Top Real Estate Photographers in Eugene, OR

Top Real Estate Photographers in Eugene, OR

Selling or renting out your home is quite simple nowadays. You don’t need a realtor to stage an open house and you don’t need to go through the hassle of entertaining potential buyers. With the help of high-quality images, you can attract more buyers virtually, narrow them down and meet with only the people who are most likely to make an offer.

Eugene, Oregon is a gorgeous city to settle down, buy a house, and live the American dream. Take advantage of top real estate professionals to get your house on the market and as a hearth to a lucky buyer. Our advice: don't overlook the power of great photography - especially when it comes to architecture and design.

Ready to start your search for real estate photographers in Eugene? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your spot.

Shirtliff Designs

Shirtliff Designs can create stunning real estate images anytime. They use high-end Canon cameras and utilize the natural light and array of the lenses to capture the true beauty of a home.

Ashli Shirtliff, the head photographer at Shirtliff designs also utilizes the flash and uses HDR blend processing to ensure that your home photos look as natural as possible. Aside from taking stunning images, Shirtliff Designs also offer drone photos, videos, and virtual tours.

Jboy Photography

Jboy Photography has been helping clients in Eugene create fantastic real estate listings for the past 10 years. Although the company has been mostly taking wedding photos, the head photographer also has an incredible talent for architectural and real estate photography.

Jboy's photos tell a story with every angle and every detail, making the viewer wonder what it will feel like if they are living in that home. If you want someone who has a passion for photography to help you enhance your real estate listings, Jboy Photography is just one call away.

Real Lens Studios, Inc.

Real Lens Studios, Inc. offers many real estate photo services that can help you sell your home quickly. They also offer aerial images and video, allowing potential buyers to not only see the home but also see the surroundings and other assets that make your home even more attractive.

The company is a member of the prestigious Real Estate Photographers of America and International, and they are also members of Aerial Drone Photographers of America.

Chris Hampton Photography

Chris Hampton is a highly-talented real estate photographer and has a unique approach of capturing homes for potential buyers to see. Unlike other real estate photographers, Chris adds more than a little bit of artistry to his work.

He's a well-educated professional photographer who studied the elements of real estate photography. Chris has dedicated his life into perfecting his craft for clients, which makes him an excellent photographer overall.

Nick James Media

Nick James is a full-time Eugene-based photographer who specializes in real estate and architectural photography. With his experience, wisdom, and talent, he's someone you can definitely rely on to take stunning images of your home to improve your listing like never before.

Confident in his talent and passionate about helping the people that walk through his door, Nick's gallery is something worth seeing. If you want a talented and passionate photographer to handle your real estate photo needs, he'll make a mint choice.

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