Rosemaling Themed Wedding

Rosemaling is a Norwegian painting style described as decorative and highlighted with rose patterns. This wedding photo shoot inspiration is based on the rosemaling theme and you’ll see it shine in every aspect of the nuptials.

We’re drawn to the dessert table once we take our eyes off the bride! If you are looking for wedding venues in Southampton, this lovely wedding theme can totally suit any space you find. After all, Southampton oozes classic beauty and you can see that throughout this shoot in every frame!

Details for a Rosemaling Themed Wedding

The Rosemaling aspect has captured our imagination and the editorial offers a wealth of ideas on how to base an entire wedding theme around the decorative folk painting practice. To offer a brief background about the Norwegian art form; it dates back to the 1750s and drew inspiration from the artistic and ornamental styles of the Rococo, Baroque, and Regency eras.

A Rosemaling themed wedding would predominantly feature rose motifs, varying iterations of different flowing patterns, and plenty of swirls. For an opulent look like what is seen in the Angelworx Angelie Hafzullah shoot, these elements are best incorporated both vividly and in subtle forms.

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Color Palettes for a Rosemaling Themed Wedding

The Angelworx Angelie Hafzullah editorial paints a picture of how the floral prints and swirl patterns, as well as a range of pastel hues, can influence a lavishly luxe Norwegian event. In this case, a Rosemaling themed wedding color palette combines splashes of mint, pale pink, lavender, white, green, orange, dusty blue, and a burst of red pigment.

The clear acrylic containers and food covers add an elegant touch to the overall aesthetic. Combinations of silver, gold and distressed accents exude a vintage-like charm that is a popular choice for wedding decoration. Plenty of pieces featuring the Rosemaling pattern further tie the theme together.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Rosemaling Themed Wedding

We’re simply in love with how the soft touches and little elegant details open up a whole can of possibilities when it comes to translating the Rosemaling art form into a wedding theme. The Angelworx Angelie Hafzullah once again makes it easy to picture the type of wedding dress and bridal party ensembles that would suit such an occasion.

A classic white gown, much like the one from Arous, is a befitting choice for the ceremony. The lace details and diamond accessories reflect the lush aspects of the theme. As for the bridal party, the blush-colored outfit would be a great option. The gorgeous dusty blue dress works as the bride's reception outfit.

Groom Style for a Rosemaling Themed Wedding

Angelworx Angelie Hafzullah also gives us ideas about what a Rosemaling-themed groom's attire would look like. With cues from the editorial, a dove gray or navy blue suit is ideal for this theme. Splashes of pale pink or the rich red introduced through accessories like the pocket square, tie, or even the socks highlight the fun and whimsical side of the theme.

An alternative is for the groom to stand out wearing a burgundy wedding suit while the groomsmen don electric blue tuxedos. Borrowing from the British Royals, a morning suit is a very formal and elegant choice for such an elegant occasion.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Rosemaling Themed Wedding

The perfect wedding flowers for a Rosemaling themed affair are botanical species related to the rose family. The rose flower still dominates the scene because besides being the subject of the Norwegian art form, they are available all year round and in vast arrays of colors.

Lifting some inspiration from the editorial, the ideal floral color palette should include shades of pale pink, red, white, lavender, and green foliage. Dahlias, ranunculuses, lisianthus, calla lilies, peonies, and pincushion protea are other wedding flowers that can equally work for Rosemaling themed nuptials. The same applies to the boutonnieres with feathers and foliage added for great measure.

Reception Decor for a Rosemaling Themed Wedding

The rose motif, swirls, and flowing patterns inspire several decorative elements around the wedding reception venue. Combine decorative features imprinted with the Rosemaling pattern with subtle details. Pastel-colored lace fabrics draping the chairs, ceramic bird statuettes, ribbons, and bronze chalices are some of the wedding decorations inspired by the editorial.

Naturally, roses take the center stage once again and you can't go wrong with varying floral design combinations. The theme can also borrow Scandinavian decor elements including aspects like light wood chairs, raw linen tablecloths, and a long reception table. Dusty blue ribbons, the pewter jewel box, and miniature bronze crowns are other suitable decorations for a Rosemaling themed wedding.

