Romantic Peach and Blush Wedding

Although Anna and Jaren are entering wedded bliss in New Orleans French Quarter, this wedding theme would work in multiple locales. From a ceremony and wedding reception in York to a destination wedding and party in the Cayman Islands, this Romantic and Peach Blush Wedding shines no matter the skies overhead!

What to Look for in a Venue for a Romantic Peach and Blush Wedding

When it comes to looking for your dream ​​Romantic Peach and Blush Wedding, you’re going to want to consider a few things. With such pink hues in your wedding color scheme, you’re going to be looking for a venue with warm, natural light with a lot of exposed brick or wood, rather than white or cream minimalist elements.

You want these kinds of warm elements to bring a cozy and cohesive romantic vibe to your wedding. With this wide criteria there are a whole host of wedding venues that would work from East Coast barns to warehouses to cottages and wedding venues across the pond - the world’s your wedding venue oyster!

Color Palettes for a Romantic Peach and Blush Wedding

For this particular wedding color palette, the clue is in the title of the theme: peach and blush. This doesn’t mean, however, that your whole reception and ceremony decor should be awash with just these two colors. You’re going to need to balance it out with some sage greens, blues and ivories to ground it.

You can add some opulence to this color palette by injecting some golden details throughout your venue. This is a nice warming color that works well with peach and blush as well as bringing some glitz and glamour to your Romantic Peach and Blush Wedding theme.

Details for a Romantic Peach and Blush Wedding

With any wedding theme that is based around specific colors, it can be difficult to get that balance right and not go overboard. The key to this is utilizing different textures to bring depth and points of interest to your scheme, rather than it just looking like it’s all one thing.

You can juxtapose peach and blush ribbons with hessian or linen clothes and tableware which can be laid on top of reclaimed wooden tables. All of these different details still subscribe to this warmer color palette but because of the differing textures, they give a more cohesive and interesting look.

Food for a Romantic Peach and Blush Wedding

When we’re thinking about food for a wedding, you’ve got to consider the way that you want to serve your guests. As a general rule of thumb, the more formal your theme and wedding venue are, the more formal and regimented your wedding meal will be.

For example, if you have a cathedral and ballroom wedding, you’re probably having a multi-course sit-down banquet-style meal. If you’re having a more laid-back backyard wedding, you might opt for a buffet or family-style eating arrangement.

With the Romantic Peach and Blush Wedding, you’re probably leaning more to the latter and you can bring these colors into your theme with actual peaches, melons and proteins like rare meats and rainbow trout.

Table Setting Style for a Romantic Peach and Blush Wedding

Your table setting style is going to be massively informed by your eating arrangement, but fundamentally it comes down to two camps: long communal tables or multiple smaller tables. If you’re doing family style or buffet then the communal tables are a nice way of getting to know your new family members and friends.

If you’re doing smaller tables with a seating plan then make sure to inject some of the Romantic Peach and Blush Wedding theme into each one through colored linens, nicely decorated floral centerpieces and an assortment of crockery, stemware and cutlery that align with your overarching table setting scheme.

Budget for a Romantic Peach and Blush Wedding

As with any wedding of any kind, there are ways that you can completely blow the budget out of the water and there are ways to save some of your money to spend on things like honeymoons and houses. This kind of Romantic Peach and Blush Wedding is no different.

As these colors are pretty common within the wedding sphere so there is definitely scope to find secondhand linens, bridesmaids' dresses, and details that are going to bring your Romantic Peach and Blush Wedding to life. As most wedding costs are worked out based on headcount, the rule tends to be that the smaller the wedding the cheaper it is.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Romantic Peach and Blush Wedding

With your dream Romantic Peach and Blush Wedding dress, the key thing you’re going to want to consider is the romantic aspect. Think about beautiful flowing silhouettes that glide down the aisle. This way it fits with your slightly more laid-back wedding theme and gives you ample opportunity to move and dance the night away.

In terms of accessories, you can inject some peach and blush into your jewelry with some pinkish and orange hues, or use these in your makeup to give you a radiant, sunshine-inspired look that is bang on trend and perfectly aligned with your theme.

