This inspirational wedding photo shoot spells fun from beginning to end. A teepee, a retro airstream, and Spanish influenced colors make it a stand-out affair!

What to Look for in a Venue for a Retro Airstream Spanish Wedding

When you consider a gorgeous theme like retro airstream Spanish, you should think of sprawling outdoor estates. The dreamscape of the wedding venue should be limitless and combined with the creativity and flair present in Spanish weddings, you should have your dream wedding venue precisely as you have envisioned.

For this reason, many of the historic manor houses of old Texas, vineyards with barns, and estates like Madera Estate (with a gorgeous retro airstream), modeled after the historic Mexican town of San Miguel de Allende, are perfect for Spanish vintage weddings. The venue's natural beauty, grace, and prominence should help you customize your designs with simplicity and elegance.

Color Palettes for a Retro Airstream Spanish Wedding

Spanish wedding colors can have several bright shades mixed with neutrals, whites, and tans. Featuring throughout the Spanish wedding should be authentic retro colors like mustard, orange, red, and pink. You can combine these bright colors to make a colorful impact while offsetting the decor with neutrals and off-whites.

The trick with a retro airstream wedding is getting the balance between colors right each time. The fun thing here is that the silver airstream makes the ideal backdrop for sensational colors. Enjoy the process of decorating while keeping the colors in balance.

Details for a Retro Airstream Spanish Wedding

Spanish retro airstream weddings should have details that fit with the vintage time scheme. You could think of including handmade cushions and covers from Mexico, silver hanging ornaments to contrast the retro decor, a black and white striped awning, and more.

There are plenty of details that you could add to the overall Spanish vibe of the wedding, like having tree stumps for lounge chairs to sit and relax. You could also include a small coffee table for guests to relax and enjoy the Spanish feel of the wedding. Having oversized lanterns (with electric tea lights) can add to the beauty and romance of a gorgeous ceremony while providing enough light for guests to enjoy themselves as they mingle.

Food for a Retro Airstream Spanish Wedding

Sticking with the theme of Spanish weddings, consider some excellent food options. Most wedding guests will look forward to the Spanish feast instead of the standard dishes. You should plan the menu around Spanish favorites like paella, Jamon Serrano, plenty of olives and olive oil, cheeses, sherry, other berry-flavored wines, and plenty of seafood specialties.

Since nothing stops you from getting creative at the wedding, you could serve guests some authentic gazpacho, ham and olive oil tapas, fried fish with a variety of dipping sauces, pisto (quite similar to the French ratatouille), fried octopus, sirloin, and pork options. You should also remember to have a wide range of healthy salads and vegan and vegetarian options for guests who do not consume meat.

Table Setting Style for a Retro Airstream Spanish Wedding

Retro airstream Spanish wedding tables can be decorated with homemade patterns and unique designs. For this reason, you could plan a table setting with an embroidered tablecloth in pink, yellow, green, and purple flowers. However, if you would like to stick to a modern yet romantic table setting style, you could think of an off0white tablecloth.

For the centerpiece, you should consider a tall vase with native textural greens and florals of light yellow carnations, pink Matsumoto mini asters, monte cassino asters, and red alstroemeria, orange spray chrysanthemums, and some eucalyptus. You can include vintage silver metal plates and silver cutlery and decorate the chairs with some vines and greens.

Wedding Dresses and Accessories for a Retro Airstream Spanish Wedding

The wedding dress for a retro airstream Spanish bride need not be colorful. Instead, you should contrast the overall bright feel of the wedding and opt for a gorgeous wedding dress in ivory or pearl white. A lacy ensemble in A-line with voluminous skirts, full lacy sleeves, and a sweetheart neckline will add to the overall glamor of your look.

For accessories, diamond hoop earrings, a diamond bracelet in one hand and a designer watch in the other, and gorgeously done nails can complete the look. If you're planning an outdoor wedding, it is best to stick to flat slide sandals like the Tinee range from Nine West.

Wedding Invitations for a Retro Airstream Spanish Wedding

The wedding invitations will set the tone for the entire ceremony and reception. Ensure that the invites convey the right message to your wedding guests. With invitations, you can state the wedding theme as a note or postscript, or you could ensure that the wedding stationery is colorful enough to convey the theme. Include a picture of an airstream for fun and to give an indication of the wedding vibe.

