Rocky Beach Wedding

What could be more enchanting than a wedding taking place on a rocky shoreline? From the sea glass to the incredible sunset, the images here will inspire you to consider celebrating your nuptials by the sea.

Even the elegant dishware suits the theme and we think the bride is beyond romantic. We love her stylish updo and the dress just says it all! A rocky beach wedding? When do we begin planning?

Details for a Rocky Beach Wedding

Rocky beach weddings have a magical, mystical vibe to them. The crash of the surf against the rocks, sunshine, and endless sea create a beautiful atmosphere for the wedding. Rocky beach wedding venue decoration should be inspired by the sand, gravel, colours of the sea, and raw elements.

The best about beach weddings is that couples can add minor enhancements throughout the ceremony and reception by including conch shells on invites, coloured sea glass, reclaimed wood, and more. Ensuring natural elements to add to the rocky wedding will make the entire setting look gorgeous, help guests understand the theme, and aid in deciding an apt wedding budget to suit all special requirements.

What to Look for in Venue for a Rocky Beach Wedding

Most people will not always consider a rocky beach stretch and prefer a straightforward venue for their wedding. However, rocky beaches offer more substance, glorious views, and sounds to enhance the ceremony – like waves crashing against the rocks. Since many rocky shores are private, it would be best to scout various beaches, find one that best suits your needs, and inquire about bookings and reservations.

It is essential to remember that the wedding venue should be meaningful to the couple and reflect their life together. After all, weddings are the start of a fabulous journey, and the space should reflect this commitment to each other. Many couples select rocky beaches as a testament that they are willing to stand by each other through tough times and still enjoy the beauty of their relationship.

Colour Palettes for a Rocky Beach Wedding

When planning a rocky beach wedding, the beauty must come from your chosen colours. Seaside weddings are most natural and earthy, with a calming breeze that transcends all the trials and tribulations of life. Your wedding colours should reflect this inner calm and peace with your partner.

Shades of desert rose, teal blue, white, blush, ombre sky blue, and cantaloupe go gorgeously together and create a stunning overall effect. Another trendy beach wedding colour is sage green. When paired with sky blue, grey-green, dark blue, tan, and white, the palette pops out and makes for a beautiful wedding.

Food for a Rocky Beach Wedding

Depending upon the wedding venue, location, and flavor palates, the wedding food should reflect the surroundings. If the wedding is at a destination, the idea menu should be based on local foods and flavors.

If the wedding food is to be authentic, it is best to research local cuisines, caterers, and bakers. Many wedding caterers also offer a package for various styles of menu choices. If the area is known for its fresh seafood, adding some shrimp cocktails, plantain appetisers, coconut water, and more to the menu will add beauty. Be mindful of the regional produce, and ensure that your guests get to experience some of the local foods and culture at your wedding.

Table Setting Style for a Rocky Beach Wedding

Table setting should not be restricted to the theme. Since it is a rocky beach wedding, the bride and groom have a lot of scope to play around with different table setting styles. This is the perfect time to rely heavily on your chosen colour palette. If you want to opt for a French class, a chic, bohemian style, or a classic table setting, you can simply rearrange a few things without having to compromise on the theme.

A good idea is to draw inspiration from driftwood (as place settings) or hand-painted sea glass. A bare wooden table (without a table runner) set with bold, colourful flowers, some candles, and some fresh tropical fruits cut up to make a centrepiece would also work wonders.

Budget for a Rocky Beach Wedding

Many couples prefer having the wedding ceremony on a rocky stretch of the beach and a reception at a flat expanse nearby. Doing this saves costs since there is hardly any décor for the wedding – just a few wedding bouquets, flowers, no seating, and an acoustic band playing in sync with the waves.

Couples need to decide on the wedding budget for the venue, reception décor, music and entertainment, photographers, videographers, caterers, wedding cake, florists, wedding favours, wedding rings, bridal gowns, and tuxedos, bridesmaids and groomsmen clothes, and staff. While deciding the budget, you should also consider travel and accommodation for your guests (if needed). Stay and meals take up a considerable chunk of the money and should not be taken lightly.

Wedding Invitations for a Rocky Beach Wedding

The wedding invitations should be designed only once the wedding venue and the wedding colours are finalised. Remember that the invite is the first thing that guests see, and it will play a significant role in the overall theme. When deciding on the invites, you can opt for tropical palettes to add colour, blue and coral (timeless beach classics), seafoam and lemon (slightly unconventional, but extremely pretty), and more.

