Best Portrait Photographers in Windsor, ON, Canada

Best Portrait Photographers in Windsor, ON, Canada

Portrait photography is one of the most in-demand photography genres. With businesses, schools, universities, and employment sectors demanding at least one good portrait image, portrait photographers are never without work.

Needless to say, Windsor is an important business center and there is great demand for talented portrait photographers. If you are looking for the best portrait photography talents in Windsor, ON, you might start your search right here.


Sooter's is currently owned and operated by John, who started working for Sooter's back in 1989 on a part-time basis. Sooter's is a professional photography studio offering services across several genres, including world-class portraiture.

John and team employ some of the finest hands in Canada to shoot for them. Each of these photographers is an expert in their line of work, and their photo results speak for themselves.

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Ray Akey Photography

Ray Akey is an owner and lead photographer of his very own studio. He mixes natural and artificial lighting for his portraits, which can be in-studio or on- location. From backlit portraits at the golden hour to couples kissing at their favorite spot – Ray can help you complete your shoot with grace.

Ray has this fantastic sense of lighting and composition that's the hallmark of his photos. Although he shoots different types of photography, there's one genre that he excels in: portrait photography.

Nile Photography

Kiran is the face behind Nile Photography. A small boutique photography studio in Windsor, this photography studio traces its origins from the legendary streets of Istanbul to the modern ones of Montreal; Kiran has traveled a lot as a part of her passion for photography.

She loves several different genres of photography. Portraits, newborns, children, and weddings are undoubtedly Kiran's favorite photography genres. Shes uses state-of-the-art photography tools and much of her work is completed in-house, all to ultimately create the perfect look.

Jessica Ruxton Photography

Jessica Ruxton is a wedding, engagement, and portrait photographer based in Windsor. Born and brought up in Windsor, she has been photographing for many years.

As she is more commonly known among her clients, Jess believes in pushing her skills to the test and pushing the boundaries of what's possible with every assignment that she undertakes.

Available to shoot anywhere in Essex County and the surrounding Ontario regions, Jess can travel anywhere in Canada for you.

Delmore Photography

Heike Delmore is the founder and the lead photographer at Delmore Photography. She's a creative photographer, entrepreneur, speaker, and educator. Inspired by fashion ever since her high school days, she would buy every edition of Vogue to study the composition, the pose, the makeup, the hair color, and everything else.

Now with a complete studio setup and the same dream, Heike regularly uses such knowledge and skills for her portrait photography sessions with clients like you.

Jaques Photography

Jaques and Richelle are the faces behind Jaques Photography. They're also the primary photographers in the studio. Interestingly enough, this husband and wife duo has entirely different personalities when shooting client galleries.

Jaques is the quiet type silently working his way. Richelle is the more communicative type. Their opposing skills combine for a great experience and some remarkable photography work. Together, they form this wonderful photography studio that has earned a solid reputation for itself as one of the finest in portraiture in Windsor.

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