose petals, you could offer guests small bags filled with lavender buds. Placing a pouch at each table setting will help with the distribution and make the bridal exit more poignant.

Favours and Gifts for a Lavender Wedding

The couple can gift each guest with a monogrammed envelope filled with lavender seeds for wedding favours. The envelope can also have a small thank you card with planting instructions for the guests. Once these seeds bloom into flowers, each of your guests will remember your special day as they get a whiff of lavender.

If seeds are not something you want as gifts, you could add lavender-scented candles, fresh berries, and some sprigs of lavender. Another good idea could include lavender aromatherapy oils (diffuser oils) for relaxation, healing, stress relief, and spiritual connectivity. If you have children attending, wedding favours could be lavender brooches and lavender hair bands.

Lavender wedding inspiration

Ladies, you are going to love this lavender inspiration shoot from Chelsea of Bit of Ivory Photography! It’s a little English garden mixed with a little American rustic, and it’s all oh-so-perfect.

From Chelsea: “Since going to England I have been utterly obsessed with lavender, especially after trying to get myself to a real English lavender farm and failing. I fell madly in love with the scent, the look, and the feel. Everything. I don’t mean the color… because technically I’ve been obsessed with that since I was a little girl (according to my mother). The plant/flower became my new inspiration.”

“There is something so simple and so versatile about lavender that I find inspiring. As I learned more about it, I wanted to do something with it:  a shoot just for me because lavender became such a personal concept.”

Lavender Wedding Shoot / Bit of Ivory Photography
Lavender Floral Crown / Bit of Ivory Photography
Lavender wedding invitations / Bit of Ivory Photography
Lavender wedding inspiration / Bit of Ivory Photography
Lavender bridal bouquet / Bit of Ivory Photography
Lavender Cake / Bit of Ivory Photography
Lavender wedding styled shoot / Bit of Ivory Photography
Lavender wedding place setting / Bit of Ivory Photography
Lavender drink / Bit of Ivory Photography
Lavender wedding cake / Bit of Ivory Photography
Lavender wedding ideas / Bit of Ivory Photography
wedding hair style / Bit of Ivory Photography
Lace wedding dress / Bit of Ivory Photography
Lavender wedding inspiration and ideas / Bit of Ivory Photography
rustic lavender wedding / Bit of Ivory Photography
Rustic barn bridal portrait / Bit of Ivory Photography

Isn’t this shoot fabulous? I just love it when I see creatives really go for it and produce something so beautiful that is inspired by something so personal! Normally I have a pretty easy time picking out a favorite element from a styled shoot but this time – no luck. The cake, her hair, that lace dress, the bouquet, the gorgeous setting, the way the stationary mimics the barn…it’s all too amazing.

Be sure to catch a few more of Chelsea’s gorgeous shoots here!

Credits: Photography & Concept Design: Bit of Ivory Photography // Venue: Clay Hill Garden Events, Virginia // Bridal Gown: Pure English Bridal // Floral Design: Palette of Petals // Invitations: The Girl Tyler // Cake: Cheesecake Wedding Cakes by Mrs. B. // Makeup: Kristine Marie French // Hair: Chelsea Jordan // Ring: Premier Designs // Model: Emily Claudio