Food for a Rosemaling Themed Wedding

Given that the editorial is also sprinkled with several Norwegian references, it makes sense to settle for Scandinavian wedding food.  Receptions last for hours in Norway and most go into the wee hours of the morning. That's why guests are treated to a grand sit-down dinner accompanied by drinks.

The meals served at dinner typically include smoked salmon accompanied by rye bread. An alternative dinner menu includes herring served with red cabbage and potatoes. The "Nattmat" is yet another meal served in the latter hours of the morning before guests depart from the reception venue. It's usually lighter and consists of sausages, bread, and soup.

Table Setting Style for a Rosemaling Themed Wedding

The editorial highlight is undeniably the perfectly curated wedding dessert table which also gives us lots of ideas for a Rosemaling themed affair. Norwegian nuptials usually have a separate table solely dedicated to the desserts. The tablescape includes clear acrylic jars displaying selections of deliciously colorful baked treats.

The chalkboard table signs are also a lovely touch as well as the jewel-like decorative elements. Tall bronze chalices double up as flower vases for the setup, and we love how each carries a different colored bloom. Other great details include the blue and pink ribbons, the gold cupcake liners, and Rosemaling printed teacups and plates.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Rosemaling Themed Wedding

A sweet menu also works for a Rosemaling themed wedding because it also represents yet another lovely Norwegian tradition. Coffee and varieties of delicious flavored cakes are usually served at the reception. That includes a cheesecake, almond cake, chocolate cakes, and the traditional “Blotkake'' which is a soft-baked treat as well as the "Kransekake."

Couples ask friends and family to bring supplemental cakes for the occasion. The cake table can also include sweet selections of Macarons, cupcakes, Eclairs, and cream-filled cookies. The editorial used a cake covered with light blue and white-colored ombre cake from Angelworx topped with pink and blue sugar flowers. as well as fjords.

Favors & Gifts for a Rosemaling Themed Wedding

The great thing about the Rosemaling theme is the fact that you'll find plenty of items featuring the floral motif and flowing patterns. From champagne flutes to jewelry chests and works of art; there are selections of Rosemaled wedding gifts. The most common gift items you’ll encounter with the motif include ale bowls, carved plates, pewter items, and mugs. The Kransekake usually counts as a wedding gift during Norwegian nuptials.

As for the favors, Rosemaled ornaments, hand-painted picture frames, Scandinavian flower pots, and keychains are great choices. Other wonderful wedding favors, that are not necessarily Rosemaled, include woven blankets, scented candles, chocolate fondue sets, and pressed glass footed bowls.

An Opulent Dessert Table Design

This wonderfully opulent wedding dessert table inspiration shoot by Angelworx Angelie Hafzullah was shot in Norway and inspired by rosemaling – a traditional Norwegian decorative painting style that includes swirls, flowing patterns, and rose motifs!

Dessert table / Anfelworx Angelle Hafzullah
rose cupcakes / Anfelworx Angelle Hafzullah
Dessert table / Anfelworx Angelle Hafzullah
roses and flower cupcake / Anfelworx Angelle Hafzullah
wedding invitation / Anfelworx Angelle Hafzullah
sea foam colored cake / Anfelworx Angelle Hafzullah
bride and rose cupcake / Anfelworx Angelle Hafzullah
Dessert table / Anfelworx Angelle Hafzullah
cute wedding cake / Anfelworx Angelle Hafzullah
Dessert table / Anfelworx Angelle Hafzullah
pink, lavender, and green flower centerpiece / Anfelworx Angelle Hafzullah
Dessert table / Anfelworx Angelle Hafzullah
magnolia cake topper / Anfelworx Angelle Hafzullah
Dessert table / Anfelworx Angelle Hafzullah
dusty blue bridesmaid dress / Anfelworx Angelle Hafzullah
dusty blue bridesmaid dress / Anfelworx Angelle Hafzullah

I love how rosemaling was used as the source of inspiration for this shoot to create a whimsical and romantic wedding day ambiance. Plus, Angelworx shared that the ombre cake was inspired by one of Norway’s most notable landscape details – fjords!

Find tips for styling your own wedding dessert table here.

Credits: Photography & Styling: Angelworx Angelie Hafzullah // Dresses & Bridal Attire: Arous // Cakes & Desserts: Sweet Sugarboy Ed // Venues: Konservativen & Fredriksten Festning, Norway // Invitations:DIY