Roman Villa Wedding

Do you see the gorgeous shoes peeking out from the wedding dress? As the bride swirls in her gown in this Roman villa wedding shoot, you cannot help but notice the lovely pop of color.

Are you planning a destination wedding to Tuscany? Are you searching the internet for wedding reception venues in Glasgow? This theme can be carried to any locale in the world. The glamor will go with you!

What To Look For In A Venue For A Roman Villa Wedding

Many brides dream of Tuscan hills washed in sunlight, with cypress trees swaying gently in the breeze along the walls of a romantic Roman villa. To achieve this look for your wedding venue, there are a few things to look for during the selection process. Columns, arched doorways and windows and a soft, neutral color palette set the stage for a romantic Italian escape.

Venues that offer outdoor gardens or patios are an excellent choice – consider opting for bright, elegant spaces with architectural details, decorative embellishments or historical elements. Sunny gardens and courtyards, especially those with fountains, floral archways and manicured lawns, will allow you to create a serene country atmosphere.

Color Palettes for a Roman Villa Wedding

The colors of Tuscany are vibrant yet understated, offering brides who choose these wedding colors a wide variety of flowers and accessories to choose from. Warm, saturated greens, oranges, golds, pinks and reds mimic the hillsides, tile roofs and abundant flowers of the Italian countryside.

These tones lend themselves very well to late summer and early fall weddings, especially those held outdoors in the late afternoon hours. This color palette is also great for the wedding party, since the shades flatter most skin tones. You can easily incorporate many natural elements, from a grapevine archway to elegant floral centerpieces – which can be less expensive, thanks to the availability of beautiful silk flowers and arrangements.

Bouquets and Boutonnieres for a Roman Villa Wedding

There are a lot of options for bouquets and boutonnieres depending on the season in which you’ll be hosting your wedding. There are an abundance of colorful flowers for summer and fall events, from bright sunflowers, poppies and blush roses to deep red roses and rust-colored dahlias. Classic wedding flowers such as calla lilies, orchids and carnations in many different colors are also popular choices.

Bouquets are a great opportunity to be unique by incorporating Italian elements such as twisting vines, grapes (artificial, please!), cypress springs and pampas grass for warm-weather affairs or wheat stalks and feathers for fall harvest times events. Simple burgundy, white or blush roses paired with one of these unique pieces make elegant but masculine boutonnieres.

Food for a Roman Villa Wedding

Italy is wine country, and a Roman Villa wedding is a perfect opportunity to share some of the country’s best vintages on any budget. Options include offering a wine bar at the reception or a curated wine tasting, including a variety of red, white, blush and sparkling wines. Have your favorite selections imported directly from Italy, or choose from a wide range of fantastic-yet-affordable options from a reputable wine shop.

When it comes to food, there are a few different ways you can go. Offering plated meals allows your guests to savor the perfect combination of food and wine pairings, while hot or cold hors d’oeuvres allows them to sample a variety of small, expertly paired bites. Classic Italian fare can also be easily adapted for your vegetarian and vegan guests.

Portrait Props for a Roman Villa Wedding

Wedding portraits are one of the most cherished keepsakes from your big day – you can look back on them for years to come, remembering details, feelings, even family members who may have passed on. Because a Roman villa wedding can be simple, extravagant or anywhere in between, you can create the perfect look for your photos with furniture, fabric and more.

Vintage furniture, covered in velvets and other lush fabrics, adds an element of grandeur and Old World elegance to your photos. You don’t need to use it indoors, either – you’ll look equally stunning outside. Other options for wedding portrait props include potted cypress trees, flower-draped pergolas and warm wooden accent pieces like benches, chairs and even repurposed church pews.

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for a Roman Villa Wedding

When it comes to photos – especially wedding photos – natural light is best, so take advantage of your surroundings. Look for spots at your venue that have architectural characteristics of an Italian country house, such as high, arches doorways, vaulted ceilings, tiled roofs or stone walkways. Natural elements such as tall, thin evergreen trees, trimmed hedge-gardens and fountains offer numerous different environments to enjoy.

If you’ll be indoors for most of the event, whether during a snowy winter or very hot summer, you can still use props, furniture and other designs to achieve a beautiful Roman villa photo shoot. Let in as much natural light as possible and design your portrait area around the location’s best décor element, such as a windowed corner or furnished room.

Favors and Gifts for a Roman Villa Wedding

Wedding favors and bridal party gifts are a way to show your appreciation for the support of family and friends on your big day. Like other elements of your wedding, it’s best not to leave them until the end to ensure you find exactly what you want.

For your guests, you can’t go wrong with edible gifts. Sample-sized bottles of Italian wine, olive oil, olives, handmade pastas or heirloom sauces make beautifully-packaged gifts, and you won’t have to worry about them collecting dust, getting lost in a move or not being someone’s particular style. Your guests can fully enjoy your gift on a special occasion of their own.

