Rainy Wedding

With Wales lying right under the jet stream, it is known for wet weather. It’s still an absolutely beautiful place to visit and an even more wonderful locale in which to get married! With its lush parks and gardens (thanks to the rain), wonderful attractions like Cardiff Castle, and bustling nightlife, this city is appealing for many reasons.

So enjoy the fun of narrowing down your wedding venue in Cardiff and know that a rainy wedding can be stunning – not to mention that it makes for spectacular wedding day photos!

Table Setting Style for a Rainy Wedding

With a rainy wedding theme, there are a few things you can do to integrate this vibe into your table setting style. Firstly, you can name your tables after different kinds of clouds or words for rain like drizzle, showers, downpours, and more for a fun, literary way to tie your rainy inspiration in.

With your tableware and crockery, try to get some blue and grey hues into the ceramics and glassware to get that moody weather atmosphere continuing on throughout these little details. You can also get blue tapers that peel outwards so as they melt they look kind of like raindrops.

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Budget for a Rainy Wedding

This is quite a quirky and vague theme to bring to life, so because of that, there are tons of ways to make it work successfully – some more expensive than others. With details like umbrellas, Wellington boots and blue grey shades throughout the wedding scheme, it can be done fairly cheaply if your budget is tight.

If you want to splash the cash you can get full cascading wall water features in your reception venue, Singin’ in the Rain-inspired entertainment and more, and of course anything in between. It’s truly up to you, your budget, and your taste as to what you’re going to be able to do.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Rainy Wedding

Finding a wedding dress for a rain inspired wedding can be a bit of a tricky task – you don’t want to take it too far, otherwise, your dress and overall outfit might look a bit costumey. Instead, try and go for a slightly shorter dress. By avoiding a train, you won’t be tripping over a lot of damp material when you take your rainy wedding photos.

Also, you might want to have a shorter dress so that you can show off the brightly coloured wellington boots or waterproof hikers that keep your feet warm and dry as you jump around and dance in the rain. Another accessory that is a must for this theme is an umbrella – either a bright colour to match your boots or a transparent one to see you and your new spouse.

Bridesmaid Dresses for a Rainy Wedding

Similar to the bridal dress, your bridesmaids' dresses for a rainy, April showers themed wedding are going to have to be practical as well as beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Again, think shorter hemlines that are suitable for twirling around with umbrellas and shoes that are puddle-approved, like wellies or closed toe boots.

Avoid colours that are going to massively change and throw off your colour palette if they get wet. With rain, puddles, and general water as a big part of your inspiration, maybe don’t go for light pastel coloured bridesmaid dresses that are going to go much darker and much heavier when the material gets wet.

Menswear for a Rainy Wedding

For your groom and groomsmen, again, there are many variations that you can take to bring this April showers inspired wedding theme into their outfits. You can go subtle with a bluish-grey tie and pocket square that links into the drizzle style colour palette. You can go all out and quirky with custom raincoats – and of course anything in between.

Most men's dress shoes are naturally waterproof, especially if they’re patent leather, but just double check this and avoid suits that are made out of any kind of wool material as once those get wet, it takes forever to dry out. No one wants a groom with hypothermia!

Outdoor Wedding for a Rainy Wedding

The thing is with an April showers inspired wedding is that it’s perfectly on theme to have a little bit of adverse weather. Of course, you don’t want to be getting married outside in a hurricane or in a torrential downpour, but the sound and smell of the rain outdoors will definitely add a multisensory element to your wedding.

To keep all your guests happy and dry without compromising on your wedding inspiration, find a wedding venue with enough space for a marquee. This way you’ll get more of the sound of the rain and there won’t be a steady stream of droplets making their way onto your wedding cake.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Rainy Wedding

As with a lot of the details and elements of this rainy wedding, the floral arrangements are massively open to interpretation and ready for you to put your stamp on them. Of course, you could go with the bluish grey hue that embodies the colour of rain, or you could go with more of a cascading, drooping style of flower that vaguely resembles rainfall.

The important thing to remember here is that if you’re having your wedding outdoors or are going to be spending a lot of time in the rain for your wedding photos, you’re going to have to choose some hardier, stronger flowers and foliage that aren’t going to wilt and wither with the slightest breeze or drop of rain.

Wedding Invitations for a Rainy Wedding

Wedding invitations are often overlooked as part of the wedding planning process or left to the last minute as a sort of overthought, but these wedding invites give your guests an important first look at the kind of wedding atmosphere you’re trying to create as well as how formal the affair is going to be.

With such a fun and quirky theme, you want to share a snippet of that with your guests. Use watercolour script and designs to subtly nod to your drizzly theme and keep those blue and grey tones working throughout your invite, RSVP and meal preference cards.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Rainy Wedding

If there was ever a wedding theme that would lend itself almost perfectly to a drip-style wedding cake, it’s this kind of rainy inspired wedding. It’s almost like it was tailor made for the occasion! So, with your colour palette in mind, take a classic and traditional white, three tier cake and use drip icing to rain all over it. Delicious!

If you want something a little bit more fun and quirky, then you could opt for a stormy cloud shaped cake with blue sweets hidden inside that cascade out when you cut into it. There are plenty of options here. Bonus points if you can find a topper with a couple holding an umbrella.

Reception Decor for a Rainy Wedding

In terms of decorating a reception venue for your rainy themed wedding, it depends if you’re having the wedding indoors or outside. Either way, a cheap and easy way to get that water motion feel into your decor is to use bluish grey coloured material and drape it around your venue – in the corners of the ceiling, on the backs of chairs – find a couple of key spots.

You can also hand umbrellas as decor up in the ceiling in some kind of netting to hold them securely in place – that is, if you’re not superstitious about opening umbrellas indoors!

April Showers

rainy wedding

Hawaii has two seasons – rainy and not rainy. Right now it is definitely the rainy season over here and it has been raining for days! I couldn’t help but create a rain themed wedding inspiration board. Most brides don’t want rain on their wedding day, but it can make for not only a remarkably beautiful theme, but some stunning and sweet pictures. I say: embrace the rain. That way, if it doesn’t actually rain on your wedding day you’ve got a cute and unique theme, and if it does rain on your wedding day, you’ll look like a genius for having the foresight to incorporate it in cute ways.

bride in rain boots with umbrella - perfect for a rainy day wedding
photographed by Cade Martin

Credits: photographed by Cade Martin <photo credits: bride and groom with red umbrella < via Snippet & Ink, rain or shine sign < from Love Toast, umbrella drink stirs < via Hostess with the Mostess, poppies < designed by Sarah Winward, silver dot garland < available at BHLDN, invitations < from Oh So Beautiful Paper.