Bridesmaid Dresses for a Romantic Peach and Blush Wedding

When it comes to finding the ideal set of dresses for your gorgeous, supportive bridesmaids, there are two key shades that you’re definitely going to be drawing upon. Peach and blush of course!

To avoid too much color clashing, it’s probably best to pick one shade or the other and continue in a similar vein to your bridal look by opting for flowing, romantic silhouettes. These can either be floor length gowns or fun and flirty tea length dresses that are perfect for twirling. This all depends on your preference and perhaps the temperature of your wedding location.

Menswear for a Romantic Peach and Blush Wedding

As for the menswear for your dream Romantic Peach and Blush Wedding you probably don’t want to put them entirely in head to toe peach suits - it might not go down too well with the men in your life - just a thought!

Instead go for some neutral tones like navys, dark greens, browns and grays as the predominant base for their suit, and then you can add peach or blush details to tie it all together to the surrounding wedding scheme. You can do this through boutonnieres, pocket squares, funky colored socks - there are tons of options to brighten it up.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Romantic Peach and Blush Wedding

With such a romantic wedding theme, you know that a lot of your reception and ceremony decor is going to revolve around gorgeous floral arrangements. Lucky for you, the floral world is jam packed full of flowers with peach and blush as their color palette.

Remember to try and keep the bouquets nice and soft with bigger, open faced petals, nestled in sage green foliage to ground the floral arrangements and stop them from looking entirely one note. Tie it all together - literally - with some blush or peach ribbon for a romantic, soft and elegant look that will bring a timeless feel.

Romantic peach and blush (reader request)

blush and peach romantic wedding

This peach and blush inspiration board for a romantic New Orleans wedding was created for Anna and Jaren who are having their spring destination wedding in the French Quarter! Anna wrote and said: “Our ceremony will be held in Jackson Square with the gorgeous St. Louis Cathedral as the backdrop and the reception will be at the Musee Conti Historical Wax Museum.

Right now I am trying to nail down a colour palette and just can’t decide. I like blush, peach, ivory, gold, and lighter shades of blue with hints of green. I want to create an elegant and romantic feel, but I don’t know how to do that while also keeping the New Orleans vibe going. I’m also thinking of doing something New Orleans themed for the favours, but I am stuck on whether to just do traditional Praline candies or if there is some way I can tie in beads and masks while still maintaining the romance.”

For a romantic New Orleans wedding it’s all about the wow factor, an old European vibe, hints of glamour, and lots of fun. You don’t have to go literal with a Mardi Gras theme, but use the old and quirky surroundings as your inspiration. Masks make great wedding favours, especially if you tie them in with your decor and glam them up like the one below!

New Orleans wedding mask

A peach, blush, light blue, gold, and ivory (with bits of green!) colour palette is perfect for spring – no matter where you have your wedding. Keep it elegant and glamorous with a square shaped cake with gold detailing and an ‘all eyes on me’ Euro-chic style bridal fascinator. Your floral centrepieces should have some sort of fun and unexpected ‘omg that’s amazing’ element to them like how the one in this inspiration board has sprung tulips shooting out from it.The reception venue has gorgeous exposed brick walls so play them up by adding hanging vintage window frames and bistro lights to bring out the warm colours. Gold glitter bridal heels are a cute outfit detail and decorate your chairs with crystal beads to catch the twinkle and glow from all the candlelight!

wedding color palette

Congratulations Jaren and Anna on your engagement!

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Credits: picture frames and exposed brick wall via Style Me Pretty, photographed by Ashley Biess Photography // wedding invitation suite from The Pretty Blog, designed by Lazaro Press, photographed by Emme Wynn Photography // chairs from Style Me Pretty, photographed by John & Joseph Photography Inc. // Kate Spade shoes with sparkle heels via Southern Weddings, photographed by A Bryan Photo // peach colored cake from Inspired by This, created by Cupcake Couture, photographed by Allyson Magda // succulent place setting via Green Wedding Shoes, photographed by This Modern Romance // floral centerpiece via Ceremony Blog, designed by Krista Jon Floral Design, photographed by Trista Lerit Photography // bride in fascinator via Ruche, photographed by Elizabeth Messina, available here // mask via Style Me Pretty, photographed by Marisa Holmes Photography.