You can have a pink or blush outline of silhouetted flowers on the invites (around the top and bottom) with the script in retro cursive handwriting. You could also opt for some colorful florals around the invitation and the envelope and ensure the writing is in calligraphy. While planning the design, ensure you leave enough space to get the script perfectly in place.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Retro Airstream Spanish Wedding

You do not need a colorful wedding cake to have the retro airstream Spanish theme stand out. Instead, you could opt for a heavenly confection in silver glitter, edible silver foil, white frosting with fondant, and candied gemstones. The multi-tiered cake can have silver glitter on the lowest layer, with white frosting waves on the tier above it. A slightly larger layered tier with white fondant and floral patterns etched and a small layer above the edible gemstone will look gorgeous.

You could opt for a stunning edible silver foil cake topped with a huge white icing flower to finish the cake. This cake will match your airstream and be the showstopper you need!

Portrait Props for a Retro Airstream Spanish Wedding

There are several excellent portrait props you could include in a retro airstream Spanish detailed wedding. When you think of wedding portrait props, you should ensure there is a utility for them too. For instance, hang lanterns on your retro airstream close to the awning, make it look cozy, and add seating arrangements around it for guests.

You could also install a gorgeous wooden teepee with crawling green native vines and a bouquet of colorful florals at the top, tying it together. You can get some fabulous photographs with either of these props to add to the beautiful memories of your big day.

Ceremony Decor for a Retro Airstream Spanish Wedding

The ceremony decor for the retro wedding should fit with the overall color scheme of the

event. However, if you want, you could add extra florals like bougainvillea to the decor to brighten it up further. For outdoor ceremonies, the decorations can be in the form of a bridal arch filled with native greens, textured vines, and a profusion of colorful flowers. The bridal arch can also have ribbons in blush, peach, and orange.

Will part or all of the wedding be an outdoor event? A grassy pathway with rose petals lined with white urns filled with orange, white, yellow, and purple flowers for the bridal aisle can complete the look. You could also decorate each chair with a green bouquet (sans flowers) to increase the overall beauty.

Retro Wedding With Spanish Flare

From Heather Benge Events“The beautiful Madera Estates in The Woodlands, Texas, sits on 17 acres and the owners have a 1966 vintage air stream on the property that I just knew had to be a focal point of this inspirational shoot!

The venue has a Spanish flare so we decided to mix that with a little retro vintage aspect and THIS is what we came up with!”

Flower covered teepee | Dana Fernandez Photography
Spanish inspired wedding invitations | Dana Fernandez Photography
Airstream wedding | Dana Fernandez Photography
Bright colorful bridal bouquet | Dana Fernandez Photography
Silver wedding cake | Dana Fernandez Photography
Wedding day makeup | Dana Fernandez Photography
Silver charger plates | Dana Fernandez Photography
Lace wedding dress | Dana Fernandez Photography
Bright colorful bouquet with orange tulips | Dana Fernandez Photography
Glitter manicure | Dana Fernandez Photography

From Heather Benge Events –“We choose to bring in lots of bright colours in the florals and styling pieces (including handmade pillows flown in from Mexico!). We included silver metal charger plates to tie in the shiny silver camper and that black and white striped awning was to die for.

The teepee is one of my favourite details and I love how the greenery flows down the each of the wooden posts. Lanterns adorned the air stream and we created a lounge using over-sized tree stumps. The telescope with its stunning overhead centrepiece really brings the florals to a new level!”

Tall, colorful floral centerpieces | Dana Fernandez Photography
Hand-lettered fabric | Dana Fernandez Photography
Colorful watercolor wedding invitations | Dana Fernandez Photography
Bridesmaids dress | Dana Fernandez Photography
Airstream Texas wedding | Dana Fernandez Photography
Colorful bridal bouquets | Dana Fernandez Photography
Lace wedding dress | Dana Fernandez Photography

Credits: Photography: Dana Fernandez Photography // Concept & Design: Heather Benge Events // Flowers: Carter’s Florist // Cake: Edible Designs By Jessie // Jewelry: Thomas Markle Jewelers // Gowns: Houston Bridal Gallery // Stationery: Letters & Grace // Hair: Amanda Haley Hair Co. // Makeup: Simple Beauty Artistry // Venue: Madera Estates in the Woodlands, Texas.

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