If you want to go entirely paperless for 'save the dates' and wedding invitations, you can modify the designs with some motifs like seashells, waves, beach and palm trees, and so on. However, you must include the wedding theme, dress code (if any), and any special considerations.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Rocky Beach Wedding

Brides can opt for full-length gowns with accessories to ensure that all the attention is on them. While trying out different wedding dresses, what matters most is the fabric. It would be folly to select a thick and heavy fabric like velvet. The reason for this is that sand may stick to the material and ruin your entire look on your big day.

It is best to select fabrics like chiffon, lace, satin, silk, and gauze to ensure you have a light, airy feel to the dress. In case the sand does stick to the wedding dress, you can remove it with a few swipes of your hand. Accessories should be minimal, with a few hair clips and pins to secure the hair, minimal jewellry, and light makeup, with a blue bracelet or vintage hairpin.

Groom Style for a Rocky Beach Wedding

Grooms have a lot more maneuverability than brides. They can opt for floral suits in blue, pastel suits, or a navy blue tuxedo. However, while making a selection, it is necessary to consider that sand may stick to the legs of the trousers. For this reason, selecting cotton trousers is a must. Since a beach wedding vibe is calm, relaxed, and fun, grooms and groomsmen can opt for beige, off-white, khaki, and tan suits.

A relaxed fit suit in offset colours of tan trousers, white shirt, and dark blue jacket will also look debonair while ensuring the outfit is chic yet casual. Grooms can also pull off brighter colours with a bright blue suit, white shirt, floral or tropical ties, and a printed handkerchief to stay trendy.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Rocky Beach Wedding

Seaside soirees need gorgeous cakes. Decorating the cake with edible palms, seashells, aqua tones and themes, or colourful leaves is a fantastic idea. One striking wedding cake style is a stark white wedding cake with tropical leaves and a pineapple filling. Other fillings could also be coconut, passionfruit, pineapple, and berries.

Suppose you're looking for a modern take on the wedding cake. In that case, sugar waves in a contemporary style with edible berry vines, gold detailing, and cream frosting inspired by natural elements will also be incredible. Remember that the wedding cake should represent the theme and contribute to the overall colour palette.

Whimsical rocky coast wedding inspiration

Using Maine’s rocky coast as inspiration as well as the stunning sunset, Amanda Berube Photography and her super talented team of wedding vendors crafted a wedding inspiration shoot that is light, airy, whimsical, and perfectly romantic.

Seaglass escort cards | Amanda Berube Photography | see more on:
Vintage inspired cake with ribbons | Amanda Berube Photography | see more on:
Gorgeous wedding dress | Amanda Berube Photography | see more on:
Watercolor wedding invitations | Amanda Berube Photography | see more on:
Floral centerpiece for a beach wedding | Amanda Berube Photography | see more on:
Cake with ribbon details | Amanda Berube Photography | see more on:
Intimate beach wedding reception | Amanda Berube Photography | see more on:
Fishtail braid | Amanda Berube Photography | see more on:
Seaglass inspired wedding favors | Amanda Berube Photography | see more on:
Glamorous wedding dress | Amanda Berube Photography | see more on:
Watercolor wedding invitations | Amanda Berube Photography | see more on:
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Ribbon detail on cake | Amanda Berube Photography | see more on:
Green and white bridal bouquet | Amanda Berube Photography | see more on:
Vintage china place setting | Amanda Berube Photography | see more on:
Beach wedding ideas | Amanda Berube Photography | see more on:
Sunset off the coast of Maine | Amanda Berube Photography | see more on:

This rocky coastline couldn’t be any more intimate for a wedding – it’s beautiful! The bride’s makeup is flawless and that cake with its streaming ribbons has to be one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen. Combine all that with the perfect sunset inspired color palette and it’s pure magic.

Credits: Photography: Amanda Berube Photography // Event Design: A Family Affair // Flowers: Watershed Floral // Cake: Pastry Chef Taylor Whitcomb // Candy Favors: Nothing Bakes Like a Parrot // Paper: Parrot Design Studio // Hair: Nina Morrison with Coco Cheveux // Makeup: Kimberly Collins of The Makeup Diva // Wedding Dress: Andrea’s Bridal & Formal // Sea Glass: Oh My Deer Handmades // Model: Emma King Modeling // Venue: Two Lights State Park in Maine.