Top 10 Real Estate Photographers in Beverly Hills, CA

Top 10 Real Estate Photographers in Beverly Hills, CA

Beverly Hills, California certainly has some of the most valuable real estate in the world. If you are looking of buying or selling a property here, you will want an absolute master behind the camera marketing your place from all angles. Lucky for you, we have gathered 10 of the best professionals in the area for you to review and hire as you please.

Ready to start your search for real estate photographers in Beverly Hills? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your home or business.

Bree McCool Photography

As a branding, lifestyle, and architectural photographer, Bree McCool truly lives up to her name. Her portfolio is cool and crisp, with smiling professionals and shining building interiors and exteriors.

Bree will scout your location, plan out your session, and seek your goals accordingly. She is here to help you out with professional content for yourself and your property, including their surrounding landscapes.

Thomas Teng Real Estate Photography

Thomas Teng provides “beautiful, luxury” real estate photography. His studio carries packages from A-D, each with a different selection of photos, fully edited and delivered for your purposes.

Thomas also utilizes drones and can capture your home or business from an aerial perspective. Comprehensive in his service, from residential to commercial spots - this studio’s primo services can be efficiently booked online.

Visual Media LA

Visual Media LA gives clients high-quality visual content using the latest in camera technologies.  From drone videography to Matterport 3D tours, this studio has got you covered with the best techniques in the industry.

Through photography, videography, and 3D tours through the interior and exterior of your home, Visual Media LA bundles all of their services for customers to explore. The studio’s portfolio features expert angles and bright vistas of grand buildings.

Virtually Here Studios

Virtually Here does architectural shots and interior photography. From a view of their Instagram portfolio, it’s clear the dedication to detail the photographers carry into the work with them.

Simple but well-refined shots of the main exterior, the rooms and windows, and the landscapes around the properties are all captured. Virtually Here allows the viewer to be just that - virtually there, within the confines of the property in view.

Corcino Productions

Corcino Productions is a visual production company focused on the cinematography around real estate. Passionate and driven by the quality of their work for clients, the Corcino team is mission-oriented at every turn.

The studio fields a team of specialists, each with a perspective they want to showcase in the real estate arena. In addition to customer properties, Corcino does event photography and marketing campaigning for clients as well.

Luke Gibson Photography

Luke Gibson is known as “Southern California’s choice real estate & architectural photographer.” Since 2005, Luke has provided photography and videography services to homeowners and businesses - and even takes to the sky with high-end drone cameras.

A proud member of the American Photographic Arts (APA), American Institute of Architects (AIA) Los Angeles, and Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Luke is certainly qualified to do all kinds of great real estate photography.

Scott Cullen

Scott Cullen is an artist – he's both a photographer and an actor operating out of West Hollywood. His photography work includes portraiture, lifestyle, events and architectural shoots.

A traveler and a part-time painter, this jack-of-all-trades wields a portfolio full of lively real estate interiors and exteriors. Scott has an understanding of what makes a living space inviting - and he can show you through his photographs.


RoSoFoto is a real estate and architectural photography studio in Los Angeles County led by professional photographers who understand the details most important to real estate customers. Do you know where to take your photo to capture the full dimensions of a space? Do you have lighting equipment and a camera with the necessary resolution to size the aura of a room?

RoSoFoto does and they look forward to being able to help you sell your property with their uplifting gallery. They want you to leave all your photographic needs to their expertise.

Katya Keely

Katya is a photographer interested in capturing “your creative sanctuary.” For brand and business marketing - and real estate with a sense of interior design - her photography services are available to clients.

Katya is after those moments that make us feel most alive - in photos and in life. Her portfolio reveals an attention to detail, including all the rooms and the objects within them that make a home special.

Erica Goddard Photography

Erica Goddard grew up on a chicken farm in Georgia, so she understands real work. A passion for photography led her to LA, where she’s been working as a photographer for 20 years. Some of Erica’s past work includes TV shows such as Survivor and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Erica’s photographic fields include lifestyle, portraits, headshots, boudoir, newborn - and real estate. In each of them, people and how they live are the heart of her frames. Check out her portfolio to see the high-res, fully realized interior she is capable of finding with her camera.

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