One of the best ways to get your property noticed online is by making sure you have beautiful, eye-catching photos of the home. With the increasingly online presence of realtors, homeowners, and potential tenants and buyers, a property needs to be able to stand out in the few seconds it's given to make an impression as clients scroll through listings. No matter how spacious, cozy, or family-friendly your property may be, if it's not captured and conveyed through photos, there's a good chance it will remain vacant.

In Wisconsin or otherwise, this is where a professional real estate photographer can help you. Real estate photographers are experts at turning an otherwise dull, empty space into something that is lively, inviting, and full of potential. Taking a good property photo can be quite tricky because of the nature of the inanimate subject, which is why it is important to leave it to the professionals if you want high-quality photos to accompany your listing.

Ready to start your search for real estate photographers in Madison? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your property.

Greven Photographics

George, the owner and founder of Greven Photographics, has a background in fine art in addition to his expertise in photography. Interestingly, his career didn't start with photography; George was first an art director, conceptualizing and executive wide-scale campaigns with some of the nation's top professional photographers.

When George eventually shifted to full-time professional photography, he had a unique value that not many other photographers can claim to have: he thinks like a graphic artist, a marketing professional, a fine-art educated creative, and a photographer. Whether your property is residential or commercial, George can help you turn it into a visual story that captures the attention of your target market quickly and efficiently.

WireBus Media LLC

WireBus Media was founded by professional photographer Dan Barrett. Dan has been in the industry for over 15 years, honing his technical craft and his relationships with customers to ensure that they always close a project with him satisfied and eager to work with him again.

Dan primarily specializes in portrait photography, but has also recently ventured into real estate photography. Because of his background, he brings a unique perspective to capturing houses, homes, and properties—inherently a storyteller, Dan looks for ways to make your property come alive and speak to potential clients from a single photo. He's well on his way to becoming a fast favorite among Madison homeowners and realtors.

Step Inside Media

Step Inside Media is a company that provides real estate media services to homeowners, realtors, investors, and buyers in the Madison area. Founded in 2015 by Kristine Marks (who also serves as the chief photographer), it has remained a family-operated business and works directly with clients in the state. Aside from real estate photography, Step Inside Media also offers drone photography, 3D tours, and real estate videography.

Step Inside focuses solely on real estate photography, which means their team has a skill set that is specifically built to produce and create magazine-quality photos of their clients' properties. They also take great pride in being a "technology-forward" company, constantly updating their techniques and editing processes to keep up with industry standards and help your property shine.

Nicole Hansen Photography

Nicole Hansen, or Nikki as she prefers to be called, founded her company Nicole Handsen Photography as a way to pursue her passion for photography flexibly, allowing her to devote more time to her family and children. Nikki is a self-taught photographer but has been taking photos for over seven years, drawn to the art form's combination of working with people and exercising creativity on a daily basis.

Nikki has a wide repertoire of photography services, and among them is interior photography. If you find that your listing needs a little more emphasis on the beautiful decor and interior details, she can absolutely help you bring them out through her carefully-composed and edited magazine-esque photos.

Kyleen Dzploch Photography

Kyleen Dzploch is a professional photographer who specializes in wedding, portrait, and real estate photography. She currently photographs properties and real estate listings for Wisign Photo LLC, where she showcases her incredible technique and creative vision to produce beautiful, clean, and timeless photos.

Kyleen's prowess in real estate, architecture, and interior design photography is evident from her many happy clients' feedback and the beautiful display of photos she features on her social media accounts. Her images often evoke a sense of emotion in the viewer. In fact, seeing Kyleen's property photos might just be the little push a future client needs to pick up the phone and call you about your listing.

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