Top Real Estate Photographers in Baltimore, MD

Top Real Estate Photographers in Baltimore, MD

When it comes to real estate photography, the first impression is always the most important. More than half of potential buyers and renters decide whether to visit an in-person after viewing a property's photos.

To stand out from the hundreds of other listings in a metropolis like Baltimore, your property images need to stand out. Taking magazine-quality photos of properties is the job of a real estate photographer to attract prospective buyers or tenants.

Ready to start your search for real estate photographers in Baltimore? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your place.

Property Exposures

A full-service real estate photography studio, Property Exposures offers its services to real estate agents and brokerage firms throughout Baltimore, MD. They have been in business for the past few years, and in this time, they have carved out a name for themselves as one of the finest real estate photography studios in the state.

Its motto is to provide bright, beautiful listing photos, virtual tours, videos, and aerial images to ensure a guaranteed view and a follow-up footfall that augments the chances of conversion. The studio employs experienced hands who have many years in the real estate industry and bring considerable expertise to the table.

YRN Photography

Dr. Austin Hill, aka Haus, and Dr. Richard McCarthy, aka Doc or Chardo, are the faces of YRN Photography. They're a full-service real estate photography studio operating in Baltimore for several years. Haus is an educational leader who took up photography to help business owners solve branding and marketing problems.

Chardo, on his part, is also an educational leader who took up photography to release the pressures and rigors that comes from constantly being in academics. The business has been providing services to real estate agencies and brokerage firms to produce high-quality listing images for residential and commercial properties.

Matchbook Productions

At Matchbook Productions, the studio's motto has always been to help businesses succeed in their marketing efforts through high-quality photographs and videos. The studio has a down-to-earth approach to every assignment. They prefer to listen to every small detail shared by their clients so they can use it to produce images and videos.

The Matchbook team strives to create a quality of work that exceeds the expectations of their clients and attains the level of a professional standard they have set for themselves. They're available to shoot anywhere in Baltimore and the throughout the rest of the great state of Maryland.

Open Doors 360

Open Doors 360 is a professional studio working in several photography genres, including real estate. However, they specialize in the real estate photography segment plus 360 Virtual Tour. They offer the full spectrum of residential real estate photography.

Open Doors 360 employs experienced real estate photographers who have worked in the industry for many years and are well known for their technical knowledge and high-quality imagery.

JR Resolutions

JRR is a multi-faceted photography studio. They offer their services in real estate photography, yachts, 360-degree virtual tours, demolition, construction, aerial stills, and videography, among other genres of photography and videography.

One of their unique service propositions is in the area of aerial drone photography and videography. The studio has been in operation for more than three years now and has been shooting different genres of photography apart from real estate.

Rex Singleton Photography

Rex Singleton provides customers with a full-service real estate photography studio. An experienced photo master in a number of segments, Rex is someone you can rely on to find the right shots.

From natural to experimental lighting, he's got experience working with both for real estate shoots and portraiture sessions. Interestingly enough - Rex started his photography career shooting skateboarders in 2007. He loves the sport to this day and actively promotes it through the Baltimore County Skateboard council.

Abnets Photography

Although Abnets Photography stays busy throughout the year shooting weddings and other genres, their real estate photography gives them a lot of revenue and rave reviews.

Abnet is the founder and the lead photographer at the studio. He's got a fantastic eye for detail and a beautiful sense of lighting. By shooting at the most pristine times of the day  - when the light is soft and all-encompassing - Abnet delivers consistently excellent galleries of homes.

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