Top 7 Real Estate Photographers in Newark, NJ

Top 7 Real Estate Photographers in Newark, NJ

In real estate, most prospective buyers and renters make up their minds when they look at a property's photos. These images determine the physical visit and eventually - the purchase itself. Thus, it is essential that your property images stand out among hundreds of other listings.

This where real estate photographers come in. Those in Newark, New Jersey especially the understand the value of local real estate. These pros stage and capture high-quality, commercial-grade photos of properties to attract a prospective buyer or renter right to you.

Ready to start your search for real estate photographers in Newark? Check out this list of the city’s top talent to find the best match for your property shoot.

Irina Mason Photography

Irina Mason is an accomplished real estate photographer with many years of hardened experience under her belt. As a result, she's widely considered one of the best in the region. Originally from Russia, Irina later moved to the USA to follow her photographic dreams.

Irina runs this trendy photography studio in Newark and happily services North Jersey, Central Jersey, and New York City, among other areas. She's a familiar face in the commercial photography segment and carries a special passion for shooting real estate photos with an aspiring touch.

RP Photos

Realty Property (RP) Photography is a real estate photography studio serving the tri-states of Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Delaware. Specializing in shooting high-quality and high-res photos of your real estate properties helping you to sell or rent them out in the quickest time possible.

These days everyone with a smartphone camera feels they can shoot amazing photos. But there is a difference in quality, resolution, and most importantly, detail, and that's what RP Photos brings to the table. RP Photos works every assignment with the same level of commitment, by investing in the best gear out there and spending quite a bit of time making professional, magazine-style photos that sell.

VBI Real Estate Photography

Serving the New Jersey North/Central areas, VBI Real Estate Photography works with many agencies and brokerage firms to produce beautiful quality magazine-style photos of real estate properties. If you're looking for magazine-quality photos for your next real estate project, you don't have to look any further, as VBI Real Estate Photography is more than capable of handling any tasks in this domain.

VBI serves small businesses and are renowned by clients past and present for their quality work. Apart from photography, they also provide 3D virtual tours, floor plans, and virtual staging, in great demand.

Euphoria Photography & Design

Behind the name, Euphoria Photography & Design is the face of Elizabeth. She's always been keen on every kind of art form and photography soon became a career she could be proud of.  

Starting as a portrait photographer, Elizabeth quickly transitioned into more genres and matured as a wiz behind the camera. Today, Euphoria services practically all genres, including event, product, maternity, food, fashion, family, and of course - real estate photography.

TFG Products

If you're looking for one business that does real estate photography and nothing else, TFG products would be high on that list of potential companies. Over the years, they've worked with many different brokerage firms and real estate agencies and produced hundreds and thousands of photos of residential and commercial properties.

TFG is known to do real estate video walkthroughs, 360-degree virtual tours, and complete floor plans. This advanced photography allows audiences to know the interior and exterior of a home better than ever.


Visual Grip fields an expert team of choice real estate photographers. Their goal as a studio is simple: to enhance the value of your home with their photography.

Visual Grip begins work by first understanding your needs. They go from there, preparing a blueprint of the work and then assigning a specific photographer capable of achieving the objective(s). The studio's end results can be seen - and admired - within their portfolio.

Toks Adesanya Real Estate Photography

Behind the brand name, Toks Adesanya Real Estate Photography in the face of Toks, a Newark-based real estate photography professional with years of experience shooting photos for the real estate industry.

Toks is a Nigerian-American and has worked as a real estate photographer for several years now. He wanted to be a photojournalist but branched out to shoot portraits and cover events and exhibitions. A few years later, real estate became one of his specialties, as he started to serve the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and New Jersey. Toks uses state-of-the-art photography gear and is ready to take up any real estate photography assignments for you and yours.

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