Top 8 Real Estate Photographers in Phoenix, AZ

Top 8 Real Estate Photographers in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, Arizona — where your neighbors and community are just as warm and vibrant as the sun itself. This sunny city has long been touted as a retirement paradise, but it can be so much more than that. Young professionals, families, and creatives thrive within the city's dynamic energy. Because of this, the city draws many new residents, many of them looking for new homes to rent or buy.

If you own properties in Phoenix, this is an opportune time to get the word out there and get your properties noticed. One way to do that is to post beautiful, high-quality photos of your homes online—and the best way to go about it is to hire a professional photographer. Catch the eyes of your market with stylized real estate photography from the region's best and brightest.

Ready to start your search for real estate photographers in Phoenix? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your property.

Desert Lens Real Estate Photography

Desert Lens Real Estate Photography was founded by two Phoenix-based real estate photographers, Cole Rhodes and Ethan Maurice. Cole's interesting background in public relations and aviation proved serendipitous, as it brought him to Phoenix for flight school, where he met Ethan and thus co-founded their real estate photography company. Ethan is a true Phoenix local whose passion for photography was sparked as he cycled across the United States, documenting the incredible sites he saw.

Cole and Ethan bring a whole new meaning to "premium real estate photography" with their cutting-edge photography techniques and technology that ensure only the most beautiful photos will be produced. Their "Desert Lens High Dynamic Range Photograph" sets them apart, which combines artistic vision and careful editing to help your property look its best in every photograph.

Skousen Real Estate Photography

Skousen Real Estate Photography was founded by Camille Skousen. Camille's vision was to create a one-stop-shop for all your real estate media needs: whether you are looking for real estate photography, videography, or even aerial photography and videography, Skousen Real Estate Photography will deliver those high-quality shots in as short a turnaround time as possible.

Camille understands how crucial it is to present your home or property in the best light to help it stand out in a competitive Phoenix real estate market. With her extensive training in professional photography, latest-technology equipment, and detailed editing techniques, Camille can easily bring out your property's warmth, excitement, and beauty with her photographs.

Phoenix Real Estate Photography

Mike Small is a professional commercial photographer that focuses on residential and commercial real estate photography. With over a decade of experience, Mike has built a brand and real estate photography style that is truly recognizable and, as his clients put it, "sells homes." Through his company, Phoenix Real Estate Photography, Mike has photographed thousands of homes, many of them in the highly-competitive market of the Metro Phoenix area.

Because so much of homebuying is now done online, Mike knows how crucial it is to have high-quality photographs that can capture the attention of your potential buyers and go from viewing through a screen, to viewing in person. If you want to upscale your clients' viewing experiences, you can ask Mike about his 3D virtual tour services, which are sure to help your property stand out and get noticed.


Snap2Close is one of the leading real estate media providers in Phoenix, offering a wide variety of photography and videography services for realtors and homeowners alike. Founded by Charlie Taylor, Snap2Close takes pride in being a real estate photography-only company, allowing them to focus and hone their crafts to deliver top-notch quality photos that are a cut above the rest.

The team of photographers at Snap2Close are all seasoned professionals that are experts in their respective real estate photography niches. They use only true professional equipment that requires great skill to optimize so that they can breathe life into your property photos - getting you closer to that deal in record time.

Stephen Shefrin Photography

Stephen Shefrin started his photography journey in 1997 with a photography class in college—this immediately sparked his lifelong passion for photography, pushing him to take formal education on the art skill and become a full-fledged professional photographer in 2003. For the better part of two decades, Stephen has dedicated himself to exploring the incredible world of photography in all its niches and styles.

Stephen's current specialization is in architecture and real estate photography and is extremely popular among Phoenix homeowners and realtors for its vibrant, inviting qualities. As a photo artist, he wants to help boost a property's standing on online listings and websites. If you're looking for someone who can bring a bit of fun and creativity to your property listing posts, look no further.

Reflecting Walls Photography

Reflecting Walls Photography has been in operation since 2014, delivering high-quality real estate photography, videography, and aerial photography and videography services in Arizona. As a family-owned business, they take great pride in ensuring fantastic customer experience, making your project with them a pleasant and fun one.

Reflecting Walls Photography uses proprietary techniques to boost the quality of their real estate photography versus their competitors, all while sticking to your timeline and budget. If this will be your first time engaging professional real estate photographers, no need to worry—Reflecting Walls has a handy FAQ ready on their website to guide you and make the photographing process smoothly efficient.

Picture My Listing

Picture My Listing is a real estate media company based in Arizona that offers luxurious and environmentally-conscious photography. The owner and founder of Picture My Listing, Ensuel, started his career in real estate photography in 2016 with another company before venturing out and starting his own real estate media company. While Ensuel's goal is simple—photograph your listing—you will be wowed by the breathtaking photos he takes of properties and locations all over Arizona.

Since 2019, Picture My Listing has photographed nearly a thousand properties in addition to creating videography and aerial videography content for realtors and homeowners. Ensuel is dedicated to bringing you high-quality and detail-oriented photography to ensure that your goal of a sale or rental will be achieved.

Andrew Lakotko Photography

Andrew Lakotko is an established architectural photographer and videographer based in Arizona. Andrew's background is interesting; while working as a chef in Copenhagen, he started to gain an interest in architecture. He combined this with his love for photography so that he could capture the sites he saw around him, and eventually found his way towards becoming a professional architectural photographer.

Andrew sees architecture not just as a property or a structure, but as a space that can create feeling and emotion, and define itself through its own characteristics. His photography technique evolves constantly, and each iteration is an improvement upon the last. Andrew's stunning architectural photography has been featured in numerous publications. If you're looking for a photographer to take high-class and out-of-the-box photos of your properties, he will be your perfect match.

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