Top 10 Portrait Photographers in Tucson

Portrait photographs are an essential part of our lives. Whether it’s marking a milestone like graduating high school or applying to a new job, we always want to look out best in photos.

Luckily, portrait photographers in Tucson, AZ, know how to do just that. You’ll have a fun photo shoot with these select photographers who will snap beautiful portraits of you in the process.

Silhouette Photography

After acquiring Silhouette Photography, its new founders Brandon and Tracy Shupe, continued its legacy of portrait photography in Tucson. Now 13 years later, this family-owned company remains a go-to for graduating high school seniors, families, and business professionals.

Silhouette Photography has a local studio in Trail Dust Town where local clients have easy access to their services. This convenient location is a short drive from many parts of the city to serve the area effectively.

Got a busy schedule? Silhouette Photography is flexible with their photography hours to work around your schedule.

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Sunstreet Photo

Get ready to show off your favorite hobbies, personality, or brand with a portrait photo shoot from Sunstreet Photos. It turns a traditional portrait into an image that reveals much more about the person in it.

Shaun Roby founded Sunstreet Photo 15 years ago and has a local studio based in Tucson. He offers portrait photo shoot options of shooting in the studio or on location. For those who opt for the studio, you’ll walk into a cozy space where you’ll feel comfortable being yourself during the session.

Many of Shaun’s clients are celebrating milestones, such as seniors or during business rebranding projects.

Steph E Photography

You’ve never felt more beautiful or confident than standing in front of the camera when Steph is behind it. She exclusively works with women where the photo shoot also serves as an empowering moment for the client.

Steph E. has won multiple awards for her photography. Her contemporary style of shooting adds a bit of flair to your photos and also has high quality. Each session is tailored to the client. Many clients book weeks in advance to allow time for discussing locations, what to wear, etc. Bring your own ideas, too, because the shoot is a collaborative effort to make you look your best.

Sherri Graves Photography

Her clients are the biggest spokespeople for Sherri Graves’ photography work. After working with numerous clients in Tucson, delivering an image gallery that surpasses your expectations is a common end goal for Sherri.

Do you have a visual in mind of how you want your photoshoot to go? Then, personalize your session exactly as you wish with Sherri, who is flexible to make most ideas happen successfully.

Sherri takes advantage of the beautiful year-round weather and unique outdoor settings around Tucson to shoot spectacular images. She works with families, seniors, and couples.

Artifact Photography Studio

If you ask Michelle from Artifact Photography Studio when is the best time to do a photoshoot, she’ll always reply with ‘right now.’ And by encouraging so many people that they’re perfect as-is, it’s her job to capture it on camera to where her clients feel satisfied with the pictures.

Michelle works with many clients who are uncertain about doing a photoshoot due to nerves or appearance or lacking confidence. She provides a free consultation to show that a photo shoot is the perfect remedy. She makes all of her clients look amazing, some of which have won her awards for her portrait photographs.

Raid Photos

Portrait photo shoots in Tucson have never been easier. From the user-friendly online portal for viewing his portfolio and getting instant quotes to a fun photo shoot with Raid, it’s a place where customer service takes the front seat.

Raid is a talented photographer who stands behind his work. He enjoys working with clients on photography solutions that best fit their budgets because everyone deserves the gift of stunning photos.

Clients can choose from different photo shoot packages that include 1-2 hours of shooting, post-edits for the images, and prints of your final selections. He does all of his photo shoots outdoors to make his services more widely available.

Implied Photo

Roger DiFlore has 35 years of experience as a professional photographer. Throughout his career, he’s developed many styles of shooting to give you the image you desire. His company, Implied Photo, is a full-service photo studio that offers portrait photography.

Working with Roger is a unique opportunity to shoot a portrait style—go for a traditional look, something more contemporary, or even specialty styles like fashion or corporate. Roger will adapt to what you want, so feel free to share ideas and visions for your photo shoot.

Pose with different looks as you can have multiple outfit changes.

Design Photography USA

Portrait photography is an artform for Bob Hitchcock. Each photograph captures a moment in time and lasts a lifetime. The ultimate goal for Bob Hitchcock is to make his clients shed a tear of joy from the beautiful pictures—but a simple five-star rating will also do the trick.

Bob Hitchcock founded Design Photography USA, a leading Tucson portfolio photography company. He specializes in working with high school seniors who have the freedom to bring along props or choose locations that best suit their personalities.

Photography by Jacquelynn

There’s always one thing that stands out in all of the photos that Jacquelynn shoots: lighting. Mastering the art of lighting or manipulating the natural light makes her pictures stand out from other photographers.

The bright, vibrant portrait pictures by Jacquelynn are full of stunning light, often from the sun during outdoor photo shoots. It creates unique effects that you can’t re-create through editing.

Jacquelynn provides a boutique studio experience by providing personal attention to her clients. She works will clients of all ages, celebrating different milestones, or if you’re overdue for updated pictures.

We Rock Photography

Tucson’s natural landscapes or urban settings create dynamic backgrounds in all of the photo shoots with Sandra Clark. It’s an essential element to shooting the creative portraits that she’s known for.

We Rock Photography was founded by Sandra Clark, an accomplished senior photographer with images published in magazines and featured on different IG accounts.

Get creative and adventurous with Sandra during your session with her. But most of all, be yourself! She’s patient as you get comfortable during the photo shoot before your true personality emerges and the real fun begins.

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