Top 7 Product Photographers in Toronto, ON, Canada

Top 7 Product Photographers in Toronto, ON, Canada

If you have your own brand or business, representing your products through excellent photos is essential. Having high quality photos will ensure that your products are well-represented and will allow you to reach a larger clientbase.

A product photographer can utilize skill and precision to take photos that show the full potential of your business and products. Fortunately, Toronto is home to many talented product photographers who can assist you in building your business.

Ready to start your search for product photographers in Toronto? Check out this list of the city’s top talent below.

Candace Cosentino

Candace Cosentino is a product photographer whose career began in 2011. Her interest in photography began with film photography. She found a true passion for the art of photography and went on to earn a BFA in photography.

Candace considers herself a multimedia artist and loves to find ways to get involved with the art community of Toronto. She partakes in the curation of exhibitions for local artists in Toronto and offers business services including videography, social media, and more. Candace considers photography to be her true calling and dream. Her goal is to utilize her passion to help clients bring their dreams to life.

Gold Media Pro Video Production + Photography

Gold Media Pro Video Production + Photography is a business photography company owned by John Goldstein. John has an extensive background in photography that has allowed him to gain a thorough understanding of the technical and artistic aspects of photography.

He also has 10 years of experience working in the corporate industry. John’s time spent working in the corporate industry has given him knowledge on what appeals to the eyes of customers in product photography. John’s corporate experience included working at companies such as Kraft Foods, LoyaltyOne, and Costco.

Bonnie Dickson Photography

Bonnie Dickson is a product photographer who has had an interest in photography for as long as she can remember. This interest led her to study photography and digital media arts in school. After graduating, she began a career as a Digital Compositor.

Since then, Bonnie has been able to work alongside talented artists in the production of films, commercials, and more. She works full time as a product photographer helping companies promote their businesses with professionalism and quality. Bonnie strives to help businesses represent themselves across the web with appealing pictures that will stand out amongst the rest.

Pinpoint National Photography

Pinpoint National Photography is a photography business centered around photographing people, products, and events for corporate clients. The company utilizes a large network of photographers in order to serve clients all across the US and Canada.

Pinpoint National Photography is owned by Michael Marmur, a photographer who started off photographing events for local businesses. This expanded into a large company that assists companies with corporate photography in many major cities including Toronto. The company assesses and vets photographers in order to ensure that you have qualified professional photographers available for all of your business photography necessities.

Fashion & Advertising Photographer Yugo

Yugo Takahashi is a professional photographer specializing in fashion and advertising. Yugo’s career as a photographer began as a hobby when he found photography to be a new way to express himself. His previous art experience as a graphic designer influenced his photography career by prompting him to place emphasis on colors and graphics in his photography.

Yugo worked as a CGI designer in Tokyo, Japan which allowed him to cultivate a strong understanding on manipulating visuals and communicating emotions through art. As a photographer, Yugo continues to push himself to try new approaches and find new ways to convey emotions through photography.

Michal J. Photography

Michal is a French photographer based in Toronto who fell in love with photography as he traveled the world. He is constantly searching for new subjects to shoot and loves to capture life through his lens and is experienced in many types of photography including products, events, food, commercial, and more.

Michal has experience as a drone photographer and with GoPros due to his background as a travel photographer. He also has a high quality portrait lens that has inspired him to take more people and lifestyle photography. He finds great joy from sharing his passion with the world through photos.

Ryan Bolton Photography

Ryan Bolton is a professional photographer who has worked with notable clients including Gucci, Lexus, Apple, and more. His product photography has been featured in Forbes, VICE, and Billboard. Throughout his career, Ryan has traveled all across the world for photography. He utilizes bright colors and precise editing in order to take high quality photos that represent life as a work of art.

Ryan has photographed The Rolling Stones, Kendrick Lamar, and worked alongside celebrities including Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. He continues to maintain a reputation as an excellent photographer who can be trusted for commercial, portrait, and travel photography.

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