Protea Wedding

The protea is a strikingly unusual flower that deserves to be the star of a wedding, and this inspirational shoot makes it so. From bouquets to centerpieces, this bloom is incredibly special. Choose which color protea you like the best!

What to Look for in a Venue for a Protea Wedding

Before booking a wedding venue for a protea wedding, let’s first learn a bit about this flower's history. Proteas, also called sugar bushes, are said to be named after Proteus, a prophetic sea god of Greek mythology. These South African native flowering plants come in various forms and hues. They were named after the Greek deity because of their unique ability to change their form whenever they pleased.

To stay true to the flowers' origins, seek versatility and dynamics when looking for wedding venues for a protea wedding. With this in mind, think about going outdoors for your ceremony and reception. Likewise, your location must be friendly to your chosen wedding flowers.

Details for a Protea Wedding

Proteas have a unique structure that makes them stand out when paired with other flowers. It's dubbed as everybody's new favorite succulent. So for your wedding, try to incorporate these fantastic flowers into every aspect of your decorations. If you're going for a garden wedding, make your aisle worthy of a princess' entrance by putting out hanged proteas of various kinds.

Adorn your tables with proteas of different colors and sizes as the centerpieces for your banquet. White, yellow, and pink are excellent choices if you prefer a more optimistic tone. For a touch of sophistication and grandeur, go for large red proteas with a few greeneries added.

Table Setting Style for a Protea Wedding

There's a table setting style for everyone and for every wedding theme. For a protea wedding, find a way to make this highly sought-after flower stand out. If you're going for a family-style feel, circular tables with protea centerpieces would be a great choice. If you're planning on inviting more guests, take your shot at oversized rectangular tables with plenty of proteas on transparent flower vases.

You might want a more contemporary take on table setting styles for beach celebrations, with neon pinks and bright oranges. Soft, muted shades like pale blue and gray would be the ideal wedding colors for table linens for a romantic garden wedding. But if you're on the minimalist side, stick with the greeneries, wooden hues, and other natural elements.

Budget for a Protea Wedding

Allocating your wedding budget could be either one of the most stressful or most interesting stages of your wedding planning. It's going to get trickier if you plan to use a rare wedding theme, like a protea wedding. These flowers could be expensive, depending on your location and your wedding season. With this in mind, choosing your wedding dates and location is the first step to effective budget handling.

Remember that your wedding venues and catering services should make up about forty percent of your budget. Traditionally, only ten percent should go to your wedding bouquets and other flower decors. But since you are going for proteas, expect some major stretch to this portion of your budget.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Protea Wedding

A protea wedding is one of those wedding themes where brides could manage multiple looks through different wedding dresses. For the ceremony, choose a gown that will embody your personality as you exchange wedding vows with your partner for life. You will have your most photographed looks wearing this dress, so make sure you put on that timeless gown you’ll treasure for years.

Save the "fun look" for your wedding reception by wearing your most comfortable wedding dress. Show your bolder side with vibrant colors to match your liking for protea infused into a party vibe. For your accessories, a charming bracelet could add some elegance to your already stunning bridal look.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Protea Wedding

There are different flower arrangements you can consider for wedding bouquets using protea as the primary floral feature. You may pick a single oversized bloom for your bouquet or mix it with other flowers and greenery for a more whimsical vibe. Either way, you’ll undoubtedly stand out as you walk down the aisle carrying a unique bridal bouquet.

Succulents have become a popular choice for boutonnieres. Proteas in their smaller versions would look lovely on the groom and your male guests. Try adding leaves into the mix to give a nod to this flower's glamour. Also, choose pink for a more playful approach.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Protea Wedding

A protea wedding cake is an interesting sight that will surely grab everyone’s attention. At first glance, it would look like a regular two or three-tiered cake. But as you look closely, you will admire a white futuristic wedding cake adorned with a large glorious protea. It can be tricky to pull off, so look for the most skilled wedding cake designer in your locality to bring your dream protea wedding cake to life.

If you're planning to get hitched in spring, add some greeneries or your favorite flowers to adorn your reception dessert. You may also accentuate its elegant appeal by adding sparkling details or make it as vibrant and playful as your theme by adding fruits like berries.

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for a Protea Wedding

Wedding photo shoots are an incredible way to document your most joyous moments. That’s why you’d want to give your best so you’ll have lovely photos to look at with your partner and loved ones even after years. To emphasize your protea-inspired wedding, make sure these blooming flowers are present in your photo shoots without stealing the spotlight. You could use them as simple bouquets that you hold while looking at your partner or included in the backdrop for a garden-themed prenuptial photo shoot.

Nature and natural lighting are your best friends for an outdoor photo shoot. Try incorporating the elegance of protea with the dazzling trees during spring, and maximize the glorious sunlight to capture beautiful photos of the couple.

Ceremony Decor for a Protea Wedding

The types and amount of decorations you should use for your wedding ceremony will largely depend on your wedding venue. A trendy garden is a more common choice since you'll be able to highlight the beauty of proteas and their ability to blend with the natural environment.

Consider putting up a wooden railing adorned with proteas and some greenery for seaside locations. But suppose you’re having a traditional church wedding. In that case, you’d want to keep your decor to a minimum by erecting poles with proteas on key areas of the church. For other indoor locations, go for the ones with jaw-dropping architectural details in which proteas could serve as symbols of poise and resilience.

Wedding Reception Music and Entertainment for a Protea Wedding

Your choice of music and entertainment for your dream protea wedding will be determined by the season and venue of your reception. For instance, you might want to play some Psalms from Tori Kelly or classic love songs for Christian weddings. If you prefer modern music, bring out the Taylor Swift discography. For a more romantic reception feel, surround the venue with some acoustic chill.

Hiring a live painter is also an interesting addition to your reception entertainment, especially if you’re hosting your reception in an outdoor venue with stunning scenery. Also, think about setting up a flower crown bar but with protea as the only option. As your guests head to the exits, they could drop by your DIY bud vase bar for a last piece of entertainment.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Protea Wedding

Turn your protea wedding into a secret garden wedding to create a sense of beautiful mystery for your big day. You can pick a botanical garden or a classic estate garden for a glamorous celebration. Say your I do’s under a breathtaking arch filled with greenery and proteas of different sizes and colors for a magical atmosphere.

If you want to create a more inviting space, surround your outdoor party area with wooden lounges to make your guests feel at home. Also, you may consider putting picnic tables apart from your reception tables for a more relaxed vibe. Another brilliant idea for an outdoor wedding is welcoming your family and friends with a classic chalkboard sign.



Pirates have to be my favorite flower right now – I absolutely love the structure of them! So modern and mildly weird 😉 Proteas are native to South Africa and have been growing in popularity (some say that pirates are the new succulent) so you can find them pretty much anywhere now. Incorporate them into your bridal bouquet, centerpieces, and your groom’s boutonniere for a sleek and sophisticated wedding look. With that in mind, I’ve rounded up the most stunning protea bouquets for you – enjoy!


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