For the bridal party, consider something that will be usable on any occasion, such as skin care products,  leather accessories or silver jewelry.

Wedding Invitations for a Roman Villa Wedding

The first impression most of your friends and family will get of your wedding is on the invitation they receive. With an elegant Roman villa theme, your wedding invitations can be as simple or decorative as you wish. Whether it’s a traditional seven-piece invitation suite or a single, well-printed card, wow your guests with a beautiful presentation.

A Roman villa is the pinnacle of countryside elegance, and lends itself well to rich florals and delicate design elements. Since flowers are so colorful, it’s an easy way to incorporate your wedding colors early in the process, giving your guests a taste of what’s to come – and seeing them in print for the first time yourself is exciting too! Add a personal touch to the envelopes with embossed ink or hand-written calligraphy.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Roman Villa Wedding

Wedding dresses are one of if not the most personal piece of clothing you will own. Although there are a few well-known elements to a Roman-style wedding gown, like any other type of fashion, you’ll find many different interpretations and dresses made to suit your body type and aesthetic.

If you plan to choose a traditional white wedding gown, you can find several gowns with elements of Roman style. A deep v-neck dress with an accentuated waist and flowing skirt adds and air of romance, while a sleek a-line gown with a draped neckline and back – reminiscent of a tunic – adds a modern feel.

A Roman villa theme is also a perfect opportunity to experiment with color – after all, wedding gowns weren’t always white. Soft colors such as blush pink and barely-there blue play perfectly with the nature-inspired décor, as well as dresses accented with floral crowns or embellishments.

Budget for a Roman Villa Wedding

One of the earliest and most important parts of wedding planning is setting a budget for the entire event and deciding where you want to spend your funds. A Roman villa wedding offers a lot of leeway as far as event design – you can have a simple courtyard ceremony and reception with close family and friends or an extravagant event with hundreds of well-wishers.

If you plan on giving yourself and your guests a no-holds-barred experience, you can dedicate a significant portion of your budget to décor, entertainment, food and drink and the dress of your dreams. If you’d rather spend big later – say for your honeymoon, or a home – you can trim some of your wedding day budget by choosing a simple dress, serving appetizers and punch, hiring a local musician or DJ and putting your DIY skills to use.

Floral-inspired roman villa wedding editorial

With an unbelievably romantic Roman villa as its setting, today’s floral-inspired wedding inspiration shoot from Rochelle Cheever Photography is an absolute stunner. Featuring two gorgeous gowns, a ruffle cake, and loads of beautiful blooms, it’s simply breathtaking!

Pink Jimmy Choo pumps | Rochelle Cheever Photography | see more on:
Floral print wedding dress | Rochelle Cheever Photography | see more on:
Pink rose flower crown | Rochelle Cheever Photography | see more on:
Floral print wedding dress | Rochelle Cheever Photography | see more on:
Pink rose flower crown | Rochelle Cheever Photography | see more on:
Ruffle wedding cake | Rochelle Cheever Photography | see more on:
Floral print wedding dress | Rochelle Cheever Photography | see more on:
Roman villa wedding | Rochelle Cheever Photography | see more on:
Roman villa wedding | Rochelle Cheever Photography | see more on:
Pink rose bridal bouquet | Rochelle Cheever Photography | see more on:
Ruffle wedding cake with ribbon | Rochelle Cheever Photography | see more on:
Pink and green bridal bouquet | Rochelle Cheever Photography | see more on:
Roman villa wedding | Rochelle Cheever Photography | see more on:
Ballerina wedding dress | Rochelle Cheever Photography | see more on:
Ballerina tulle wedding dress | Rochelle Cheever Photography | see more on:
First dance | Rochelle Cheever Photography | see more on:

From Rochelle Cheever Photography – “All roads lead to Rome in this spectacular autumn shoot with our beautiful model, Sasha, and her lovely Italian actor counterpart. Set at the historic Villa on the Appia Antica, the brisk November weather made for a lovely shoot. Constructed in the 3rd century BC, the Via Appia is one of the oldest and most central roads in Rome – and one of the prettiest, in my opinion!

The Villa on the Appia Antica is a favourite spot for the planner and stylist Elena to host parties year-round, so it made perfect sense to use it for the shoot. No-Tabrizi provided the stunning floral arrangements featured, while the lovely Janita Helova styled Sasha’s hair and makeup. Altogether, it made for a gorgeous and memorable photo shoot.”

Credits: Photographer: Rochelle Cheever Photography // Wedding Planner & Stylist: GG Events // Floral Design: Noosheen // Beauty: Janita Helova // Dress: Atelier Aimee // Shoes: Jimmy Choo // Models: Pietro Masotti and Sasha Starostina // Film Development: Richard Photo Lab // Venue: Villa Relais Appia Antica in Rome, Italy.